Autumn Amigos

I’m currently pondering the events of last year in this autumn time. I am constantly touched by the lives I have met through Rizo, and the times that they have shown me such kindness.

The night before our wedding, they all poured love and kindness on me;
preparing parfaits, dipping strawberries in chocolate, buying wax for a hand moisturizer {which was HUGE for me, because I was hurt so emotionally from my atopic dermatitis} giving foot rubs and back massages and painting my toes and the list goes on and on.
Seriously, I’m just blown away by them.

Rizo is so incredible, she came to our aid in our time of need and is lending us her bike. Monday, I ran over to Poppins so I could bike back and two of the pretty ladies saw me outside and greeted me! Offering me water and just chatting it up I saw one by one come home and it was filling me up inside.
I love them to pieces and I miss them terribly.

God is so good to us, giving us amazing friends and people who care and are there for us.

We pray every day that God blesses those who have blessed us. What a great God we serve.


Autumn Breath

This cool-aired, sun-filled season has arrived.
Today is my day off and woah have I gotten stuff done!
The day began with rosemary bread topped with Caribbean seasoned egg with black bean and watercress leaves.
Mi Amor biked me to work on his way to school.
Yes, I did have to go into work on my day off at 7 a.m. for a mandatory process excellence meeting that lasted an hour. Surprisingly enough, it was a fast hour that found me excited about the potential changes in the next few months.

And so, with my morning beginning that way, I fled the scene to the farmers market, where I always feel at home and like to begin my day.
With much success I biked home to wash them up and re-make the yogurt that sadly failed last night while I was away at work…
After an hour of being home I was off to do some of which was to visit Jared’s Jewelers where I have two lovely friends, who became  such because of Mi Amor buying my engagement ring from there. Just wonderful ladies who’ve made every visit marvelous.
They were indeed SUPER excited to see me and I told them that I was in to get my engagement and wedding band soldered together. Well, in the beginning examination process (which luckily I was still in the store chatting and enjoying trying on rings worth more than my life insurance policy) they found that the diamond was a bit tilted and that they would have to get a new head to hold it in. They assured me it happens at least once to every woman and that I should hopefully have it back by Saturday…with sadness and yet grateful that I didn’t lose my diamond, I left my ring with them…
Feeling naked without my proud sign of marriage, I continued my errands. Finally, back at the house I am attempting for the FIRST TIME EVER to make cheese….dun dun dun!!!

Autumn is such an accomplishing season, I feel. Its like the weather that gets your brain going.
Or for me, it gets my oven going!
Yesterday I made potato chowder, rosemary bread, granola bar muffins, attempted my yogurt, and jalapeno poppers!
Today, along with some good snackin’ I’m holding myself back from staying in the kitchen all day {like I would prefer} and be more productive with things that need to get done…
like blogging…
six more hours until he arrives home…looks like I’ll be keeping busy to keep my eyes off the clock!

Aimless Autumn Walk


Tossing leaves in the street


contrast between autumn & summer, divided by a street


after dancing through the leaves


Walking back to Poppins with the setting sun


Life was terrible today

HA! I think not. 

I had a marvelous day today…and amidst my wandering feet on my evening autumn walk, I hadn’t known where I was going. I just wanted to embrace more outdoors after making stuffed green peppers for dinner. 

I was dancing and laughing like a ten-year old girl in this quaint neighborhood nearby, when I turned a curve, where my feet walked right up the sidewalk to a church, where I was greeted and before I knew it, singing…

I honestly, cannot explain the reason I went in. 

The message was on the balance of God’s justice and mercy. I think maybe I needed to be reminded of how much I don’t deserve love.
Thank goodness life’s not fair.
I received a bit of a mind wandering moment, thinking of how wrong my actions are, all the time. Every day my focus slides.

I was hit with how much my desires are put before God.

I should be loving God
loving people

grr. I despise my emotions sometimes. 

