Autumn Presents Itself Beautiful


Time Together

Cameron, Chris, Cathy and I are headed down to Grand Rapids for Art Prize for the entire weekend!!!
I’m hyped for sure, but am getting over my sickly feeling flu-ish cold.
SOOOOOOOOOO, in order to protect myself from getting worse, I’ve taken every precaution.
I’ll be sportin’ scarves every day 😉
I’ll make sure to take pictures!!!

Artsy Date

Mi amor took me to an art museum, where we pondered the beauty and minds of local and historical artists. 
It was quite fun!
{I love artsy things}
We went to an authentic Mexican restaurant via a penny
{tails made us turn left, and a few more flips told us how far we went down the street, and we ended up at El Mexicano}
We also went to Barnes & Noble later, where I picked up a book about painting landscapes.
.It was quite the inspiring day.

I am fully intrigued by art, even more so that mi amor is majoring in it.
I’m currently working on my second oil painting–which started off as a planned “Desert Sunset” but is now going to be something else, because I am not fond of my cacti.
{that’s like too cool of a word for me to use}

Soon, we will be diving into more art, as Art Prize is our getaway destination!
Art and Music–the only thing better is to combine them with TRAVEL.