Love Under Smog

How do I begin?

My last post was 19 days ago..explination: I left my computer cord at home…and brought back a dead laptop…which equals no blogging for me.

I missed blogging my thoughts…a lot.

I have had so much happen I think I’m just going to rant about how marvelous it is to share life.

Mi Amor came and visited, staying  with his grandparents (where he’ll live starting in three weeks; my count down chain is getting shorter!)

I worked Thanksgiving…making it feel like it really wasn’t the end of November…I still don’t feel like I’ve had Thanksgiving, even though yesterday my parents came and visited, bringing leftovers!!!!

I loved sharing life last weekend with two of my guy friends, Jersey & Mumford. Jersey’s brother, Sky was a great addition to the trio.

Sky, Jersey & I hung out a lot, watching two movies early into the morning, then the next day after coffee, a walk to the Farmer’s Market & their invitation to go to a concert–I ended up having a very sleep-deprived weekend.

Then my consecutive days of work continued with free time used by reading books, baking, cooking, knitting, and surviving without my laptop.

Then I made it to Mi Amor’s cousin’s play, based off the story of “The Princess and the Pea”, which was so wonderful.

Found out I am getting all four wisdom teeth pulled in January…

And that my parents are buying me a plane ticket to Minnesota for Christmas!!!

After the blessings of a wonderful weathered week, I ran outside as my workout and was inspired to have brighter days, looking for God’s rainbow sprinkles.

Then this past weekend rolled around, enabling me to spend time and share life with some of my most cherished souls.

A beautiful time was shared with Mi Amor and my parents, I woke up for an early day of work, which turned into a TERRIBLE day where I was given crap for everything I did. Nothing was good enough or it was too good, so I was given the ‘over achiever’ ‘super-righteous’ smug remark.

So, the switch was dramatic and I was asking God for patience ALL DAY–I really need to talk to Him more, cause I really haven’t pursued time with Him…so I suppose it was a good way to force me into talking to Him…

But, coming home to Rizo’s hug changed it all.
She listened to me & I to her as we exchanged life walking to a coffee shop.

I miss my times with her.

We were spontaneously invited to devour chinese at a friend’s apartment over some very ‘travelistic’ conversation.
Dreaming about traveling is always on my favorites list.


After all that…I sit here cuddled under a blanket with tea, sharing Poppins with Rizo.

The comfort of her silence and presence is just as powerful as her exchange of thoughts.

I love the people God has given me to love…and yet, I fail so miserably at loving…

I just don’t think I’ve planted myself enough to understand love to the point of which I think I do. My loving them is so un-matched by the amount they show me that in possible comparison I feel like I never give enough…or give it wrongly, confusing it with something else.

Ehh, I’m just rambling in smog.

{{note to self; work on reading the Bible this week to understand Love}}



My body doesn’t like adjusting to the transition of working first shift and second shift.

It doesn’t know whether to stay up late or get up early, making this past weekend interesting.

I started this “30 day Shred with Jillian Michaels” on November 1st; last Thursday. Friday morning I transitioned to getting up at 6a.m. for work and having sore muscles on top of that made me SO tired. I did start training in the I.V. room though! Got back home, worked out, and after an eventful day, went to bed around 10. Saturday, woke up sorer at 6a.m., went to work, tired. Came back, worked out, hung out with Rizo & then made pizza and dessert while playing games with a bunch of GREAT friends, here at Poppins. Staying up till 1a.m. put me at a 19 hour day…so I went to bed. Sunday, I woke up at 6a.m., went to work rejuvenated by coffee…then having a few cups throughout my work day helped me make it to 3:30, when I punched out and drove to Lansing straight from work. After making it into the arms of Mi Amor and friends, we hung out for an hour before the concert at The Loft.

Getting my workout in by jamming to the music, my muscles were feeling pumped.

Sleeping Giant, For Today, Texas In July, Impending Doom, & Hundredth.
Hardcore/Metal show.
Yup, I definitely did my share of stage dives!

There is NOTHING like the worship that goes on at a Christian hardcore concert. I love it.
of course, while you’re praising God, you have to keep your eyes open just in case someone runs into you or stage dives on top of you. haha!

Saying goodbye was bitter.

I love my friends & especially my best friend, but I knew I was going to see him in five days, making it a bit easier.

I drove home, made it home and fell asleep at 1a.m….making another 19 hour day…yay me! {and somehow in the midst of long days, I didn’t eat much…so that wasn’t good}

Monday, I woke up early and forced myself to stay in bed, dozing on & off, actually getting up at 9. Feeling much better, worked out and talked with Rizo a bit.

My body switched to second shift’s work schedule and my eyes began to hurt at the end of my shift.

Still keeping up my dedication to ‘shredding’ I have kept up with working out! Now, thanks to being young, I’m completely refreshed and ready for a BEAUTIFUL night after work with my roomies, Rizo & Sonrisa, because its been FOREVER since the three of us spent some quality time together.

Tomorrow morning, I’ll work out, pack up, and hit the road for home!!!!

God is SO good. In the midst of insanity, I hear my co-worker saying “YOLO!” meaning “You Only Live Once” {I adore her}

I’m definitely making the most of my days.

Oh yeah, and we have the same president…