Earthy Taste Buds

Homemade Black Bean burgers

Homemade Black Bean burgers

Homemade bread from yesterday

Homemade bread from yesterday


Lunch! {This will eventually be homegrown, when summer busts out my veggie garden!}

Lunch! {This will eventually be homegrown, when summer busts out my veggie garden!}


Rizo-Tastic Days

Homemade Crockpot STOUP! I made it of sweet potato, parsnip, and green beans

Homemade Crockpot STOUP! I made it of sweet potato, parsnip, and green beans

Flours for Rizo's recipe

Flours for Rizo’s recipe

Rizo making her homemade gluten free bread!!! {So many ingredients!}

Rizo making her homemade gluten free bread!!! {So many ingredients!}

You Are Useful

Some of my favorite days to blog are when its snowing heavily outside.
I’m reading this book that Rizo is lending me. Its called “Inked”. 
Well, here are some thoughts for you–whether you actually do it or not, read and ponder the reflections.

  • Abilities; Try not to filter or judge yourself, but simply list your abilities–academic, artistic, athletic, social, etc… This is no time to be humble; list as many as you can.
  • Accomplishments; Have you put yourself through college, started a small business, overcome a fear, learned a second language, had your book published or art bought? Recognize your accomplishments and the energy you’ve put into your work.
  • Experiences; List the experiences that have made a major impact on your life–positive or negative.
  • Gifts; Read 1 Corinthians 12 & Romans 12:6-8. Do any of these verses describe what you think your spiritual gifts might be?
  • Once you’ve written or pondered some of these, take a break-look at what you’ve jotted down. What kind of person is emerging? How do you feel about what you see? What is God trying to showcase about Himself through you?

It might be hard to uplift yourself in the beginning, but don’t belittle yourself, you are worth more than you can imagine. You are beautiful, strong, independent, and capable of what you dream. Press on & reach for your priorities. 


Truly Treasured Trip

Every time I go home, I cannot ever express how much I treasure, and I mean, TRULY treasure my parents. 

I didn’t even touch my dirty clothes hamper. My mom did it all…not that it surprised me, because she always jumps right on it. I just love not worrying about anything while I’m home.

My dad did my taxes {which my new city taxes are no easy feat} and then went right on to change the oil in my car.
Honestly, all I did was provide the information for taxes, the oil & filter for my car…the jobs were accomplished while my mom & I went to the Midianite store.

I always love my outings with her, I feel like since I’ve moved away our friendship has been emphasized more; she’s one special woman.

Her and my dad are truly the most wonderful parents. I could not appreciate them more, of course, I think that every time I travel home and come back being more thankful!
They give so much…

A wonderful lady from their church has a daughter who is a representative for Young Living; a natural wellness company. They focus on oils, but have variety of other forms of herbals.
She was kind enough to let me use up her time so she could help me.
She hooked me up to a finger scanner that connects to her computer. Somehow it reads my vital signs and lets her know how far from target I am. She saw what problems I had and accurately checked products that could help, then reran the program and it ‘tested’ me again as if I had been on those products. We saw changes that made put me from 70 away from target to 7.
Its a hard thing to explain, but an amazing program. It doesn’t want to ‘band-aid’ the problems, it wants to drive it out of your system and then sustain wellness.

Now, my mom is so beautiful and loving that she paid for my products.
I can’t ever thank her and my dad enough for being responsible with their money so that they can give & give & give.
Over my daddy’s birthday dinner he told me about how he’s going to teach a stewardship class in Panama.
He told me about charting ‘needs’ ‘usefulness’ & ‘luxury’.
Things we have can be useful, even if we don’t need them. The basic line is–live to invest in the kingdom. God can use whatever for His glory. He’ll supply your needs then give Him the rest and you can be assured that you’ll be rewarded for your faithfulness.

The lady from church gave me some of her oils to start me off.
Her daughter, used her passion for natural wellness to help my skin problems.
My mom was there for me through finances & wanting to get her girl kick-started into better health.
My dad was there to save me money by being my tax pro & mechanic.

I am SO loved

Mi Amor & I got to celebrate Valentine’s Day & his birthday at the brewery where we’ve gone for each of our February 14th together. This man loves me through so many ways, he doesn’t even realize how much he does for me through every day events.

All-in-all…best weekend home yet.

Coming home to my girl Rizo & our friend was wonderful. I love coming back to Poppins when people are here. I taught Rizo how to make homemade granola after I slept solid for the first time in almost two weeks.

Flowers & homemade card from Mi Amor, who surprised me at work on Valentine's Day! He got to see the pharmacy and meet some of my co-workers. He spent my half-hour break giving me a hand massage.

Flowers & homemade card from Mi Amor, who surprised me at work on Valentine’s Day! He got to see the pharmacy and meet some of my co-workers. He spent my half-hour break giving me a hand massage.

Dressed up for our Brewery outing to celebrate Valentine's & his 21st!

Dressed up for our Brewery outing to celebrate Valentine’s & his 21st!

Cultural Cinnamon Apple Crisp

My skin is driving me nuts. 

I’m putting on this “MonkeyBalm” specialty stuff my mom got me, I’ve put on Vasoline, fragrance-free lotion, put socks on, gloves on….and even after days of trying all those different things, my hands look terrible and are itchier than ever before. 

I’m drinking this detox bentonite clay in the morning to see if it’ll pull the irritation out. 

My lips are cracking and getting irritated by something too. I haven’t been eating large quantities of the same thing. My meals have been varieties of fruit, veg, seeds, homemade bread, etc…

In order to cheer up my morning, I am making homemade apple crisp for my coworkers tonight. There’s an Indian man who delivers meds to us at night and one night I was asking him about his favorite foods. He told me he would bring it on Wednesday night so I could eat it! I told him I would bring a dessert treat for him before then. 

Tonight I’m going to ask for sure, but I think that his beliefs on vegetarianism are based on reincarnation. So, if you eat meat, you could possibly be eating your ancestor. Although, if that may be his belief, I wonder why eating eggs is not okay? Eggs, unless fertilized will not produce a chick. Therefore, it would be similar to eating the dairy products of goats, cows, and sheep, which he does consume. 

Cultures interest me. 

I’m broadening my perspective and I feel it changing me…God can use this.


Apples tossed in honey, cinnamon & maple syrup
Flour, leftover crumbs at the bottom of the maple/brownsugar & chocolate mini wheat cereals, oats, brown sugar. 
cut in butter
sprinkle over top of apples
Bake 375 for 35min. 

devour your delightful creation













Spontaneity Soup

Snow continues to keep me inside, looking at its enchanting dance through the sky.

I made tortilla soup today. I really love how much Rizo appreciates my minimalist cooking. Wanna know the best way to make me feel loved?

Feedback; Words of Affirmation.

I have been showered with them through all the hardships lately.

Soup makes me stop, ponder, and enjoy little things.

Here is my spontaneous soup.

  • I put some chicken stock in with some V8 juice for the base
  • Yellow Onion
  • I shaved some of the jalapeno that I froze from the farmers market last fall
  • Corn
  • Red Kidney Beans
  • Spices {whatever mexican style flavors you have!}
  • Corn Tortilla

Heat it up & enjoy—SO DELISH! Flavor bursting with every spoonful.