Beyond Words-If I’m Dreaming, I Don’t Want To Wake Up

God is so beautiful. We live in a world of perpetual blessing. Being open to serving God really does shine. He uses those who are willing, you can bank on that. One of the amazing parts of this sacrifice is being shown the results…
For example; just simply loving people at work and searching for ways to show them a loving Saviour was a daily task for the last eleven months. God has shown me the result of this; Today at my personal shower there was a time of “Memory Lane”. Each of my girls told their favorite memory of us together. Two girls came from my work, they both made me cry…seriously. Brittany stated how much she loves that we ask “life questions” and get deep with each other, she said her favorite was “If you could only give one piece of advice from your relationship, what would it be?” and she said that my answer has effected many of her relationships, not just with her boyfriend.
“Always assume good intentions–don’t instinctively think that he doesn’t love you, or she doesn’t respect you, just realize they may be speaking a different language. They are really just crying ‘Love me, put me first’ or ‘Respect me, make me feel worth it'”

She ended her memory saying, “I’m so glad you started working at Saint Mary’s, you’ve changed my life, I love you, Sarah.”

I cried…that was incredible to me. After eleven months of continual service, dying small deaths to become selfless and care about others and being open to Christ, He showed me the result. I am so thankful.

Abby, who I also work with, said, “I want to share a story of how Sarah impacted my life. She got engaged and the next day came to work, but it was a co-worker’s retirement party. She waited until after first shift left, and the co-worker was gone to tell us that she was engaged. That was huge to me, that she gave Jan her special day before sharing with us the happiest moment of her life. Her heart just shines God every day.”

I cried…mostly as a reaction of how emotional it was for her, as she began to cry when she was sharing her story. Then it hit me how marvelous God is, to give me these friends and bless me with seeing the result of His work in me.

Friend after friend gave their favorite memories and fun moments, I was overwhelmed thinking about this combination of young women. That combination will never happen again and they were all there for me.
I cried, trying to thank them with words that will never suffice. I felt so important, and overwhelmed with blessing.

I received fabulous gifts and played laughter-filled games.
There is so much to blog about and I know I won’t be able to fully describe and thank every one.

Rizo is incredible, she planned and executed this shower with so much poise and perfection I cannot even hug her enough times. We had a ham & cheddar frittata, ham & three cheese quiche, and spinach & goat cheese quiche,  two varieties of muffins, orange juice, granola parfaits, and keurig coffee & tea.
Thirteen ladies, who have all taken part in my life, showered me with more love than I expected to receive and Rizo made it possible.

We are going to get friendship tattoos and it will be the least I can do to thank her for all that she did.
Renee, she just poured out her love and showered us with her acts of service. She was Robin and Rizo was Batman.
Flowers and fun decorations.
I received lacy, fun, turn-me-red, honey-moon clothes.
Two and a half hours after it officially ‘ended’, the last ladies took off to go home. Everyone just had so much fun and loves me so much they just wanted to stay!!!
I got a call during a conversation after the party was ‘over’ and ran outside to answer it.
Mi Amor & I officially were offered and accepted our first duplex house. God is so good. If tears could talk, this blog post would be drenched.


Too Far Gone

Had I remembered my camera, I would have taken pictures of all the various dishes I’ve made and the marvelous happenings of the week.

Basically, I’m striving for the understanding of well-rounded vegetarian meals and how to be four stars in flavor.

What has taken priority over blogging:
working out, making delicious food, learning to swing dance with Mi Amor, gardening, reading, and trying to knock out some lists for the wedding.

Yeah–lots of stuff; too much work & no sleep–but my life is awesome.

FINALLY Rizo is coming back from Europe! She has been in Scotland and Ireland, which makes for some great blog posts to read, but man oh man do I miss her.

{The hardest part about not blogging for a while is that there’s so much to tell you just can’t really write a great blog post…so take this as my “I’m going to get back to regularly blogging, but today I need to do other stuff”}

Flowers picked, swim suit on, sun out, crafting half-completed, tired eyes and a napping spot outside…

Coffee Shoppe Pondering

Can i just say that if I didn’t have time to pick flowers, cook, and sit in a coffee shop, I might go mad?

I love being busy, but I need this moment of calm. Yesterday I picked five bouquets of peonies, made stuffed peppers, and today I’m meeting up with a friend for coffee.

My body needs this. Coffee shoppes are enchanting and just make you want to stop and ponder life.

The photo session with our wedding photographer went amazing. I loved being able to pause and love Cameron while Ashley captured the moments and we got to catch up.

We were overwhelmed by gifts at our first shower. I mean, OVERWHELMED. You know how if you put a dollar in a jar a day, you’ll end up with $365 in one year, but yet, at the time of your placing the bill in the jar, it doesn’t seem like a big deal? It was like that. Even though times are tough, people just gave and gave, and in the end, all those people pooled together the biggest mound of gifts I’ve ever seen.

God is so good to Mi Amor & I.

His blessings are new every morning and He has placed beautiful people in our lives.

I can’t believe how overwhelmed I am. I cried driving back from home on Sunday after our photo shoot. It was probably also probed by the fact that I was tired and worn, emotionally drained, and stressed. But, I cried in awe of the blessings that together, Mi Amor and I have.

We’re house hunting still.

I’ve checked out many places and met many wonderful people, but none that are “the one”. I’ve been tugged into thinking I should make a rash decision, trapped myself into thinking we solidly had a house, and drained myself of the craigslist page.

Thank God for flowers, my fiance, family, and friends who help me get through every day.