Picasso and Pancakes

DSCN7844 An autumn date, last Saturday, with Mi Amor. We started off with Wolfgang’s for brunch—Tirmisu Pancakes were eaten after we indulged in an fabulous mexican-style omelet.
DSCN7845 As you can see, it was delicious.

Rye bread on the side, which we did eat all of—no boxes for us!! We headed off to Naked Plates for a pottery afternoon. We painted contemporary-style mugs with Picasso inspired art work, in honor of his birthday!

The food held us over until we went to grandma and grandpa’s for munchies and cider. I met a bunch of grandma’s side of the family (relatives who hadn’t seen Cameron since he was a little lad) I was glad to meet them as a part of their family.



So very much has happened since I last blogged, since we’ve been so incredibly filled with work and school. I have treasured my time away from the computer very much, I must say. heeehee!

Hopefully this will get me back into the blogging mode! After all, it is autumn!


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