Pre-Cleaning for Spring Cleaning?! What?

I haven’t done anything lately

That’s definitely scratched to bits!! Yesterday I woke up and hung out with my girls all morning, had Jimmy John’s for lunch {{thanks to Cornerstone for the commuter accommodations}} after worshipping in college-led chapel. Rizo & I mused about some Ireland & Scotland helpx hosts after arriving back to Poppins before I was called in early. 

Worked till 11p.m. was asleep by midnight, woke up by 6a.m. and was off to work, getting out at 3:30 to walk to the store to get some gloves {to protect my hands when washing dishes}} and scrubbies. {{DollarTree you’re a blessing}} I cleaned the kitchen, bathroom, and living room and got a headache because

  • A. I haven’t had a ton of a sugar in a long time, but this morning at work was given a donut and coffee
  • B. Didn’t sleep enough
  • C. Forgot to eat dinner because I was cleaning as if I was getting paid

Cleaning for hours on end all the while, jamming out to folk music and diffusing one of my YoungLiving oils.

All-in-all, it’s not sunny or warm outside, so it can’t be considered ‘Spring cleaning’ can it?

It’s a new season officially anyway-so I’m due for a quarterly cleaning-bug.

My head is obviously not on right because I feel like this is a poorly written post…of course, most of the time it is because I’m just ranting and not trying to make my posts ‘grade-able’. {{it’s a good thing too, I feel like they might be more relatable}}

…now what quote should I write on our golden-framed chalkboard before I fall asleep to wake up for another early morn o’ work…



Been pondering the thought of tattoos, because of finishing the book “Inked”.
I wonder, if I sat at the throne of Christ and gave him a tattoo gun, what He would ink on me; it would be His permanent message to me. In His own way, what I would need to know or be reminded of or to work on, He would create. Would it be a word? a sentence? an object of nature? a scene?

In every way this is what we want most–for God to plainly say “This is what I want you to do, this is a detailed message for your lifetime”

Yeah, yeah, you can preach all you want about how God already says what He wants all believers to do. But, that’s not what I’m talking about, so don’t even go there.
This isn’t about “oh, but He already has told us…”
No-it’s not clear what line of work I should be in to best serve Him or whether I should be here in my city or somewhere else… things that aren’t necessarily needed, but that I just want to know.

I wonder if He’d have so much to tell me that He’d give me a sleeve…

Flowers Fix Everything

It’s another day to yet again, be a bum. Winter–you pain me. 

What a difference it makes when there’s not people around. Growing up, my parents or brother were always around. It makes me depressed to be alone. I’m energized by people and to have my mornings to myself to just goof off can be nice, but after a while, it gets lonely.
Summer will fix that.
My hands have  seen improvement since I’ve been able to put my oil and beeswax cream on at night, then put socks over my hands to keep the moisture in. I know that its definitely dry-induced because of dry Poppins, dry pharmacy, and Mi Amor’s house is heated by a wood fireplace {dry}.
Summer will fix that.
Annoyance: getting up EARLIER than 6a.m. to scrape off my car and get to my newly assigned parking spot that’s even FARTHER down the block from the pharmacy. 
Summer will fix the time consumption of that.
I’m getting bored of workout videos
Summer will fix that–running here I come!
I miss painting outside in the sunshine
Summer will fix that.
I’ve planned a garden at Mi Amor’s with a ‘buddy-system’ planting, so that it flourishes and the veggies help each other keep away pests. We’ll be planting cucumber, zucchini, tomato, various peppers, broccoli, garlic, lettuce, carrots, and more!
In Summer I’ll be eating that.

As soon as the flowers come, I know it’ll be okay and I’ll get outta this depression slump. For now, blogging & crafting will have to suffice.

Come fast my little flowers, I’m waiting on you.

I think that nature has always helped heal my soul. I see God so much clearer in summer. He speaks clearer, or my ears are more open when I’m on walks, laying on the beach, running, biking, gardening, painting on my porch, or working on projects in the heat of the day.

Cooking {as you know} is one of my favorite ways to ‘get away’. I love to be in the kitchen. Its gonna be so great to have all those fresh veggies from the garden to shape my recipes.

