It Was Always Said She’d Be There

For as long as I can remember, she and I have known each other.
From using stick on earrings, clip-ons, then up to her piercing her own ears; we always went through transitions with each other. 

I learned her habits, her laugh, her workmanship with food, and many other traits. We taught each other as we grew up. She and I have always had a bond of some sort, a piece of life that glued us together as sisters. 

We’ve had our share of distances and have realized our differences.
She is meat and potatoes, I am fruit and veggies
We both love cheese
She is swedish fish and kool-aid, I am chocolate pretzels and orange juice
We both love salt&vinegar chips
She is heels and hoops, I am barefeet and scarves
We both love tennis shoes
She is hair and nails, I am herbs and medicines

I could go on and on about how opposite we are. There are things that we’ve complimented each other with and things that we share in. We both love being outside in the sun, especially at the beach. I have so many memories laughing and being CRAZY with the camera. We love going on walks and biking. She is always up for a getaway and a little adventure down the road. We love late-night drives with the windows down and having picnics under the stars.

I have loved her like my own sister for as long as I remember. Our downfalls have been rough and hard, but our past sisterhood has helped our future friendship.

These are just some of the stories I have in our novel of friendship; only some of the reasons I chose her as my bridesmaid.


Who Knew She’d be my Bridesmaid?

My next bridesmaid is one of my frousins! 

She is a marvelous young woman who loves her friends and stays true to them. She is a quirky and funny young woman, who always makes me laugh when I’m with her. I’ve been blessed to have her in my life. 

She shares in the love of deep thinking. She has honored me by asking my thoughts in various texting conversations and messages over facebook. 

I have loved going on trips with her to Mackinaw Island, Traverse City, and even just drives to each other’s houses.

We have shared sweat and laughter every family reunion over the hot summers. I smile when I think of us jammin’ out on guitar hero, jumping on the air mattresses late at night in the tent, running up the big hill on Columbiaville in the heat of the day, and going on a bear hunt with our cousins and uncle. 

We have memories of taking turns beating levels on super mario bros. while yelling in defeat when we can’t pass the lava and fire to  save the princess.

These are just some of the stories I have in our novel of friendship; only some of the reasons I chose her as my bridesmaid.

Bridesmaid and Frousin

The fourth post in my bridesmaid series is about my cousin and friend; she is my frousin.

Being the youngest cousin on my dad’s side, she has always been special. I have so many memories with her and don’t even know where to begin…

We started out our years of friendship surrounded by animals and the imaginations to turn us into them. Pretending like we were dogs was a tradition over the family reunions every fourth of July. Games were instilled in our genes so we played scrabble, bocci ball, hid from the Alligator Lady (our aunt) and as we got older; rain on the roof, mario kart, and mario party. 

The days were never long enough each time we’ve seen each other. She and I share similar styles, interests, and passions; earthy elements, travel, missions, creativity, scarves and the beach. 

We both see the beauty of simple life, like living out of a suitcase.

We have been on a road-trip that was over the terrains of Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, Colorado, South Dakota, North Dakota, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. 

We have jumped off our cousin’s boat, pulled all-nighters, knocked-out a gazillion koopa troopers, eaten too many bags of twizzlers, and walked a million foot-steps. 

She loves to love life.  Smiles and laughter are the base beginnings of her insanity and adventurous times. She is looked-up to by a lot of people, especially those closest to her. She has spent many days serving at a summer camp and has always been involved in church. 

I just can’t underestimate the influence she has, even on me. Her passion for Christ is evident when you look at the trail of bread crumbs behind her…more like twizzlers, but you get the picture. 

These are just some of the stories I have in our novel of friendship; only some of the reasons I chose her as my bridesmaid.

A Bridesmaid Tale

Continuing on with my series of posts about my bridesmaids, I sit, thankful for these women in my life. 

God blessed me with her years ago. We were in a choir class together and sang next to each other. We were in a few other classes such as English Lit, karate, and band. 

She has a special talent for sewing and is making her dress. She will be the bridge to all the maidens, as I am letting them choose their own dresses within the color code criteria. 

She’s a fun character who is dating Mi Amor’s brother. We used to call each other ‘girlfriend-in-laws’ and when I got engaged she said, “We’re gonna have to come up with a new name for us!” 

Her gentle and feminine spirit balances her outdoorsy, hunting, and quirky side. 

She loves coffee, art, flowers, and laughing. 

Her studies bring her into the compassionate realm of nursing. I have no doubt in my mind that she’ll be a fabulous one, her sweet soul, and gentle voice will take her far in this career. 
I work in a hospital, and I know how many nurses need to take classes from her–she’s gonna be great and outstanding in her field. She’ll exceed the norm and heal many. 

We have roughed it together for a week without proper showers at Cornerstone’s last week-long metal concert. 
{I was so proud of her}

She has a great voice and sings with her beautiful sisters. 

Man, I could just keep talking about her, she really is an amazing woman. 
Her love for Christ shines and she inspires my walk when I look at her dedication to Him. 

