Been pondering the thought of tattoos, because of finishing the book “Inked”.
I wonder, if I sat at the throne of Christ and gave him a tattoo gun, what He would ink on me; it would be His permanent message to me. In His own way, what I would need to know or be reminded of or to work on, He would create. Would it be a word? a sentence? an object of nature? a scene?

In every way this is what we want most–for God to plainly say “This is what I want you to do, this is a detailed message for your lifetime”

Yeah, yeah, you can preach all you want about how God already says what He wants all believers to do. But, that’s not what I’m talking about, so don’t even go there.
This isn’t about “oh, but He already has told us…”
No-it’s not clear what line of work I should be in to best serve Him or whether I should be here in my city or somewhere else… things that aren’t necessarily needed, but that I just want to know.

I wonder if He’d have so much to tell me that He’d give me a sleeve…


Anchors Aweigh

Beach time…
My schedule has been, work day, beach day, work day, beach day…
how amazingggg is that!?
{{and friends made it even BETTER! then ICE CREAM made it even AWESOMER}} 

It was great to just…BE

I didn’t HAVE to DO, or SAY, I love the beach for that reason. I can just breathe and BE.

Laying on my towel yesterday, hearing the rush of the wind through the trees and the waves crashing upon each other, God just talked.
Like, you know how you don’t have to pursue Him, cause He’s always pursuing you…this was one of those days when I felt that.

Just talking to Him is refreshing…cause there’s always so much on my mind, and Mi Amor couldn’t come to the beach with me to get it out verbally…
I  have found that, in the words of Mattie Montgomery
“We get so wrapped up in doing things FOR God,
we forget to do things WITH God.”

One of my favorite ways to connect with God is enjoying what He created.
That’s just another reason I love traveling-
exploring more and more of what He created me to see.

I’m gonna miss this connection while I’m in Grand Rapids…no bonfires, or millions of fireflies, or vast starry skies.
I’ll have to find some new escapes with Him.

Sometimes, I feel like me working on my heart is a big joke.
Its one of my priorities this summer, even though it should be all the time…but, like at points I can be SO in awe of Christ, and then…other times I get so distracted…and sometimes, its even in the same moment.

This is me; translucent as ever;
These are my anchors:



+desires of travel+



Tomorrow, I am getting a foot tattoo
Anchors Aweigh”
It is a sailor term, meaning that the anchor is being lifted from the sea’s floor.
I’m using it as a reminder for God to strip me of the anchors of my life; those holding me from sailing all the waters He has for me to explore.

Cool things is, even if I feel like a hypocrite and a joke at points,
God still just wants me. He wants my heart despite my anchors.
I really really really just wanna hug Christ sometimes…

Voyage de l’esprit

Rizo is back from France!!!

There’s always something so refreshing about hearing a great international journey.

After making brunch and talking over the past month of events with her, Rizo and I began teaching each other our languages.
Although, my Spanish is absolutely TERRIBLE and I’m basically worse than a two year old, I’m excited to try to bring back all the communication skills I had while in Panama {almost 2 years ago}

I love to hear Rizo speak french. There’s something utterly INTERESTING about it.

At the realization that we are both on the same page, where we both don’t have a lot of baggage, we are just ready to move forward, we were talking about service.
When we’re out in G.R. together, we both want to motivate each other to get involved in service with “the least of these”{the church, community, homeless, etc..}

I’ve had this thought in the back of my head so intensely recently; I want to get another reminder tattoo. I want it to be my own; unique; reflective of myself.
When I’m out in G.R. I know I’ll need reminders to keep my focus on serving Christ. It really means a lot to me to reflect on Jesus’ teaching of
{‘not coming to BE served, but TO serve’}

Mulling over ideas and getting a good solid one that I truly am passionate about is very important.
This is the one that I have now,
{paciencia; patience in Spanish-the first word I REALLY had to learn in Panama}
{αγαπη; Greek for unconditional love-reminding me that it is my choice to love, not based on anything they do, or can do}
{the vines; a spin on an African tribal symbol reflecting trusting God to provide the harvest}
{the compass; utilizing my love for travel and presenting God as the leader and director of my life}
{Treble Cleff (also the ‘south’); my love for music}

\\I love art//

Journal Entry 1998

After buying amazing bookends at my local antique store, I rearranged my shelves.

Yesterday, I was painting with Mi Amor, while brainstorming ideas for a tattoo that is a heritage/lineage/travel/reminder. 
I have some ideas of what I ABSOLUTELY want in it, and some that would be neat to include. I just want a small wrist tattoo–it’ll probably hurt more than my first, but “pain is only temporary”.
So, part of it will be a sail boat and on the sail will have a pipe: representation of both of my grandpas.

I was thinking about it today, of course, and decided to open up my Grandpa’s hope chest that he made me.

I was rummaging through the various memories and found this (chosen excerpts):

 “Sarah’s Journal”
I had a good day. I think about my Grandpa Captain and I feel sad. He died on 2-22-96.
I read to daddy and I made him go to sleep. When I was riding my bike I was going to go by a truck when it was backing out of the drive way. I almost got hit but the truck stopped and the man let me go by.
I ate 2 delicious strawberries from my garden today. I made a potion of flowers, leaves, dirt and sticks.
I went to the library with Mom, Dave & Josh. I watched my library movie
I went to Wal-Mart to get some velcro shoes, but didn’t find any.
I cleaned up my room when there was a big mess.
I fell down today; I slipped on the rug in the entry. I hurt very bad.
I painted the back part of the shed with mommy and Dave.
I went for a bike ride and I stopped to watch a cement truck. The cement went down a slide
I found a tube that had coloring in it, I shouldn’t have touched it because the coloring is hard to get off. I was talking to Josh and I accidentally rubbed it on my forehead. It was bright pink.
I went to the plant farm with mom today, I picked out snap dragons.
I was crying today because I didn’t get to go on Josh’s swing.
I got in trouble by daddy, the big Giant, when I went out of our yard.
I collected feathers and clam shells at the beach.
I sorted some stuffed animals for the children in Mexico who don’t have any.
I played frisbee and frisbee golf with daddy.
I played soccer with Dave after I went to the park.
I want to skip writing in my journal today, because I can’t think of what I did.
I rode my bike through a mud puddle. I saw 2 hummingbirds sucking food out of the feeder. The nectar is sticky.
I went to the Detroit zoo last week. I saw a snake and it had a mouse in its mouth.

My my how time flies