Yup–spring can be here soon!!!


Shake it Up!

shakin it up

shakin it up

beginning the evening

watercolor and Mi Amor’s homemade canvas


What a wonderful St. Patty’s day yesterday! It was encompassed with sunshine, Mi Amor, and visiting.

We made breakfast together, then headed out to church, talked with some friends and then off to his grandparents we went. Lunch was delicious and we chatted, catching up with each other. Mi Amor’s cousin came over, I bought some chocolate from her, to help get her to Alaska, then all five of us played “Extreme Uno”. In my opinion, it was an awesome game, one in which we played so many rounds and it was already 4 o’clock! After cherry cheesecake we lost our chocolate seller to her youth group. The two of us stayed to look at a few scrapbook calendar years, which I fully enjoyed.
Off into the sunshine we drove, coming back to an evening of art and irish music!

When Rizo came back from work, I had just won our game of Egyptian Ratscrew. [whoop whoop!]
As planned, homemade shakes and Lord of The Rings topped off the night.

Yeah, its always a good day to be alive.














Everyone Deserves to Feel Beautiful.

Cozy and uncomfortable.
Delighting and despising.
Frustrated and patient.

I twist, I turn, I scratch.

My skin, has been horrible. I have had many moments of just rubbing my wrist raw out of itching anger. My oils give some relief, but have not changed or fixed my red annoyance.
I have had restless nights and early hard working days. {by the way–horrible combination for attitude}

I’ve come to realize though, that Mi Amor has honestly not a care in the world how rough and ugly my hands can be, it only motivates him to show me how truly loved I am.
My parents shower me with help & love any way they can.
Sonrisa & Rizo ask and compassionately suggest reasons it could be caused by.
My co-workers, at various times, have bought me specialty lotion, encouraged me, and are compassionate about it.
Don’t get me wrong, I have had a few encounters where I’ve felt insulted & detested.

Many women have sensitivities toward their bodies & are worried about it all time, for me, the bane of my existence is my skin.
I’m overly conscious about it all the time.
It bothers me when it’s not as smooth as ‘normal people’.
I have SO many problems with it that many times I have cried over it.

My hands, in particular, have taken some happiness away from me.
This torturous irritation has altered my attitude & has kept me from furthering my knowledge and skills at work. I can’t get IV trained until this clears up.

I was doing it naturally to see if I was allergic to foods, or if topical solutions have been changed in my every day usage. I’ve looked into environmental & have found no solution.
I didn’t want to suppress the problem, I wanted to figure out what it was caused from.
But, FINALLY, I went to the doctor today {And sadly enough, my normal doctor isn’t in the office on Fridays} and my alternative helped me remember how much I HATE, even DESPISE going to see doctors. Unless you need an annual check-up or are old, I see them as a luxury that is useless to my life.
Thank you for letting me know that:
1. “You have very dry skin and this looks like severe eczema, but I honestly can’t tell you for sure. I don’t know.” {{already knew that}}
2. “You need to start putting a hydrocortisone or triamcinolone cream on it, because people working with you will not want to touch anything you have” {{that’s nice-where’s my normal doctor who actually CARED ABOUT MY LIFE}}
3. Making me feel worse than when I came in and for being completely estranged in your welcome.

{{{OH MY GOSH REALLY!?!?!}}}

Yeah…seriously, that was my morning.

I think I’ve rambled enough, but all-in-all I am learning various character traits along the way—i.e.

_these are no easy tasks_

Sunshine, come forth and sooth my soul

Ovenly Eats

Deliciousness In a Snap

Deliciousness In a Snap

For some reason, my picture wouldn’t upload horizontal. But, it doesn’t take away from how delicious this bread was when it was fresh and hot out of the oven.

3 cups flour (sifted)
3 teaspoons baking powder (omit if using Self-Rising Flour)
1 teaspoon salt (omit if using Self-Rising Flour)
1/4 cup sugar
1 (12 ounce) can beer
1/2 cup melted butter (We just melted a tablespoon on top and it was great)

Click here for the link and instructions!