The Morning Mango


The morning sun illuminates my breakfast while I write letters today.
{{kefir (half almond milk kefir half cows milk kefir) mango with the healthy skins on and two gluten free homemade muffins gifted from a friend back home}}

We have had a WHIRLWIND of a week.
I know our life is crazy blessed when we have so many gatherings and fun times throughout the week that we can’t even give highlights..

Yesterday though, was marvelous and I’ll choose that as our highlight.

Mama & Papa, Mom & Dad & Brothers, Gram & Gramp K, Hoeve Fam, Gram & Gramp T, and Us… One big gathering, a whole lotta food.
Everybody brought marvelous, delicious treats and sides and wow were we ever blessed with the most gorgeous of days–75 and pure sun.
Grilled burgers from the happy cow of our friend back on the east side,
cooked ham,
there was pasta salad, roasted beet & quinoa salad (topped with oranges), cauliflower mash, buffalo cauliflower, fruit and veggies, kale pesto, jello delight (fruit and nuts mixed in), and for dessert: decadent brownies, cinnamon rolls, baget (dutch treat), and rum cake.
Drink up some pomegranate, pineapple punch and sit in the sun  with your family!

Counting my blessings this morning as I am faced with reality once again; the love that has been wrapped around Mi Amor and I is so unique and such an undeserved gift.


Picasso and Pancakes

DSCN7844 An autumn date, last Saturday, with Mi Amor. We started off with Wolfgang’s for brunch—Tirmisu Pancakes were eaten after we indulged in an fabulous mexican-style omelet.
DSCN7845 As you can see, it was delicious.

Rye bread on the side, which we did eat all of—no boxes for us!! We headed off to Naked Plates for a pottery afternoon. We painted contemporary-style mugs with Picasso inspired art work, in honor of his birthday!

The food held us over until we went to grandma and grandpa’s for munchies and cider. I met a bunch of grandma’s side of the family (relatives who hadn’t seen Cameron since he was a little lad) I was glad to meet them as a part of their family.



So very much has happened since I last blogged, since we’ve been so incredibly filled with work and school. I have treasured my time away from the computer very much, I must say. heeehee!

Hopefully this will get me back into the blogging mode! After all, it is autumn!

Leap Frog Sickness

Saturday, my wonderful husband took family and friends out for a five mile loop, viewing the last weekend of ArtPrize. I, of course had already planned to have a delicious brunch waiting for their arrival in the morning, but throughout Friday night, I was sick…

SO, I stayed in bed to sleep the afternoon away and stay horizontal. Every time I got up, my stomach was just qweezy and I felt nauseous, so it was nice to have the pressure off me as my husband took the reigns on the day.

This is true love when you’re sick:
My husband got up and biked his beautiful self to the store to buy me Vernors…and oh dear heavens how that changed my day. 
That act alone was so meaningful to me. 

That night I was able to hang out and socialize without being a TOTAL drag.

Sunday morning I felt healed except for easing my tummy back into food. 
The entire day was incredible, it was one day that was seriously just Mi Amor and I. 

Anyways, the next day {today} he came home from work early, feeling ill….ohhh dear…

I am sitting here in bed with him, wondering how it is possible for me to love him as much as I should…

Time is really important as his love language, so I think me just being here is a great act of love for him…but I wish there was something I could whip up to make him feel good, or at least lighten him. 

I think that’s a really neat thing about marriage; I am compelled to witness his life and notice his needs. I am compelled to run to him for safety and encouragement. I am challenged daily to choose him and not me. 
A beautiful struggle.


I, Sarah, take you, Cameron, to be my husband, my constant friend, and my love from this day forward.



I promise to walk with you in the good times and the bad, through the sunshine and the storm.



I choose to give of myself despite what I receive in return, to put your needs above my own.




I devote myself to faithfully stand by your side.




I commit to loving you to the end of my days, for as long as I live.


How 130 Days Will Be Enough

So Mi Amor and I got engaged on March 26th and are getting married August 3rd.
.130 days of being his fiancé.

