Patience, kindness, and a whole lotta faithfulness.

Day three, Saturday, came with another early start as I made breakfast for us all and we all sat down by 7a.m. to partake. Today was the day Mi Amor and I set off for a day of surfing. So at breakfast we all planned our day. 

Mom and dad drove into Haleiwa {ha-lay-ee-vah} and explored the marketplace and a soap factory {which we all are going back to on Monday}. 

My brother and his wife stayed at the townhouse and relaxed by reading and letting sunburns have a break. 

Mi Amor and I set out for the surf shack here on the resort at Turtle Bay. On our way we were talking about the surprise we would do for mom and dad; a really nice dinner alone would be a great treat since they definitely didn’t have to bring us here with them.

We got our surfboards and hit up the west side of the peak. There were about five times where I just body boarded cause I couldn’t stand up. It was fun, but it’s been five years since I surfed in Panama. I stood up then, certainly I’m stronger now! 

After two hours of trying to catch a wave, we went in to catch an early lunch at the townhouse and report back to my bro and sis what we had found for mom and dad. On our way back my sister in law called and said mom and dad got back from town, so it was a perfect time to come back. 

We ate taco salad with kale and the homemade salsa they bought at the market. 

We then drove the van to get the surfboards to take them to another beach that was recommended. While Mi Amor was loading the boards, my sis and I made the surprise arrangements at the restaurant. It was going to be perfect. 

Off to the beach we went. All piled in our van with two surfboards straight through the middle. At this beach there was a section where all the surfers were and it’s hard to not get in the way. We tried going to another part but it just wasn’t good. After two more hours we still hadn’t stood up. It was a beautiful beach though. There was a dad with his five year old daughter who went out with her on piggy back and was teaching her to stand up. It was amazing. Mom said “that’s you and dad if you grew up here!” Just think about how awesome it would be, I liked that idea. 

After about a half hour of us sitting on the shore after our paddling on the water and wave jumping, and seeing a turtle, we all headed back to Turtle Bay. We had two more hours to use our boards before we had to give them back. We set off once again in the hopes we could stand up. After an hour and a half I was exhausted, my entire body hurt. I could tell I got way too much sun and worked my arms more than my shoulder socket could handle. 

I headed in to return my board and go see if mom and sis were done snorkeling. They actually came over right as I was coming out. {good, we are on schedule to take them to their restaurant} I got some pictures of Mi Amor on his board from shore and told him I was leaving for the townhouse. 

We told mom she could take a shower first, since dad already had–things were lining up. I then proceeded after mom got changed to say “be ready to leave at 5:20” and so at that time I took them out to the van and they were like, “what about the others?” “Are you grilling for us ?” I responded, “don’t worry about us and maybe we are maybe we arent”. “Is there a surprise in the van or are you taking us somewhere?” I shrugged my shoulders.

Off we went and I proceeded to tell them, “you two mean a lot to us and you have shown us that life stays adventurous even after 35 years of marriage. A big part of this is you two spending time together, alone” 

My parents invest in each other, know how each gives and receives love, as well as being kind and merciful. 

They followed me to the front where the hostess was and I said “reservation for two for _____name here_____”

She looks up and says, “ah yes, Happy Anniversary” 

My mom got all giddy as I said, “enjoy” and walked away. 

It was a huge Blessing to be a blessing to them who have blessed us beyond what we deserve.


Eat For Africa

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One warm night during our first Spring married…

The Morning Mango


The morning sun illuminates my breakfast while I write letters today.
{{kefir (half almond milk kefir half cows milk kefir) mango with the healthy skins on and two gluten free homemade muffins gifted from a friend back home}}

We have had a WHIRLWIND of a week.
I know our life is crazy blessed when we have so many gatherings and fun times throughout the week that we can’t even give highlights..

Yesterday though, was marvelous and I’ll choose that as our highlight.

Mama & Papa, Mom & Dad & Brothers, Gram & Gramp K, Hoeve Fam, Gram & Gramp T, and Us… One big gathering, a whole lotta food.
Everybody brought marvelous, delicious treats and sides and wow were we ever blessed with the most gorgeous of days–75 and pure sun.
Grilled burgers from the happy cow of our friend back on the east side,
cooked ham,
there was pasta salad, roasted beet & quinoa salad (topped with oranges), cauliflower mash, buffalo cauliflower, fruit and veggies, kale pesto, jello delight (fruit and nuts mixed in), and for dessert: decadent brownies, cinnamon rolls, baget (dutch treat), and rum cake.
Drink up some pomegranate, pineapple punch and sit in the sun  with your family!

Counting my blessings this morning as I am faced with reality once again; the love that has been wrapped around Mi Amor and I is so unique and such an undeserved gift.


Day 3: California gave us a beautiful day around Santa Rosa,
heading down to the markets and seeing some main shops around the area.
It was overcast and a bit cooler than we’d expected,
but with adrenaline and excitement, who needs a jacket? 

The rain poured as Aunt Sam and I took a trip to a little town west of here, 
where there was an herb talk. 
The beauty of the curving roads and the wet trees on the very green hillsides. With some good road trip folk music, we chatted and got to know each other in a great, and I mean, great way. Binding our spirits with God’s earth and the knowledge we’ve both learned. We are very alike in characteristics and the passions that explode in opportunity to find another purpose to put our hands to work. 

Maybe I’ll help change Grand Rapids… 
I will definitely spend some more time getting to know our earth closer though.

The rain poured last night. 

Off to the new house to pull carpet and celebrate with some ginger root beer. 
They’re HOME OWNERS!!! 

Continuing on…

Looks like after breakfast we will be headed to Fosston to visit my grandma!
We, sadly, will only be able to visit with her for a little bit, cause we have to be back down to Minneapolis at 6-ish.
While there, we will see my aunt and uncle again, but my cousins and their daughter as well.
Family is a treat, one which competes with Tutti Frutti for sure!!!

Chortles, chuckles, and changes

Well, after a long and claustrtphobic drive to Minneaplois, we all made it safely, although, in-between joking choking and laughing with tears.

A few bumps to my mom’s ankle proved pain and an incident involving the top of the truck and a frappé from McDonald’s proved lack of sleep.

Today, we get to see MY BIG BROTHER JOSH!!! 🙂
I get to steal hugs from my grandparents as well.
AND I get to practice spending time with my grandpa, especially. Last night I was hit again with the realization of how stupidly I spend my time while I’m in Minnesota.
It’s all good when I am there to see family, but I usually end up spending time with others than my grandpa…he’s got cancer BAD–throughout his spine. I dont know how long I’ll have with him on this earth.
I’ll see him again, in Paradise, but now is when I need to hear his wisdom and advice. My mom’s Dad died when I was three, so I’m deeply connected to them, but I have a hard time expressing it.

*sigh* time for me to stop moping, we are about to leave.

I WILL try harder to connect to my grandpa, just letting him know that I love him.