These are just some of the stories I have in our novel of friendship; only some of the reasons I chose her as my bridesmaid.

My Matron of Honor

Part II of my series. 
I’m proud to introduce my sister-in-law.

She has been my close friend since I was 12, we became best friends as time permitted and our one hour commute hindered us not.

Life changed dramatically for me as I entered this friendship. I got more girly, learned more about writing and drawing and biblical femininity. 

We were a very opposite pair, her loving the glitz and glam while I was the earthy mud-seeker. We balanced each other pretty well and I cannot express how very thankful I am for her. 

My adventurous soul was fed; 
We went on so many trips together. 
Her dad loves to get away when he has time off so he’s fueled a lot of our getaways. 

From Niagara to Tennessee, from D.C. to the Kalahari. 
We’ve experienced walking around the Boston Harbor while eating clam chowder in bread bowls, standing under The Bean, going to the top of the needle in Canada, getting Starbucks in Times Square, getting roses tossed at us from windows. 
We’ve gone to concerts and dressed up just to make popcorn.
She’s hopped along for road trips to Minnesota and has gone a couple thousand miles from Michigan to Colorado up to North Dakota, pit stops in Minneapolis and back home.
We’ve eaten reindeer dogs and helped with sled dog races. 
We have toured mansions and viewed the sights of the Smokies. 
We have reenacted the “Somewhere In Time” beach scene at Mackinac Island and quoted movies in every sentence.
We have spent weeks at camp together and grown in the Lord together. 
Baked in the hot tub while chewing on icicles and dressed up like pirates for midnight movies. 

I could reminisce forever…

My, oh my, how much I’ve been blessed by this beautiful woman. 

She’s been an inspiration and an encouragement. We share so much that our hearts are tied together forever. We don’t see each other even HALF as much as we used to, because she has moved to North Dakota, but now she’s my SISTER! 

These are just some of the stories I have in our novel of friendship; only some of the reasons I chose her as my matron of honor. 

My Maid Of Honor

I, in the midst of gardening with Mi Amor, realized what a great little blog series it would be to talk about my bridesmaids one-by-one.

My maid of honor is my childhood best friend. We have known each other since soccer at age five. Upon participating in a music class, unbeknown to each other, we spotted one another and it bonded us even more…especially once we found we had the same name.

Seasons of soccer passed, years of music classes, creating adventures with our Russ animals, utilizing our imaginations as if we could create a career out of it. We lived a half-mile from each other so we hung out day after day. As high school hit, we somehow detached from each other’s lives-a tragedy indeed.

After we entered college-age years we reconnected as if nothing had hindered us, like perennial flowers expected to come up after a frozen winter. 

In January of 2012 we were skyping and she asked me to move out and get a house with her…this question forever changed my life.
We began dreaming and imagining the beauty our lives could hold. Sure enough, because of her, I chose to quit my job and move out in August of 2012. God took care of me and blessed me with a fabulous job in a hospital pharmacy, but more importantly, He kept us together. 

By the end of August, we were both employed and she was headed back to school. Our adventurous first month of freedom was incredible, I learned about the “older her”. I had known her so deeply as a child, that with all the changes high school brings, we were affected and maturing and different now. 

It has now been nine months that I have lived with my dearest childhood bestie. I can’t even imagine my life without her now…she has effected me in ways that have altered my path. 

I have gotten to know a most incredible woman. I love asking her to enlighten me with her thoughts…she has such a great mind. The ponderings of her heart are the most beautiful representations of how God influences us. I treasure my moments with her on walks and waking up in the morning chit-chatting over breakfast. I smile at the thought of our two-mile drives, which turned out to be the most memorable…we always make up our own songs and speak in funny accents.
We share the love of travel and excitement. We are suckers for frozen yogurt, spontaneous events, and movies. Our love for antique and vintage knickknacks is apparent in her earrings and my clothes. Our love for the world has brought us to speaking other languages just for fun.     

She is more than her thoughts and passions though. I remember stalking her pictures back in high school being envious of her natural beauty. Her hair holds glorious curls and her eyes as adventurous and full of life, just like a child. She doesn’t need makeup–and I’m glad she doesn’t wear it much. The beauty that God etched into her heart shines so incredibly on her face. Her smile makes me do the same, and she has cute dimples! 

These are just some of the stories I have in our novel of friendship; only some of the reasons I chose her as my maid of honor. 

Chipmunk Lands

lost all my wisdom–

All four holders of it.

here I am, Miss Chipmunk Cheeks,

soaking her feet with her mummy & Amor.

Candles lit, music playing,

Day 2 of sitting on the couch, movie marathons, smoothies & protein shakes.

Looking forward to getting out & about tomorrow, but sadly it’ll probably be the puffiest day!

My mummsie is the best,

bringing treats from home, spoiling me with love.

yup, even in the midst of the storm,

I am showered with love.

No umbrellas for me–

It’s amazing how a simple presence can help a recovery.

Misery loves company.