Shake it Up!

shakin it up

shakin it up

beginning the evening

watercolor and Mi Amor’s homemade canvas


What a wonderful St. Patty’s day yesterday! It was encompassed with sunshine, Mi Amor, and visiting.

We made breakfast together, then headed out to church, talked with some friends and then off to his grandparents we went. Lunch was delicious and we chatted, catching up with each other. Mi Amor’s cousin came over, I bought some chocolate from her, to help get her to Alaska, then all five of us played “Extreme Uno”. In my opinion, it was an awesome game, one in which we played so many rounds and it was already 4 o’clock! After cherry cheesecake we lost our chocolate seller to her youth group. The two of us stayed to look at a few scrapbook calendar years, which I fully enjoyed.
Off into the sunshine we drove, coming back to an evening of art and irish music!

When Rizo came back from work, I had just won our game of Egyptian Ratscrew. [whoop whoop!]
As planned, homemade shakes and Lord of The Rings topped off the night.

Yeah, its always a good day to be alive.















Time Together

Cameron, Chris, Cathy and I are headed down to Grand Rapids for Art Prize for the entire weekend!!!
I’m hyped for sure, but am getting over my sickly feeling flu-ish cold.
SOOOOOOOOOO, in order to protect myself from getting worse, I’ve taken every precaution.
I’ll be sportin’ scarves every day 😉
I’ll make sure to take pictures!!!

Love Language

Ok, so there’s this book called “The Five Love Languages”, it has tons of different forms.
I just recently read the ‘Singles Edition’…meaning you are not married.

I am dating, but am still considered single-by this standard.

SO-I read this book and find it very helpful in my life. I will start by helping you understand what the love languages are:

1. Words of Affirmation (good job, I’m proud of you, etc..)
2. Quality Time (no words needed, you just love being with them)
3. Gifts (you make//buy gifts and give them for no specific reason and/or on holidays)
4.  Physical Touch (hugs, holding hands, kissing, just touching in general-you show love through touch)
5. Acts of Service (doing dishes without being asked, helping when unneeded, etc.)

These are the five languages. Every person that God created (which is all of us) uses these languages to express our love to others. Now, this book teaches us how to show our love to others based on THEIR love languages.
For instance, your mom’s love language is physical touch, and yours is quality time, you get a hug from her, because that’s her way of showing love, but your ‘love tank’ isn’t filled, because you would rather spend time together.
This is an example of how some relationships becoming mundane. It is very important in relationships to understand each other’s way of expressing love.

Each person has at least one primary and one secondary love language.
I have two primaries: Quality Time && Gifts
My secondary: Physical Touch

Now, I’m not sure how different I am from other people on this topic, but for me, the category of ‘Gifts’ means to me, simplicity.
I am partial to things that are handmade and hand-picked.
Example: I’m going for a walk along the beach with my friend, and it has been a marvelous day so far, and I want to remember it. So, I want to hand-pick//receive something that can last for a lonnggg time as a reminder of this day; a neat stone, a glass bottle with sand//shells//drift wood in it, a flower, etc..
I would rather receive a hand-made necklace than a store-bought one, one simple wild-flower and not a dozen roses, etc…(although these are still wonderful gifts!!!)

Anywho-I recommend this book for any person. There are many things having to do with relating to others in general, so it’s a great life book.

If you would like to hear more ideas from me about this, then feel free to express that in a comment-I would love to rant more about The Five Love Languages upon request 🙂