I’m not keeping Him first, and ya know what, sometimes it feels good.
Gah-I hate that it feels good at first.

Being selfish is so easy…

I’m so screwed up.

I am faced, once again, with my tattoo.
What anchors do I need to rid myself of? 
What’s holding me back from loving God? 

Autumn always helps me re-align myself…
Thank you, Big Guy, for moving my feet.



All It Takes Is A Leaf…


I went for a run today, a long one. 

Its the most beautiful fall day out.
I got back and checked the mail…
Have I ever expounded upon the fact that I LOVE snail mail? There’s something so, so, precious..personal…endearing about it! 

Knowing that somebody took a moment of time in their day to focus on you, when you weren’t around. It’s always nice to be thought of. And to be told and shown that is even better. 

I opened an envelope that had no return address, but I sure knew that hand writing. 

I hope its okay for me to share,
but I just want to bask in the marvelous love given to me.

I pulled out a familiar piece of art; a black & white photo of a sunflower taken by Mi Amor.
He wrote on the back of it and I’m pretty sure I read it 10 times before I sat back, taking a breath. I watched the wind sweep over the trees and listened to my wind-chime’s happiness.
I look once again in the envelope and pulled out a delicate colored leaf.
…ever stop and think what a miracle Autumn is?…
oh Autumn. He knows its my favorite.

Still smiling, I opened my next envelope, addressed from my dear mom.

I pulled out a cute ‘just because’ card.
Then two pictures fell out, I started crying instantly as I caught a glimpse…
My Grandpa Captain & picture when I was just born, the other June 22, 1995.
He was holding me in the first. Gazing down at this bundled little miracle of God. Babies are really quite a miracle…ever stop and think about it?

In the second I was giving him this quirky smile as he sat in “his chair”, wrapping an arm around my waist, happiness growing across his face.

:My mom wrote:
“The enclosed photos remind me that even though you might not remember Grandpa Captain very much, he sure enjoyed you!”

I can’t go one day without feeling love.
I love, love.

Refreshing Tears

I don’t even know where to begin this post…

I absolutely adore and despise the moment when I love someone so much that I don’t even know what to say; I can’t even express with words or actions, to let them know how deeply I care for them.
This happened to me a lot this past weekend.
My dad is building his own solar panel, in his ‘spare time’…psh, he doesn’t have ‘spare time’. He’s the most dedicated man. He never goes half-way on anything. He pours his heart into everything. He’s the coolest person I know.

.Hands Down.

My mom gives me so much and helps me in ways that I didn’t even know I need, but of course ended up needing. 

I cried in front of Mi Amor when I said goodbye, I didn’t know what to say and couldn’t hug him hard enough to let him understand that three little words weren’t enough…I just cried…

I arrived back to Poppins after my first day of 2nd shift at work and my roomies stayed up JUST so they could hug me and see me…I repeat this over and over–I have the best roomies in the world. 

I was alone in the house this morning, as both roomies were off at work//school.
I decided it wasn’t going to be just a ‘mundane’ day. I can’t stand mundane-ness, so I decided to text a friend my challenge for the day.
List 10 things you’re thankful for..

Have you ever experienced the amount of relief and renewal that comes, when you walk on an autumn day and just THANK God for things in your life?

I’m thankful for [[in no particular order]]

  • Jam sessions with friends
  • Candles
  • Scarves
  • Joyful souls
  • Art
  • My froggie slippers
  • Tears of love
  • Sunshine
  • Chapstick
  • My friend whom I texted this challenge


What are you thankful for? 

Little Escape

After a great day in the pharmacy, I came home and went for a bike ride with mi dulce Salvador.
It was sunset, so the lighting was kinda sad for pictures, but perfect for riding.
The air was brilliant.
And the colors of the trees, visually appetizing.
The sky was a comfort.
And the excercise, invigorating. 

Yeah…they turned out NOTHING like the reality of the adventure.