Work’s Reward

The olallieberry (pronounced oh-la-leh) is a cross between 

the loganberry and the youngberry
each of which is itself a cross between blackberry and another berry (raspberry and dewberry, respectively).

Olallieberry Gluten-Free French Toast… nough’ said.

Tuesday and Wednesday were both spent in Nevada City helping move into the new house near the Yuba River. 

Doing some good bicep work was refreshing, especially because the days were perfect weather to be outside working.

Great talks, 
learning more about each other, 
a beautiful hike along the Yuba knitted together the hard work of the two days. 
Amazing dinner Tuesday night and an obviously delicious brunch filled our tummies.

I wouldn’t trade this nature for the city at all. I’m glad our week-long trip has been so diverse in terrain…we truly have amazing family here.

Take time to talk to your family…you never know the amazing stories they have to share and the experiences that can impact your life. 



Day 3: California gave us a beautiful day around Santa Rosa,
heading down to the markets and seeing some main shops around the area.
It was overcast and a bit cooler than we’d expected,
but with adrenaline and excitement, who needs a jacket? 

The rain poured as Aunt Sam and I took a trip to a little town west of here, 
where there was an herb talk. 
The beauty of the curving roads and the wet trees on the very green hillsides. With some good road trip folk music, we chatted and got to know each other in a great, and I mean, great way. Binding our spirits with God’s earth and the knowledge we’ve both learned. We are very alike in characteristics and the passions that explode in opportunity to find another purpose to put our hands to work. 

Maybe I’ll help change Grand Rapids… 
I will definitely spend some more time getting to know our earth closer though.

The rain poured last night. 

Off to the new house to pull carpet and celebrate with some ginger root beer. 
They’re HOME OWNERS!!! 

Winding Roads To Heal

Day 2 in California was a drive to a more northern Redwood park where the senses were completely transformed. The forest was so enchanting and magical with the clovers around and moss covering everything. The sound of water bubbling and the trees talking to each other paired up with the instinct to whisper as so not to disturb this home.

Red-bellied nutes and an owl (IN THE DAYTIME!!!) joined us with banana slugs and plants growing off of plants.

We continued our drive up to Mendicino coast where we saw whales and the magnificent Pacific waters crashing violently against black, sharp rocks. The bright blues of the ocean were so surprising on an overcast day and the pools of anemone and muscles held on tight as the waves danced with them.

The whole day was incredible, getting to know our hosts better and absorb the knowledge they’ve acquired of their land.

My heart was overjoyed as we listened to local folk artists while driving the winding mountain roads. The scenes of lamb and cows alongside the hills that were layered into the distance. Creepy live oaks and pine, vineyards and daffodils welcomed us on our traversing adventure.

Wherever You Are, Be All There

{so thankful to have my phone completely off all this trip and only type a short blog while not missing conversation every day}

p.s. two words:

steam shower

Connecting with California

Arriving to our wonderful, cozy host family for the week, we got to sleep by 4a.m. Michigan time. What an adventurous way to begin our trip. This morning we got up refreshed and excited to take on the day. 

Day 1: Redwoods–it healed my soul. I felt the power of the dominance of this nature. There was something about the moist, wooded land with all of its healing herbs that are hidden before our very eyes. Clover spotted the ground with 300 foot redwood trees above. 

A sunny day erupted as we began our little road trip hitting up Highway 1. 

The ocean swayed us to and fro on our journey as the road was built around nature and the winding hills of the coast. 

Its only been one day and I already don’t want to leave.

Its time to dress up a bit and go off to a dinner party to meet more wonderful Californians. 

delayed with netflix

Minneapolis airport will give us our “breaking bad” fix for an hour and a half delay because of San Francisco thunder storms….

These banana chips, dried pineapple and homemade munchies might not last us…