Treasures of Christmas Healing

Tuesday was my last day of work, {Christmas Eve} and we headed to the east side to spend time with Mi Amor’s family there.
You know, those treasured moments of spending time with family have a certain added magic in these crispy winter months. Christmas Eve and Christmas Day were spent with my new family and while sipping tea, I observed a moment…one of those ‘pause’ moments… breathing in the scent of cinnamon spices from my tea, my mind went to the blessing of gaining four new brothers, two wonderful parents, and two sets of grandparents….{and of course other extended family!!!} Mi Amor has shared his family with me in such a touching way, I know its just how marriage works; you gain your spouse’s relatives, but I think that giving me equal rights to calling his family my own is a great honor. Food was eaten {while I stuck to my specific regime of yogurt, nuts, and cinnamon for breakfast…cauliflower and celery for lunch…tea throughout the day and munching on pecans, almonds, and peanuts for snacks…then some more spiced yogurt for dinner [its a wonder I’m able to stick to this]} Christmas evening we headed back to our home to pack and prepare for our trip! December 26th we headed to Mi Amor’s other grandparent’s house to celebrate with them. Sledding definitely happened and lots of chatting. At midnight we made it to bed and at 3:30a.m. we woke up to head to the airport.

Here we are, in Minnesota, playing lots of games and treating family like gold. My grandpa, he has had cancer for a very long time…but God has blessed him with lack of pain. Dinner last night was an opportunity for me to be translucent with him. If you know me at all, I hate crying, but after I went to Panama I became an emotional pile of mush. I know I’m not dealing with cancer, but I can relate to him; we’re both dealing with an attack on our bodies that we did not choose, nor can we heal from completely, it effects not only our bodies, but our emotions and the people around us.

I’ll admit, I’m scared to lose my only blood-related grandpa. I want healing for him…but I’m overwhelmingly thankful that he doesn’t deal with pain.

The Lord has given us wonderful parents who have given us plane tickets for a Christmas present. My husband has been exposed to the most emotional Christmas of my life thus far. Having this time with relatives going through struggles and dealing with the curses of this world has made me look at my hands…actually, its made me thankful for the ability to use them to serve over this Christmas. I’m getting back to my old crazy self…at least I’ve felt more myself. My mind has had times of freedom from these chains on my hands. I want to use them! I’m taking the opportunity while I can to bend them and hold things and do acts of service. I don’t know how long this little session of bliss is going to last but there’s three more days of 2013 and I’m hoping the new year will bring healing.

If this issue had to happen, I’m thankful that it has allowed me to relate to people who struggle with an ailment. I’ve been transformed into a pit of compassion while wanting to search deeper into other’s health problems…what is the cause>>WHY is your body reacting like this or what has changed?

I’m still sticking to the Anti-Candida Diet and eating yogurt with cinnamon twice a day. I spit into a cup of water this morning, first thing, and the water only got cloudy, so this is an improvement. My hands don’t look AS bad, but still no complete healing. I haven’t had this long of a ‘clean’ streak without large sums of itching/scratching or pain since September. This has enabled me to actually be part of this Christmas.

I believe that God is with us and He longs that we love Him and have faith to believe. I don’t want to be conquered by this, not now, not when I’ve started to become myself again…

Keep shining and sharing your healing story with others,
you don’t know who’s life you’re going to change. 


Who Knew She’d be my Bridesmaid?

My next bridesmaid is one of my frousins! 

She is a marvelous young woman who loves her friends and stays true to them. She is a quirky and funny young woman, who always makes me laugh when I’m with her. I’ve been blessed to have her in my life. 

She shares in the love of deep thinking. She has honored me by asking my thoughts in various texting conversations and messages over facebook. 

I have loved going on trips with her to Mackinaw Island, Traverse City, and even just drives to each other’s houses.

We have shared sweat and laughter every family reunion over the hot summers. I smile when I think of us jammin’ out on guitar hero, jumping on the air mattresses late at night in the tent, running up the big hill on Columbiaville in the heat of the day, and going on a bear hunt with our cousins and uncle. 

