Bananas, Oats, and a Teaspoon of Joy

I have reviewed my priorities,
{here are a few}

  •  to continue in my ‘domestic’ style of home-making lots of various foods, crafts, etc…
  • to keep up my workouts
  • to keep time open for friends 

Thus far, I’ve been doing pretty good,
I feel like I’m keeping up my workout so much, that alongside standing and walking at work for 8 hours, my legs are aging faster than I am. 


They are finally getting a rest today,
Sonrisa and I were planning on going to Zumba, but her mom surprised her!
So, I took the opportunity to let my legs rest and give my mouth a party.

I have made lots of different smoothies, and today I made one with my chocolate protein powder, frozen strawberries, almond milk, flax seed, and peanut butter. Wow. It was WONDERFUL.

As I put the strawberries away, I noticed a bundle of bananas I had frozen a while ago, because of a super sale of over ripe bunches. I took them out to create a new recipe.
I put three in my blender with milk, honey, maple syrup, an egg, and applesauce.
Blend Blend Blend.
Then I mixed quick oats, flour, chocolate chips, and a bit of baking powder.

I ended up dolloping Nutella on top…who could resist!?


Today at work, I was thinking of how awesome it was that I could end up working in the medical field for the rest of my life.

Running scripts with my scrubs on, I thought, “I’ll never have to worry about what to wear in the morning…”
I get benefits, insurance, a retirement matching program, and a whole lot more perks.
I have fabulous co-workers, we have treats all the time because we celebrate everyone’s birthday, the uplifting and tender hearts that I encounter just energize me.
Although, I do realize that I would do better having more patient interaction, I’m getting used to having ‘spurts’ of energy rather than having an altogether great day. It’s little sprinkles of happiness, which make me appreciate them more.
There is this realization of the huge adjustments that I have gone through in my life, creating in me this ‘grow up, get over it, get on with it’ thought process.
I’m harder on myself than anyone around me, which is probably how everybody feels…
But, anyways, when I was only 17, I flew out of the country for the first time to a place I had no relationship with, people I didn’t know, a language I didn’t speak, and expectations that were dismissed.
When I was only 18 I worked my butt off to pass a National test after a pharm. tech college course, while other people my age were just graduating high school.
When I turned 19, I was in for it…
There I was, up for the adventure, not realizing what I was truly getting myself into…
I moved to a place I had known only a few roads by name, got a new job, away from my family at church, parents, and Mi Amor.
I was blessed with an opportunity to put my ‘big girl pants’ on and begin a life where over 1/3 of my day was focused on work. Some of my co-workers probably don’t realize that they’ve served at St. Mary’s more than double my life span…

I have moments where I feel so incredibly blessed and yet extremely confused because my days pass by without me taking a breath.


there it is again!

I’m slowly stepping toward the characteristics and events I want to keep in my life and work on to improve.

Anyways…thanks for listening to me ramble..the muffins just got done!


Quinoa Hands

So I got great deals on scrubs and shoes!

Today was great, I’m really excited to get into my job this week. I’ll have updates on how its going and what I love and what I feel I need to work on.

I feel so grown up with all this happening.

Here’s a re-cap of this past weekend’s adventures

Yup-I’m official.


Sweet potato/quinoa burgers {THANKS RIZO!}


cwaffles {qua-fulls} Cake batter, poured into a waffle maker, we later added maple syrup


Stuffed Green Peppers


Swimming crew, we jumped off the pier and later got ice cream


special thanks to Anna, who captured this






14 miles of Scrubs

Buying scrubs is a whole new world
{Song from Aladdin breaks out}
At least price doesn’t matter, because I can get a tax write off for them, because St. Mary’s has me buy them, and they’re mandatory.
Its sorta fun to see all the various styles, but frustrating when the form of shopping you hate the most is when you HAVE to get something. 

My parents are off to Panama, I’m so envious…

I begin orientation Monday at 7:45a.m. and Tues-Fri I work at 7a.m. So, I have this weekend as my last, being a free woman! 

Talking to Rizo has been one of the most helpful things lately. We were driving back from somewhere and I got to explain how I was nervous about St. Mary’s expecting more of me, but  also treating me as a ‘lower woman’ because I’m so young. She comforted me with her elegant truth, “You don’t have habits to overcome, so training you will be easier. They also don’t expect you to know this atmosphere, because this is completely different than retail pharmacy.”
I. Love. Her.

I also got to talk about how words mean so much to me.
It’s really hard for me to be separated from Mi Amor, with the obstacles of neither of us liking to talk on the phone or Skype. {I always feel super awkward}

So, as our only form of communication, texting becomes a big part of my day. This form leads to really bad communication of feelings…they’re so easily misread.
I don’t think he realizes how much I need his words.
I can’t have him physically present, and we don’t have quality time, so what’s left? Words.

I thrive on words-its my main love language.

Overtime we will get better at communicating in this way,
but for now, I’m just a bit frustrated by how much I long for that.
I don’t necessarily WANT to focus on what I can get…I guess its just this big urge to know that I’m thought of, that I’m loved, cared about, wanted…
My parents communicate this to me so perfectly.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the life God has given me on this Grand Adventure, I have made memories that will go down in my record book.

