This Spark Inside…

This is my ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY EXACTLY! January 24, 2010 I began my blogging site. So, its been great, and I plan on keeping up for 2011 as well!

Happy One Year Anniversary WordPress!


My eye suddenly catches a glimpse of the first flake falling from the sky, a parade of them appear, dancing in rhythm-never bumping sides. They grow bigger and fluffier, until they are huge and luscious and I can’t help but stick my tongue out to steal a taste.

After being curled up in an overstuffed chair with a good book, the rain begins orchestrating against the window. The rain grows from a harp to an Indian drum. Not being able to resist I leap up and pull on some rain boots and head out the door. The cool droplets shower my head in a waterfall of delight as I make circles, twirling around with my face toward the sky and arms outstretched wide.

Being together with friends and family on the beach has no better end than an evening swim with the sunset. Its bright orange, pink, red, and yellow paints streak the sky with ambiance. The colors are so powerful and the few clouds puffy and streaked creating an atmosphere, almost as if you could taste the sky.

The slight chill in the air is blocked by my sweatshirt as I walk up the quaint street. I turn at the corner and stare in amazement as the colorful leaves have created a canopy; an arbor over the simple houses. Bright, vibrant sprinkles fall from the trees with each gust of wind. And at the end…I can almost taste the apple pie…

All of the seasons create a vibe that brings a smile to my mouth, a skip in my step, a desire for more. I can’t help but wonder what would do the same in other countries…

I have been a pretty busy young woman lately and it seems as if my favorite escape is dreaming up adventures.

One of my dearest friends shared with me a spark—a spark of adventure. We began with two events and I added more to my personal list.

***The Lantern Festival; an event of the east. It happens on the fifteenth day in the first month of the Lunar Year. A gorgeous celebration in which paper lanterns [[with the same concept of a hot air balloon]] have a light inside them which enables them to float across the sky, as well as on the waters nearby. The night becomes like a dance of giant lightning bugs.

***Glowing algae, its like magic…at night, you swish through the water and the algae give off light that appears to make the water glow…like little fireflies deep sea diving!

***The hug of an orphan, a child who has been through too much heartache, not enough love. They fling themselves into a hug and long for anybody, any man or woman, white or black, american or asian, to comfort them.

These are just a few of the many things I want to experience in my lifetime. I am recently struggling to make a difference.

I want to impact people somehow.

I don’t think I belong in the city or even in the United States for that matter…I love my family and friends TO PIECES but, my heart isn’t fully here.

After experiencing Panama, in the tribe, I felt more at home in the freedom of the land even after I was faced with trials.

I have been thinking a lot about love as well. Hearing JJ Heller’s newest hit “What Love Really Means” makes me want to jump on a plane to Africa and hug some kids.
And yes, I know America needs a lot of help, but are we not supposed to follow the call of God; follow where He leads? I don’t feel lead to America, I feel lead to a foreign country.

I’m currently trying to be calm with my future. I’m trying to trust God, cause I believe I was about to go through another trust spiral with Him. I’m pressing on and getting through this bump.

Dreaming about my future sparks–these things that trigger adventure–is helping me see where my desires are; what I need to trust God with.
“Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart”