We’ve Got It Wrong

I just recently was given, by my boyfriend, the book “Religio-cide” written by Tommy Green.
The book is most importantly talking about the problem with churches today, turning the original intention of Christianity, which is a love relationship with Jesus Christ, into a religion.
I already gave the book back to my man, but I did take some notes, so I just want to rant a bit.

Here’s a jumble of quotes from different pages in the book; which I HIGHLY recommend you to read.

It is true, we should not walk in sin, and most of us try not to, but we do sin, even though our primary motivation at some level is to bring God pleasure with our lives. However, our main motivation and course in life, now that Jesus is with us, cannot focus on being helpless and hopeless in our inferiority and sin.
God’s love simply exists for you and for me, and it is passionate and fiery and consuming and jealous and hot.
It has absolutely nothing to do with your performance for God. As a matter of act, it is because of our performance as humanity on the earth that we ended up in a position of shame, broken-ness, despair, and deception. 

Stop trying to BE something for Him to EARN something from Him.
God’s greatest gift is His love for us, regardless of our performance. Stop focusing on trying to clean up your act; that’s just acting. 

Isn’t that crazy how we focus on our sin, rather than God’ grace?
A lot of the time I end up in a mud puddle of shame because of things I’ve done in my life, but that’s just inconsiderate. I know it’s HORRIBLE for me mull in my mistakes; I really should be focusing on God and making sure that I don’t miss the mark again.
If I focus on my sins, where is God in my life? Definitely not at the front.

He gets hurt when I mess up and drown in regret, but He’s there with open arms drawing me towards Him giving me an encouraging hug and saying “I will be merciful to your iniquities and I will remember your sins no more. Sarah, I love you.”

I’m not in anyway saying that it is alright to continue to sin (i.e. commit adultery, have sex out of marriage, dating a non-christian{(2 Cor. 6:14)}, and all the other commands God has given us)
I just mean to say that once we sin, we should realize how filthy we are and run to Jesus, asking for forgiveness and  committing our way unto the Lord! 

Committing your life to Jesus Christ is a daily thing, and sinning distracts us from that relationship. 

The problem is that most people aren’t really interested in looking like Jesus. It would seem that our definition of victory in Jesus is simply this: not sinning. That’s it? That’s the victory of Christ in us? I just don’t sin anymore? Wow…

See what I mean? We focus heavily on our wrongdoings rather than God’s grace and Jesus’ sacrifice.
Remember what Jesus did for you!!! It’s far more than you just ‘not sinning’, it’s respecting and loving Him for the actions He has taken. It’s pursuing a personal, relational, perfect Saviour. It’s looking towards His marvelous light and running to Him!

We can use our past sins and trials and temptations to encourage others along their way.
I have terrible control issues, I know what’s it like to basically slap God in His face and say “No, I’m doing this my way”
BOY AM I STUPID!!!!!!!!!!

But, I can warn others before they get to that point.
God’s beautiful forgiveness allows me to use this ugly thing to be some beautiful example. 

God took me out of the pit of darkness and rescued me, surrounding me in His loving arms.

Thank you Jesus for dying on the cross and rising on the third day.
Your agony and pain was because of me.
I crucified You.
I put you up there and murdered You.
I’m so sorry Lord, I fail so much.
Your indescribable grace and love astounds me and overcomes me.


Soldiers Everywhere

Great Redeemer
We humbly respond
To the call of Your love
Gracious Father
Like a child we run
With our arms lifted up
So let the praises rise

You’re the God of second chances
You’re the God who still romances
We’re in awe before You now
And our hearts are bowing down
You’re the God of all the ages
Who are we that You would save us
We’re in awe before You now
And our hearts are crying out

Hallelujah to our God
Hallelujah to our God

Righteous Savior
By Your wounds we are healed
Your compassion draws us here
How amazing
Is the mercy of the Cross
That You would reach out for us
So let the praises rise

You rescue with unfailing love
Hallelujah to our God

This is Chris Whittaker’s song, and although the lyrics are powerful and fantastic…the best story that goes along with it is in this movie:

It is hard to understand what the Jamaican says at the end, so here it is:
“Keep trying to make the man.”
He looked me square in the eye, cocked head on the side with a confused look on his face and said,
“Trying to? No man. I do not try to make it, I am. Jah puts its soldiers everywhere. Jah said, Yes if you walk through the valley of the shadow of death..So he places some of us in this valley.”

..wow…WHAT A TESTIMONY!!!!!! 

If you’re going through low times, God is still the Creator, He’s still Jah (Jehovah).
Glorify God with your life, no matter what your circumstances.
There is hope even in the Shadow of the Valley of Death.
He forgives your past sins, no matter the depth or how much we believe we deserve death because of our sins, God gives us the mystery to eternal life; Jesus Christ. Believing that He came down to earth and left His Heaven, leaving behind equality with God, dying for our sins, rising again on the third day…this will save you. Jesus Christ saves.
He is life.
One Creator
One Father.
One Jah. 


…after taxes…

If you like your job, the odds are that you work with great people.
I believe that half your job is your coworkers…after all, you have to see them every day you work…sorta like marriage…but anywho…

I worked at H&R Block this tax season, (you have until MONDAY to file!) and today was my last day, because I have school on Mondays. 

I just have to write about the wonderful people who entered my life because of this job.
I was offered this job by a most amazing Jesus-lover, who owns the H&R Block down the hall from where I worked last year (for a urologist). We’ll call him Block. He is a hilarious guy who loves to laugh and play golf. In the process of my first week there, between the many mistakes I made, Block stayed patient and kept things light and funny–which helped take the pressure off of me. I still made mistakes up until my last day today, but he never made me feel really guilty about any of it. It was like he figured that everybody makes mistakes, and of course it would happen to me; I was a rookie. I had a few interesting conversations with him on light theology. Block really has a great heart and is selfless with his money.

On the first day of my job he told me that if I have a problem with anybody, I should go straight to him and we’d figure things out; holding bitter feelings in only makes the wine stronger.
(some of you are thinking “well, that’s not necessarily a bad thing!”…but I’m not talking literal wine here, sillies)
Block runs his business with great focus. He works so much for so little, he deserves a kingdom-and one day he’ll get it, thanks to Jesus. 

(code name) Truckie: My first friend at work taught me everything there was to know about running the back room, phones, files, dealing with people, and anything else there was.  Truckie has such a kind, understanding, patient soul that I couldn’t help but love her right away. She definitely impacted me and I loved to talk to her, she had many funny and serious stories to tell. 

I got closer to two other tax professionals; Punk and Gorgeous.
Punk was quite the jokester, he was always being silly and givin’ everybody crap. It always made it fun to work with him. He once called me pumpkin accidentally, but it ended up sticking as my nickname for the next few weeks. He is a kind-hearted man who has a gazillion adventures and tidbits of information…I’ve never learned more from one person about the government, history, and how two month old yogurt doesn’t hurt him.
I pray that one day he becomes my brother, he has so much potential to glorify our Creator and I can’t stand the thought of…well, ya know…not seeing him after death. 

Gorgeous, she’ll tell ya like it is. You know when she likes you or can’t stand ya. She’s sorta like a hickory nut. Once ya get past the hard shell, you can’t help but enjoy her. She indeed does have a kind soul and loves to tease. She makes a lot of homemade foods and hardly ever follows recipes.
Her laugh makes me smile. 

I worked with many others whom were a pleasure to work with as well. 🙂

I honestly, couldn’t ever thank or show them all the love that I have for them. I respect them all, but I still feel like we’ve been friends forever. They have all affected me in some way and I won’t forget any of them.

Before I go to school on Monday, I’m dropping off some cookies that I plan on making tomorrow after church with mi amor. 

…ahh *sigh* I just can’t help but smile at all the silly moments I’ve had. 

I wish there was someway that I could let Block know all that he’s done for me…but I don’t think that it is possible. 

Anywho, cheers to H&R Block for the great opportunity and experience that was created by the workers in my hometown. 

🙂 God is marvelous and never ceases to amaze me with what He uses to mold my life.  


Please please please, pray for my friend//sister Chelsea. She is in dire need of prayer. We believe she has a torn rotator cuff.
She has trouble sleeping and intense–and I mean intense–pain.

Pray like the rain in a flood, please!

Freedom and Flow

I can’t seem to keep a steady schedule for hardly anything these days.
I feel like a spasm happens and I just ‘jerk’ into something else.

Soon, I’m done with work, and then I can focus on school.
I fear my final exam and the PTCB exam (state boards test)

*sigh* just another thing that I’m freakin’ out about.

It’s not like I am taking 16 credits and working 40 hours a week. I don’t know why I feel so zonked all the time…
My body is just dumb. I feel worn out in my mind because all I seem to do is read, whether it be my Pharmacy Tech book, theological book, facebook, blogs, etc..
My eyes are just worn.

Today, the sun was able to rejuvenate me while I laid in the field, playing acoustic guitar.

It’s been so long since I’ve been able to go out there…I miss it.
I love freedom and flow.
There isn’t too much that I let tie me down for long, like jobs and school and..ha…blogging.
I can’t keep a steady schedule for too long, cause I feel trapped.
Unless it’s something that I absolutely love, I will go through restless cycles.

Let’s just say I could write a bit of a scenario of change.
I’d live in a suburb (or outskirt) of a place that had a lot of events.
I’d want to be able to play guitar and lay out in the sun without neighbors peering at me.
I’d want the freedom of the field, but the convenience of the city.
If I wasn’t married yet, I’d want to be able to support myself and at least one Compassion child, while helping orphanages all over.

…I might get these things one day…who knows…

When I’m with certain people, hanging out, playing guitar, talking, walking, or even relaxing on a couch, those people energize me. I feel refreshed with them and they give me energy for the next day.

My friends help freedom and flow; they give me diversity.
Times to laugh,
Times to cry,
Times to dance,
and Times to sing…

Being Sarah feels good now, I like who I’m growing to be, and let me tell ya-I’ve got LOTS of growing to do, especially spiritually, but in maturity as well, of course.

I hope I find my balance between Freedom and Flow, && Scheduled and Responsible soon, cause I’m driving myself insane…