Ok, I’ve rambled a lot.

I’m going to finish the fabulous smoothie that Rizo made and head off to St. Mary’s for a TB test. Meh.

{Oh, Rizo & I biked 14 miles yesterday}

Market Fresh Blessings

Biked to the farmers market with Rizo today, I only bought $6 worth of fruit and veg, and ended up with the ability to make (as seen in picture above) salsa, and currently on the verge of dehydrating bananas, kiwi, and yellow squash. We are planning a chinese night for dinner, so Sonrisa & her man better prepare themselves for pictures!

We bought a vacuum at Target!  Isn’t it beautiful!?

Rizo mentioned today how wonderful of a life we would have if this continued; making fresh food, being super creative, crafty, and working out all the time. We have a pretty easy life.

St. Mary’s called me today!!! I have a  job!!! Beautiful.

God’s blessings still shower even through my broken crevices.

Creativity With The Best

Went on a walk with Sonrisa & Rizo today!!! {I have the best roomies ever]
We are hosts tonight-we are doing lots of homemade stuff!

I will have pictures tomorrow!!

My second interview with Keystone Compounding Pharmacy went great today–it was basically a strength test and some questions. I passed with flying colors, thanks to all the prayers!!! {I called my dad right before I went into my interview and he prayed with me over the phone–I love you Daddy!!!}

The head pharmacist is definitely open to waiting for me, until I hear back from St. Mary’s within 2 weeks. Which is a huge compliment. He wants to make sure that if he can have me, he’ll get me. But, he did say “I respect you wanting St. Mary’s over Keystone, they have a lot to offer you.”

Today, I found out I’ll have a job no matter what. So now, its God’s choice whether I work at St. Mary’s or not…well, it actually has been His choice all along…but now, I know for sure that Keystone is an offered option, not just a possibility.

What really fueled me for the interview was Rizo, getting up while I was gone running, to make cinnamon pancakes for breakfast!!!! Peanut butter and maple syrup topped off with a strawberry and a glass of apple juice….I have the best roomies in the world…this is gonna be the best year yet.

I’m off to finish the decorating and fooding for the party with Rizo!!!

Yay creativity and roomies!!!


Mediterranean Bedsheets

Yesterday my room was completed.
I’m sure it’ll change a little, here and there, but for the most part.

Sonrisa and her man, making yummies!

Our Mediterranean style food ❤ delish!

My room from the doorway (yes, I have a door in my room, it goes to a cement porch that I use for my herbs!)

My mommy made my quilt! It’s called {trip around the world}
Fits my style perfect, don’t ya think!?

Those curtains are to my closet-it has shelves and is WONDERFUL…and somehow I have a lot of clothes and need all of the space AND my dresser..goodwill trip? yes.

I am doing kitchen stuff today–lots of washing dishes!

I’m going to another interview today, St. Mary’s again!

Apparently, another lady was told about me and wants to introduce me to ‘inpatient’ pharmacy work, to see if I’d be interested in a full-time position there!

His blessings are an ever-sprinkling downpour.

Chapstick & Sticky Notes

.Last day of work today.

It’s honestly insane how many people showed me such amazing love today, I’m really gonna miss all my co-workers, and my patients!!! 

My day started with a bang, unbelievable how even my Cardinal Delivery man was sad to see me go, “I’m sure you’ll settle just fine in Grand Rapids, you are such a sweet and nice young woman, your parents must be so proud.”
Various co-workers would stop by and wish me luck in all my endeavors.
Throughout the day I would be passing by a friend or patient who would hug me goodbye and say that they were sad to see me leave.

One of my co-workers said, “Why do all the sweet ones leave?”

At one point, one of my fellow pharm girls said, “Sarah, look at all the people who love you!”
I responded, “I know, I’m overwhelmed, its so bittersweet to leave…I hope I have as equally amazing co-workers in Grand Rapids.”
The other pharm girl, “Sarah, you could go anywhere and suck the sweetness out of anybody”

It was amazing working ten hours
I was able to see off everybody and give as much love as I possibly could.

My lovely pharm girl, who was the main one who trained me, made a sticky-note that she stuck to my name tag that said
“My Last Day 😦 ”

I, once again, was glad that people were as attached to me as I was to them.
It was so crazy, I unstitched my “CPHT” patch from my smock.
And return my stuff to my bosses.
Both bosses stopped by at different times in the day,
to shake my hand and thank me for my hard work.
I equally gave my appreciation,
I’ve been blessed more than I could have EVER dreamed.
My boss’ dad, who ran the company before them,
even set all his stuff down to hug me and say that he
would really miss me.
He is SUCH a precious man,
he told me that I would ALWAYS have a job there.  

SO this morning, I had my last picture in my smock…
my awkward goodbye wave to the Pharmacy.  

I definitely am looking forward to my pharmacy goodbye dinner Wednesday.
We’re going to the Brewery and just relaxing in a different environment, it’ll be unforgettable, I can feel it.

As I was leaving the parking lot,
my chap~stick ran out as well,
I’ll probably always keep that tube and my “Last Day” sticky note…