We have memories of taking turns beating levels on super mario bros. while yelling in defeat when we can’t pass the lava and fire to  save the princess.

These are just some of the stories I have in our novel of friendship; only some of the reasons I chose her as my bridesmaid.

Bridesmaid and Frousin

The fourth post in my bridesmaid series is about my cousin and friend; she is my frousin.

Being the youngest cousin on my dad’s side, she has always been special. I have so many memories with her and don’t even know where to begin…

We started out our years of friendship surrounded by animals and the imaginations to turn us into them. Pretending like we were dogs was a tradition over the family reunions every fourth of July. Games were instilled in our genes so we played scrabble, bocci ball, hid from the Alligator Lady (our aunt) and as we got older; rain on the roof, mario kart, and mario party. 

The days were never long enough each time we’ve seen each other. She and I share similar styles, interests, and passions; earthy elements, travel, missions, creativity, scarves and the beach. 

We both see the beauty of simple life, like living out of a suitcase.

We have been on a road-trip that was over the terrains of Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, Colorado, South Dakota, North Dakota, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. 

We have jumped off our cousin’s boat, pulled all-nighters, knocked-out a gazillion koopa troopers, eaten too many bags of twizzlers, and walked a million foot-steps. 

She loves to love life.  Smiles and laughter are the base beginnings of her insanity and adventurous times. She is looked-up to by a lot of people, especially those closest to her. She has spent many days serving at a summer camp and has always been involved in church. 

I just can’t underestimate the influence she has, even on me. Her passion for Christ is evident when you look at the trail of bread crumbs behind her…more like twizzlers, but you get the picture. 

These are just some of the stories I have in our novel of friendship; only some of the reasons I chose her as my bridesmaid.

Journal Entry 1998

After buying amazing bookends at my local antique store, I rearranged my shelves.

Yesterday, I was painting with Mi Amor, while brainstorming ideas for a tattoo that is a heritage/lineage/travel/reminder. 
I have some ideas of what I ABSOLUTELY want in it, and some that would be neat to include. I just want a small wrist tattoo–it’ll probably hurt more than my first, but “pain is only temporary”.
So, part of it will be a sail boat and on the sail will have a pipe: representation of both of my grandpas.

I was thinking about it today, of course, and decided to open up my Grandpa’s hope chest that he made me.

I was rummaging through the various memories and found this (chosen excerpts):

 “Sarah’s Journal”
I had a good day. I think about my Grandpa Captain and I feel sad. He died on 2-22-96.
I read to daddy and I made him go to sleep. When I was riding my bike I was going to go by a truck when it was backing out of the drive way. I almost got hit but the truck stopped and the man let me go by.
I ate 2 delicious strawberries from my garden today. I made a potion of flowers, leaves, dirt and sticks.
I went to the library with Mom, Dave & Josh. I watched my library movie
I went to Wal-Mart to get some velcro shoes, but didn’t find any.
I cleaned up my room when there was a big mess.
I fell down today; I slipped on the rug in the entry. I hurt very bad.
I painted the back part of the shed with mommy and Dave.
I went for a bike ride and I stopped to watch a cement truck. The cement went down a slide
I found a tube that had coloring in it, I shouldn’t have touched it because the coloring is hard to get off. I was talking to Josh and I accidentally rubbed it on my forehead. It was bright pink.
I went to the plant farm with mom today, I picked out snap dragons.
I was crying today because I didn’t get to go on Josh’s swing.
I got in trouble by daddy, the big Giant, when I went out of our yard.
I collected feathers and clam shells at the beach.
I sorted some stuffed animals for the children in Mexico who don’t have any.
I played frisbee and frisbee golf with daddy.
I played soccer with Dave after I went to the park.
I want to skip writing in my journal today, because I can’t think of what I did.
I rode my bike through a mud puddle. I saw 2 hummingbirds sucking food out of the feeder. The nectar is sticky.
I went to the Detroit zoo last week. I saw a snake and it had a mouse in its mouth.

My my how time flies