A lot of couples have engagements lasting one year or longer, and even though I see myself as an open-minded person, I have no idea why it needs to take that long.

If you have kids or are finishing school, I suppose I can understand that…

So how do we plan a wedding in 130 days?
Well, on the engagement day we took my ring back to Jared’s to get it re-sized. {he was only half a size off!}
We then went to dinner before picking it up {I only had to go about 2 hours without it on my hand}

While at dinner, {Little Bankok-great thai restaurant!}
I asked Mi Amor what he had already been thinking {and of course, because I’m the girl, this stuff has been on my mind a while}
He instantly said, “August 3rd, I’ve got our honeymoon set up already”
I smiled and said, “Alrighty then, easiest decision we’ve ever made.”

We wrote down on a piece of paper our priorities:

  • People-invite anybody who has ever played a part in our lives. No people will be cut because ‘we can’t afford them’
  • Fun-don’t be traditional or think ‘we have to do it this way because that’s what people do’ {be unique and personalize our wedding}
  • D.I.Y.-we will make as much stuff as we can by utilizing our creative resources–keep the budget low

So with those priorities, we began the outline.

Bridesmaids and Groomsmen
Flower girl and Lady of the rings
Master and Matron of ceremonies
Music {ceremony & reception}

Now, ending on that last one and pairing it up with our first priority…
I want our wedding to be budget friendly too.
How do these two work together? Afternoon wedding!!!
Snack reception

BAM–one hour and we had so much figured out.

It really helped that we were on the same page with a lot of stuff.

Tuesday we were engaged, Saturday we went home for a visit to my parents for my mom’s birthday and Resurrection weekend. It was in this time that we had engagement pictures taken by a good friend.

We had so much fun and I adore our friend so neither of us were uncomfortable. It was so amazing-I didn’t want the pictures to end, but sunset happened and light disappeared.

We checked out a venue on saturday afternoon as well. We chose our reception place and kept the ceremony spot in mind.
On Monday, we  decided to go with that setting because our other choice would be more expensive and not as accommodating.
As well, on Monday  we were surprised by our photographer who said he got the pictures edited!
{He’s the BEST!}

We utilized some shutterfly points to make our invites and keep with the casual summery feel.

Now, we’re just waiting on addresses and guests to be able to send them out.
Has it really only been nine days????

An Engagement Trek

The Day It All Changed

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

His Enchantment

He gave me spring before it was even here. 

Cameron got out of work early and had picked me up for a surpise date–which turned out to be the Frederick Meijer Gardens.
We updated each other on our lives, because he had gone back to his parent’s house for the weekend. {which was when he went to ask my dad’s permission and blessing}
At this point, the sky was overcast and gloomy.
We walked the butterfly gardens, spotted our favorites, laughed and turned into big kids. I really needed the refreshment of this ‘indoor spring’ to brighten my spirits. It rejuvinated me and I was having a great time. I was enchanted by the butterflies and flowers, and of course, being with my best friend completed it all. 

Cameron suggested we take a walk outside to the children’s sculpture park.
At this point, the clouds were still heavy with gray.
We climbed on the tree house and read the plaques, listening for birds and reading about the trees…he made me laugh and smile so much…

Cameron lead me down the boardwalk where we paused to overlook the frozen water, suddenly the sun shone brightly for a window of about ten minutes.
He, of course, took the opportunity to say, “Sarah, I have a question for you.”
I was in a day dreaming moment with my eyes closed, face to the sun, “Mmmhmm” I responded.
{We always play the question game, so I didn’t think anything of it}
“It’s a big one…”
He dropped to one knee and I was tearing up and smiling so much I couldn’t see.
“Sarah, Will you marry me?”

I was already having a perfect day because he practically handed me spring and now this?!
I took his face in my hands and responded, “Every day of my life; yes”

I then spent the next five minutes laughing and saying, “Really!?” “No Way…” “Are you serious?!”

