Too Far Gone

Had I remembered my camera, I would have taken pictures of all the various dishes I’ve made and the marvelous happenings of the week.

Basically, I’m striving for the understanding of well-rounded vegetarian meals and how to be four stars in flavor.

What has taken priority over blogging:
working out, making delicious food, learning to swing dance with Mi Amor, gardening, reading, and trying to knock out some lists for the wedding.

Yeah–lots of stuff; too much work & no sleep–but my life is awesome.

FINALLY Rizo is coming back from Europe! She has been in Scotland and Ireland, which makes for some great blog posts to read, but man oh man do I miss her.

{The hardest part about not blogging for a while is that there’s so much to tell you just can’t really write a great blog post…so take this as my “I’m going to get back to regularly blogging, but today I need to do other stuff”}

Flowers picked, swim suit on, sun out, crafting half-completed, tired eyes and a napping spot outside…


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