Saturday: day 1 Oahu

After 3 hours of driving, 12 hours of flying, 2 hours of layover, being forced to check a carry on, losing it, and having it be delivered today…we finally met our host family. 

I lay here in our tent listening to this symphony of birds–beauty is in the eye of the beholder. This noise could be annoying as I wake, but this is Hawaii…I’m here to have an open mind and take in this experience. 

Our hosts have 4 pigs, cats, 5 dogs, chickens, and three fields of organic land. 

What a time change though-6 hours earlier I believe..I lost count and haven’t looked it up. Last night we went to be at 11:30ish and now I have already adjusted and it’s 7:30. Praise God, I’ll be able to enjoy this trip more with a fast adjustment. 

My mind will not make for a “good read” if that’s what you’re here for. Just popcorn thoughts typed on a little screen, posted vulnerably for the world.

Time to go meet some workers, and gather some eggs for breakfast! 


O’hare..not the rabbit

Grandma and Grandpa drove us down to O’Hare airport giving them an excuse to go to Chicago for the day! 

We are super blessed to have the ride down, especially because I was able to finish my hand stitched leather backpack!! (Special thanks to a friend who graciously gave me the leather! You know who you are!) and Rizo for taking me to goodwill to get a handbag to cut apart for the clasps. 🙂 

I’ll do some more work when we get back there’s some details i’d like to finish up.

Here’s our update from Chicago! 

Aloha, here we come.

In one week Mi Amor and I shall be off to Hawaii, checking off one more place on our bucket lists.

How is it possible to go to Oahu for less than $200 total for two people?
This is how we’re doing it.

When we went to California last spring break, we were coming back on a layover in Minneapolis and our flight was overbooked by one seat. Mi Amor and I stayed behind and since no one else volunteered they had no choice but to take us both. (muahahhahaha)
We got vouchers through the airline and stayed in Minneapolis for the afternoon with my cousins who live there (how perfect!).

We wanted to use these vouchers this spring break and of course, go somewhere warm we hadn’t been. Off to SkyScanner to search for the best flight deals to warm places.
Hawaii, hmm, okay sounds AWESOME… even though my parents are taking my brother, his wife, Mi Amor and I to Turtle Bay the end of April to celebrate their 35th wedding anniversary, we’d have a TOTALLY different experience.

SO, now that we found out flying into Honolulu would be cheapest, how would we stay there for free? my friends, yes yes.
This is a safe and secure website where hosts upload profiles, pictures, and whatnot, while help-exchangers do the same. We created a profile for $29 that lasts 2 years. We searched local hosts on Oahu and were accepted by an organic farm on the south side by Koko Head!
We are going to be working with a family who has established an organic farm and frequents farmers markets. We will stay there and eat there in exchange for us working 30 hours. ((HECK YES!))

Can you imagine what a fantastic experience it’ll be getting to be a part of the community?

Mi Amor and I have watched documentaries and read the history on Hawaii to better prepare ourselves and its just simply amazing how much that will change our experience.

Keep up with us as I hope to log our daily adventures.

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