Sweet.Savory.Spiffy Times

A week ago I was in Grand Rapids sportin’ scarves and being captivated by the art presented.
As promised, here are some pictures from my weekend.







.Pizza tasting.

Vegan Cupcake Eating
Pb&J (above)

Chocolate Peanut Butter (above)





Telephone Boothin’ It Up!

Sadly, I didn’t have all the pictures that I wanted to upload to this post, so later on if I ever get those photos, I’ll randomly place them in later posts! 

.I hope you enjoyed my little journey to the city I want to live in someday.


Bon voyage!

My posts will be short and sweet as I will be using my iPod for the updates.
My mom is calm–check
My dad is rested and prepared–check
Teresa is at our house–check
My missionary journal is packed–double-check
Mi amor is by my side–currently processing..

After leaving home we will pick up mi amor and then drive to the shuttle, which will take us to DTW, where we will encounter the usual silliness; metal detectors and goofy people who back up the line with trying to get their over-sized carry on into the overhead compartments…agh I love traveling hahahahaha 🙂

Looking into my passport I realized that I never came back into the United States; my passport didn’t get stamped coming back into Atlanta, Georgia…meh :/ I guess it is sorta lame that my parents have more stamps than I do in their passports. Oh such is life…que sera sera.

We are all pretty awake for the trip, watching some Mister Bean, all of us crying and laughing extremely hard at his goofiness…I love it when my dad laughs 🙂

…until my update from the airport, luego!

Temporary Getaway

Puppy sitting never felt so good.

Here I sit, watching the waves casually move the river around the bend in my temporary escape, while Timber (the dog) relaxes in the grass; our bonding moment.

I should fill you in; I am puppy sitting for three days in this marvelous house. I would have had it all to my own, except I asked my brother to come along because sometimes, well, we just need some bonding. I’ve lost touch with him the last couple of years…it’s really quite sad…

It’s peaceful here.
I can listen to the birds squawk and sing while the wind gently moves my hair and the sun kisses my skin.
The house is an escape in which I am desperate for. I haven’t traveled for a while, which depresses me, but God knows…He knows. He set this up perfectly; a way to relieve this “senior stress” in the last months of my high school years.
I guess it shouldn’t seem this stressful, but I over-analyze everything…so therefore, it’s more so ME making MY LIFE stressful by thinking about the list of things needing be checked off.
Goodness, I just love any place where I am basically by myself and can think with this natural rhythm around me.
Earlier this morning, I went into the library nook on the second level where I scanned the spines of books ,in search of some education or insight. I found  a book which intrigued me enough to keep the morning goose bumps caused from the wind outside off my mind.
The book is about this woman’s travels. The way the words are placed on the pages just make my eyes long for more. I began looking at the table of contents and spotted Fiji. OH BOY! Page 37 here I come!
The sentences combine into a temporary getaway (so I’m now in a getaway of a getaway) where my mind wanders and projects pictures of what I think it might be like there. She uses all our senses to bring the pages to life and I give her five stars for that. *****
I suppose that if could pick my career and could live off of this somehow, I’d choose ‘an island traveler’ (if I couldn’t be a continental one).
I would go hopping from one to the next comparing their similarities and picking their unique characteristics; tasting food, site-seeing, street vending//shopping…I could grasp it all.

Oh if only.

Right now, my career involves a Labradoodle and this lazy river set before me…but that’s alright with me, because I’m only 17 and a giant trip lies ahead of me this coming August. I will enjoy this temporary getaway and peaceful extra long weekend.

Travels Of My Past


So today I decided I would type a list of the states I remember going to. It will help you get to know my love for traveling even more and allow you to enter my life ever deeper.

*Michigan*Wisconsin*Minnesota*North Dakota*South Dakota *Iowa
*Illinois*Indiana*Ohio*New York*Pennsylvania*Connecticut
*Rhode Island*New Jersey *Virginia*Maryland*Kentucky*Tennessee*Alabama
*Colorado*Oregon*Washington*And Canada

Yup, those can all be crossed off my “To Go To” list.
But, that does not mean I will stop going to them 🙂

About 95% of these are from my road trips for various reasons.

Every year, at least twice a year, I go to Minnesota via car, to visit family. I have gone over the Mackinaw Bridge about 70 times. I know..it’s crazy and unbelievable, but true.

One of my dear best friends, Lizzie, takes me along on the trips that her family goes on. She is one of the reasons that I am so in love with traveling, because I get the opportunity to indulge!

We have gone tons of places, but some one my favorites is the East Coast trip we took May 2009. Some of our main hits were Niagara Falls, Newport RI, Boston Mass, Hershey Penn, and New York City, NY.

Our adventures together are just memorable and exciting.
For our trip many years ago, to D.C., we made a quote book, for all the silly things we said on the trip. Ohhhh that was such a wonderful time.

Thanks Lizzie, for always being there for me, through thick and thin. I love you so very very much and I’m glad to know you.


So my amazing friend Miranda posted this on her blog and in return, I’d like to share this awesome idea with you, dear blog-world.

I’m going to answer questions so that you know more about me!

(I’m terribly sorry about the crazy page layout-it won’t let me make it organized for some reason, so bear with me)

Favorite Shoe Brand: Converse && Vans

Favorite Clothes Brand: Honestly, I can’t narrow it down…

Favorite Design Style: Vintage//Antique

Two Favorite Days of the Week and Why: Friday && Saturday
Because I’m always doing something on the weekends and I look forward to cherished time with friends.

If You Could go Anywhere in the World, Where Would You go: Fiji

Favorite Hobby: Traveling && Playing my guitars

Favorite Memory: I have too many…

One Word That Describes You: Joyful (my middle name helps with this)

One of Your Favorite Songs: I can never narrow it down, so here are a few:

*If it means a lot to you by A Day To Remember
*Be My Escape by Relient K
*The Technicolor Phase by Owl City
*Swing Life Away by Rise Against

Favorite School Subject: Spanish

Favorite Season: Summer (because of the freedom it brings)

A Word//Phrase You Use All The Time: Whoot && Amazing (along with a lot of other words I make up)

Favorite Color: Currently: Plum Purple && Spring Green

What Car Have You Always Wanted (that doesn’t cost a soul): Vintage VW Bug

So now that you know more about myself, answer these questions so I can know more about you; my readers! 🙂