las cosas simples de la vida

las cosas simples de la vida—the simple things in life

Sometimes, it seems like the simplest things make us the happiest. I am a simple person (at least I think so) and I enjoy little things. I like tiny hand-held pieces of handiwork//art//crafts//gifts! Something about the object being tiny, makes it adorable and more meaningful at times. It’s also easier to keep forever, because it can fit in a wooden box for keepsakes. šŸ™‚

~I want to share some of the simple things that I enjoy in my life~

  • Getting the parking spot closest to the cart corral at Wal-Mart
  • Acoustic guitar melodies
  • Keeping fortunes from the Chinese cookies
  • The smell of lemons
  • Elderly couples holding hands
  • Post cards
  • The joyous feeling after helping someone out
  • Cameron’s laugh
  • The smell of rain coming
  • A sunset over the ocean
  • The first marriage kiss
  • Dried flowers (I honestly keep a ton of things given to me)
  • The satisfaction when I save money on things that I do need
  • Hearing the breeze before I feel it
  • Star gazing in a field
  • Picking neat shells off the shore
  • The color of people’s eyes
  • Cuddling
  • Little dark-skinned children smiling

Now, I can go on and on adding to this list, but I won’t. I will leave you to list some simple things that YOU love šŸ™‚ name 5.



I just haven’t found the time to put up a new post! Busy busy.

A while back, my mom had asked me if I had interest in going to WinterJam, I replied, after seeing the bands playing, “Ehh, there aren’t really any that I listen to a lot…so…no”
This past Wednesday, Cameron asked me to go, I replied, “Sure” (or something like that)
It’s amazing the change of heart when he asked me..pahahaha

I am totally glad that I went. I realized after going that my heart was totally in the wrong place when my mom asked me and maybe when Cam asked me too.
It’s not about WHO will beĀ there, it’s about HOW I can praise God and give thanks to Him for all He has done for me.

The bands that lead the oodles of people are wonderful God-lovers and I need to beĀ thankful that I have that opportunityĀ forĀ Spiritual uplifting through them.

My focus has shifted too much towards how amazing the lead guitarist is, or how fantastic of a voice the vocalist has, or the abilities of the band altogether.

God, help me refocus on You and show me how to live for You more than what this Earth has to offer.

Matthew 6:33

But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.

Panama Clothes

Yes, I realize that I have both men and women followers, but this is on some of my progress towards Panama. So, Men…I’m sorry if this bores you. šŸ˜›

Today, I decided that I would get out my collections of skirts and shirts that I’ll be taking with me to Panama!!! To show you what patterns and colors I will be fashioning in the country, here are some pictures!

These, I will wear, along with the various tank tops I already own, as well as a few pairs of shorts.

Most likely in the afternoons when I get back to the house from being at the school, I will pull on a pair of shorts. But, then again, I might turn into a skirt lover.

The weather there is an average of ninety degrees, so therefore…I’ll be sweating profusely. arg.

God has already blessed me with figuring out more of my life, and what will be happening during the remainder of my senior year!!! YAY!

I’m feeling better today, and more accomplished.

~Praise God~


Recently, I have made progress with Panama related things. I have gotten new shirts and skirts in the past few days.
My mom and I are on the hunt for ways to fix up ‘super duper clearance’ items. Yesterday, we got two skirts for under $4, at Goodwill!! That was exciting!

I have found myself realizing that time has flown by so amazingly fast. I cannot believe that I will be graduating in two months. High school is almost dust. YES!
Although, knowing that, I think about how fast Panama is coming and how I need to begin readying myself more.

And oh my word, I have to get out open house//graduation invitations. I am thinking about slipping in a ‘Send Sarah To Panama’ flyer in the envelope as well.

My open house will have a little bit of info about Panama, as well.

This past Friday, my mom had me write a list of things that I need for my open house and that pushed me to begin my ‘running away from procrastination’ stage.

Talking about this, just makes me realize that I’m farther behind that I thought. It just collects and begins piling up higher than I can see, and once I realize that it’s doing that…I am overwhelmed and need to try to conquer this mountain. Oh without the wonderful work of God, I would be in a giant ditch.

God, help me be at ease with all that lies ahead.

Open Passage

Isn’t it awesome that there are no hidden passages in the Bible? Like, everything is laid out for us, it’s open and free for us to read…at least in America.

I am so grateful for my freedom and the way that I can just pick up my Bible at anytime and read out of it, Ā in public even.

Today I’d like to share with you one of my recent random-flipping-through-the-pages-verses, that I found while basking in the happiness of the sunshine.

PSALM 143:8

“Let the morning bring me word of your unfailing love,
for I have put my trust in You.
Show me the way I should go,
for to You I lift up my soul.”


I just love it.

Tragedy & it’s ‘could-be’ effects

It never really came as a big thought to me, but I’ve recently been thinking about death a lot…I mean this not as a dark post, but an uplifting one…just bear with my slow and wandering mind.

My thoughts have targetedĀ deathĀ because

  • A. In Bible study we’ve been talking about the tribulation
  • B. I just recently read “She Said Yes” aboutĀ Cassie Bernall
  • C. Frequent suicides and car crashes that have been in the lives of others around me.

Questions that have come to my attention:

How will I die?
How old will I be?
Where will I be?

It is commonly said, “live life, like you’re dying” “live today to its fullest” “no regrets” and all that jazz…but honestly-how serious do we take those?

We don’t completely think we’ll beĀ that person that dies tomorrow or before age 50, but are we?

Will we be faced with the same question that Cassie had been askedĀ before her death: “Do you believe in God?”
Somebody out there is going to die tomorrow…someone tonight…someone this hour…how creepy is that?
That person could be you…I hateĀ beingĀ a downer, but it’s true.
I’d like you to answer some questions,Ā pertaining toĀ if you died a week from today:

  • How would your behavior change?
  • Would you try your hardest to not get into arguments?
  • If you have a bucket list…would you try to fulfill it?
  • Would you reach out to those hurting?
  • Anything you’d like to add?

I think we all need to think more about how we can improve our lives. Material things are so temporary, why do we Ā spend so much money on them? Most of our lives are so pointless, because we are not focused on the right thing…the right person…

God has a purpose for our lives, and us Christians all have one in common; getting the Word out to unbelievers.

One day Christians chanted in Hebrew, as an interpreter explained. It was a tribute to the country’s martyrs, and the translation ran something like this:
“My death is not my own, but yours, and its significance depends on what you do with it.”

What we do with the martyrs’ deaths give them significance…
Sometimes we just needĀ a realityĀ check; a slap in the face, to put us on the right path so that we can honestly, take no advantage of any day.


I want to include some quotes that I find quite intriguing.

“Somebody should tell us, right at the start of our lives, that we are dying. Then we might live life to the limit, every minute of every day. Do it! I say. Whatever you want to do, do it now! There are only so many tomorrows.”

“If you read history you will find that the Christians who did most for the present world were precisely those who thought most of the next. It is since Christians have largely ceased to think of the other world that they have become so ineffective in this.”

Now the thing is, I’m not terrified of dying, because my Jesus saved me; I will be with Him in Heaven, but others don’t have that same hope that I do.
I need to get out there, so that God can use me to turn the lost hearts to hope-filled lovers.

Sorry if I don’t make too much sense…but this is my recent thoughts and like I said in my first post, ‘I need to get them out’