The sky then returned to gloom, it snowed huge flakes, and began hailing by the time we got to the car. God’s surely got His hand in this.
I am convinced that ten minutes of sunshine was for our moment.

Even as I type this, it seems like I’m just that little girl, planning her dream wedding.
In all reality, I can’t believe he chose me. 

Truly Treasured Trip

Every time I go home, I cannot ever express how much I treasure, and I mean, TRULY treasure my parents. 

I didn’t even touch my dirty clothes hamper. My mom did it all…not that it surprised me, because she always jumps right on it. I just love not worrying about anything while I’m home.

My dad did my taxes {which my new city taxes are no easy feat} and then went right on to change the oil in my car.
Honestly, all I did was provide the information for taxes, the oil & filter for my car…the jobs were accomplished while my mom & I went to the Midianite store.

I always love my outings with her, I feel like since I’ve moved away our friendship has been emphasized more; she’s one special woman.

Her and my dad are truly the most wonderful parents. I could not appreciate them more, of course, I think that every time I travel home and come back being more thankful!
They give so much…

A wonderful lady from their church has a daughter who is a representative for Young Living; a natural wellness company. They focus on oils, but have variety of other forms of herbals.
She was kind enough to let me use up her time so she could help me.
She hooked me up to a finger scanner that connects to her computer. Somehow it reads my vital signs and lets her know how far from target I am. She saw what problems I had and accurately checked products that could help, then reran the program and it ‘tested’ me again as if I had been on those products. We saw changes that made put me from 70 away from target to 7.
Its a hard thing to explain, but an amazing program. It doesn’t want to ‘band-aid’ the problems, it wants to drive it out of your system and then sustain wellness.

Now, my mom is so beautiful and loving that she paid for my products.
I can’t ever thank her and my dad enough for being responsible with their money so that they can give & give & give.
Over my daddy’s birthday dinner he told me about how he’s going to teach a stewardship class in Panama.
He told me about charting ‘needs’ ‘usefulness’ & ‘luxury’.
Things we have can be useful, even if we don’t need them. The basic line is–live to invest in the kingdom. God can use whatever for His glory. He’ll supply your needs then give Him the rest and you can be assured that you’ll be rewarded for your faithfulness.

The lady from church gave me some of her oils to start me off.
Her daughter, used her passion for natural wellness to help my skin problems.
My mom was there for me through finances & wanting to get her girl kick-started into better health.
My dad was there to save me money by being my tax pro & mechanic.

I am SO loved

Mi Amor & I got to celebrate Valentine’s Day & his birthday at the brewery where we’ve gone for each of our February 14th together. This man loves me through so many ways, he doesn’t even realize how much he does for me through every day events.

All-in-all…best weekend home yet.

Coming home to my girl Rizo & our friend was wonderful. I love coming back to Poppins when people are here. I taught Rizo how to make homemade granola after I slept solid for the first time in almost two weeks.

Flowers & homemade card from Mi Amor, who surprised me at work on Valentine's Day! He got to see the pharmacy and meet some of my co-workers. He spent my half-hour break giving me a hand massage.

Flowers & homemade card from Mi Amor, who surprised me at work on Valentine’s Day! He got to see the pharmacy and meet some of my co-workers. He spent my half-hour break giving me a hand massage.

Dressed up for our Brewery outing to celebrate Valentine's & his 21st!

Dressed up for our Brewery outing to celebrate Valentine’s & his 21st!

Chipmunk Lands

lost all my wisdom–

All four holders of it.

here I am, Miss Chipmunk Cheeks,

soaking her feet with her mummy & Amor.

Candles lit, music playing,

Day 2 of sitting on the couch, movie marathons, smoothies & protein shakes.

Looking forward to getting out & about tomorrow, but sadly it’ll probably be the puffiest day!

My mummsie is the best,

bringing treats from home, spoiling me with love.

yup, even in the midst of the storm,

I am showered with love.

No umbrellas for me–

It’s amazing how a simple presence can help a recovery.

Misery loves company.