You say goodbye, I say hello

Minnesota has said goodbye and Michigan welcomed with lower 50 degree weather.
I’m glad to be back, but again, traveling is so bittersweet.
Visiting a good chunk of my family was a great breather. Tomorrow I’m back to work and hopefully enjoy another long 10 hour day.
Caribou coffee and Snowy roads
Driving and Eating too much
Laughter and learning
Pictures and a baby roller-coaster

The adventurous Minnesota trip came to a hault altogether fast and shall be a great memory of my travelings past.


Glubb and Stories

Celebrated my Grandma’s birthday today! It was really nice for all of us to have her be amongst us while playing card games and talking. My mom got a coloring book and crayons to utilize, just like I uses to do with Grandma when I was a little girl. I don’t think I’ll ever be too old for crayons.
While coloring, I got to talk with my mom, aunt Judy and grandma about grandpa a bit.
Grandma loved to go snowmobiling with him 🙂 and she used to dress her kittens and a lamb, on her farm growing up, in baby clothes an tote them around in a baby buggy.
Grandpa didn’t have gray hair, loved getting together with family and met my grandma at church.
My grandpa died when he was 63 and loved traveling.
My uncle Craig got a drink called “Glogg”, which is a non-alcoholic spiced apple base. You heat it slowly and gently before sipping it down after winter activities. Haha!
It’s actually got the name Grandpa Lundquist on it…which i thought was incredibly ironic, that being my grandpa’s name…
Learning more about my grandpa mad me feel closer to him.
Tomorrow morning we are driving back to Minneapolis, after an entertaining weekend.

Snowy scenes

It feels good to be in Fosston!

Oh man, Snowy trees and fields, hills and roofs, they were a great welcome to northern Minnesota.
Spent the afternoon greeting my grandma-chatting and playing games. My aunt and uncle welcomed us in the evening with tacos and catching up.
After too many silly moments my uncle escaped to the basement, leaving us women to conversation and future planning.
My brother came at night, after his three hour drive from work in North Dakota. Hugged him tight and sent a picture to my bestie (his fiancé) showing her where he was! 😀
After a movie and too many munchies, my cousin Becci and I headed out on the snowy terrain towards our Super8 back in town.

I love catching snippets of snowy scenes…
It seems as though no matter how long you’ve known a person, known the scene, or been told about it, there’s always more to discover and enjoy.
I’m more at the age now where I feel I can bond deeper with my older cousins…it’s been fabulous.

For Fosston

After my twenty hour day yesterday, I had a solid sleep. Woke up this morning, rearin to have a roadtrip up to Fosston. Home of my land, of my freedom :p
I can’t wait to be there again.
Hugs from my grandma and laughs around the house and my uncle and aunt’s…bring it.

Oh yeah, and Caribou is what’s on the menu for breakfast!!!! Now, what to choose from their menu…