Autumn Amigos

I’m currently pondering the events of last year in this autumn time. I am constantly touched by the lives I have met through Rizo, and the times that they have shown me such kindness.

The night before our wedding, they all poured love and kindness on me;
preparing parfaits, dipping strawberries in chocolate, buying wax for a hand moisturizer {which was HUGE for me, because I was hurt so emotionally from my atopic dermatitis} giving foot rubs and back massages and painting my toes and the list goes on and on.
Seriously, I’m just blown away by them.

Rizo is so incredible, she came to our aid in our time of need and is lending us her bike. Monday, I ran over to Poppins so I could bike back and two of the pretty ladies saw me outside and greeted me! Offering me water and just chatting it up I saw one by one come home and it was filling me up inside.
I love them to pieces and I miss them terribly.

God is so good to us, giving us amazing friends and people who care and are there for us.

We pray every day that God blesses those who have blessed us. What a great God we serve.


Picturing Some Past

Pears, Peaches, Grapes, Raspberries, and Apples, Blue and Colby/Monterey cheeses, my organic carob no-bakes, some crackers and pair it with some wine

Pears, Peaches, Grapes, Raspberries, and Apples, Blue and Colby/Monterey cheeses, my organic carob no-bakes, some crackers and pair it with some wine

Homemade sushi

Homemade sushi

Homemade Greek food

Homemade Greek food

An evening back home when Mi Amor and I met up with some dear friends

An evening back home when Mi Amor and I met up with some dear friends

The view from the Brew

The view from the Brew

Our chess board!

Our chess board!

A Trek Through Nature

While my skin has been my extreme motivation for going healthy in a lot of aspects in my life, I still truly enjoy nature. Today, I had the fantastic opportunity to use the car while Mi Amor was at work. I have a three day weekend, you see…and I was invited to go to a co-worker’s house (they are married pharmacists) and go pick an abundance of lavender that he didn’t want to go to waste. I COMPLETELY exploded inside when he approached me with his invitation and I of course remained calm externally and obliged happily. Then, after he left the room I clicked my heels in excitement.

Driving was weird-for starters. Biking to work has me feeling all “GO GREEN”…well, after my drive I’m feeling “GO GOD” because we are so blessed with our car that enables us to get to places.

My adventure began with a tour of the yard, which was incredible to actually see what they talked about work! I started my escapade with two baskets and a knife, what I ended up with, two hours later, was this:
Lavender on stems, lavender flowers, lavender leaves, oregano, thyme, mint, rosemary, lemon balm, basil, marigolds, grape leaves, potatoes, and a dozen free-range eggs.
Wowzah, I have awesome co-workers.

I sang and prayed and thought all the while.
I sang some worship songs while just asking God to heal my skin through the lavender oils rubbing off on me. I thought about how uncle Mike said, “…plants are to be shared, they are not ours to begin with”, which left me inspired.
I had brought a little basket of goodies for my hosts, which included a bag of my chocolate mint, a jar of my homemade Calendula salve with lavender oil, and a cute package of organic carob no-bakes, which I made yesterday after work.
SO, I was thankful that I brought a goodie basket for them after all they allowed me to pick.

Nature is incredible, I could’ve sat there and gardened all day…I felt like my mama, wanting to just be outside until the sun went down.

Here’s some snapshots of my little field trip.
Oh and guess what? Mi Amor and I are headed home to visit with his family this weekend (while my parents are in Panama) and tonight..ohhhh tonight…we’re getting our wedding tattoos! WOOHOO!!!

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Dancing Goat

herb crust


herb and garlic over sweet potatoes


special sauce, sprouts from my trip to the farmers market after work today {pea, radish, & sunflower sprouts}
And the best cheese on the earth-Dancing Goat Pesto flavor.




Well, after a beautiful day at work, I stopped at the evening farmer’s market. I bought my sprouts, a green pepper, and Dancing Goat cheese.
I about died in the creamy, freshness of the cheese. It’s so much more decadent and better tasting! This is my favorite cheese of all time thus far. 

After a day of work yesterday, I hung out with two of my friends, Mumford & Jersey is what I shall call them. We made italian for dinner and caught up. We discovered a very cute kitchen & wine shoppe, down the street from their place. After that, we made it to Sweet Yo’s, where Rizo and her friend met us for the delicacy of Frozen Yogurt. 

Going home this weekend!!! wAhOoOooOOoOO!




Overwhelming Readiness

A reflection of herself,
exposed and yet buried within decor,
the home, a window to her soul.

Gifts showered upon her in form of love,
with potential to explode,
she decides its purpose. 

Her new walls will behold her,
in pottery form, picture form, book form…
she rises to the challenge to create herself on the canvas of the house.

Each piece will be of her,
a reflection of her, inspired by her; a gift from friends.
The decor will be her warmth.
Desire to create entangles her curls as they tangle themselves. 

Great minds explode with art opportunity.
Tuesday she will sigh, with the glimpse of her canvas.


\\I’m ready to be in Grand Rapids, decorating my house with my roommates//

I have been given gifts beyond comprehension.
My church family, my friends, my parents!
Everybody has shown me so much love in their giving,
Their way of preparing me for another life.

…blessed with love, I am.