Bluesy-red Dives

Blueberries that mom already juiced

It made 7 1/2 jars

Sorry for the poor picture quality, the sun was here and gone; no natural light pictures! :/




I bought my first car today!!!
’99 Dodge Intrepid

I named it Lila (lee-lah) it's Swedish (my heritage) for purple


Well, it had a slight ‘smoker’s scent’, so I whipped up my creative side of my brain.
Homemade Air Fresheners

So, after taking some fabric and yarn, sewing and threading, I have three hand-made air freshener bags!
I will hang one each on the back of my driver and passenger seats, and have one on my steering wheel adjustment lever.
As you can see, one pouch has lavender, one essential oil, and one candles.
They all have great scents that blend wonderfully together!
This is a great way to save money and utilize whatever free time you have.


So my amazing friend Miranda posted this on her blog and in return, I’d like to share this awesome idea with you, dear blog-world.

I’m going to answer questions so that you know more about me!

(I’m terribly sorry about the crazy page layout-it won’t let me make it organized for some reason, so bear with me)

Favorite Shoe Brand: Converse && Vans

Favorite Clothes Brand: Honestly, I can’t narrow it down…

Favorite Design Style: Vintage//Antique

Two Favorite Days of the Week and Why: Friday && Saturday
Because I’m always doing something on the weekends and I look forward to cherished time with friends.

If You Could go Anywhere in the World, Where Would You go: Fiji

Favorite Hobby: Traveling && Playing my guitars

Favorite Memory: I have too many…

One Word That Describes You: Joyful (my middle name helps with this)

One of Your Favorite Songs: I can never narrow it down, so here are a few:

*If it means a lot to you by A Day To Remember
*Be My Escape by Relient K
*The Technicolor Phase by Owl City
*Swing Life Away by Rise Against

Favorite School Subject: Spanish

Favorite Season: Summer (because of the freedom it brings)

A Word//Phrase You Use All The Time: Whoot && Amazing (along with a lot of other words I make up)

Favorite Color: Currently: Plum Purple && Spring Green

What Car Have You Always Wanted (that doesn’t cost a soul): Vintage VW Bug

So now that you know more about myself, answer these questions so I can know more about you; my readers! 🙂