Coffee Shoppe Pondering

Can i just say that if I didn’t have time to pick flowers, cook, and sit in a coffee shop, I might go mad?

I love being busy, but I need this moment of calm. Yesterday I picked five bouquets of peonies, made stuffed peppers, and today I’m meeting up with a friend for coffee.

My body needs this. Coffee shoppes are enchanting and just make you want to stop and ponder life.

The photo session with our wedding photographer went amazing. I loved being able to pause and love Cameron while Ashley captured the moments and we got to catch up.

We were overwhelmed by gifts at our first shower. I mean, OVERWHELMED. You know how if you put a dollar in a jar a day, you’ll end up with $365 in one year, but yet, at the time of your placing the bill in the jar, it doesn’t seem like a big deal? It was like that. Even though times are tough, people just gave and gave, and in the end, all those people pooled together the biggest mound of gifts I’ve ever seen.

God is so good to Mi Amor & I.

His blessings are new every morning and He has placed beautiful people in our lives.

I can’t believe how overwhelmed I am. I cried driving back from home on Sunday after our photo shoot. It was probably also probed by the fact that I was tired and worn, emotionally drained, and stressed. But, I cried in awe of the blessings that together, Mi Amor and I have.

We’re house hunting still.

I’ve checked out many places and met many wonderful people, but none that are “the one”. I’ve been tugged into thinking I should make a rash decision, trapped myself into thinking we solidly had a house, and drained myself of the craigslist page.

Thank God for flowers, my fiance, family, and friends who help me get through every day.


Flowers, Plaid, and A Frozen Yogurt Bet

Tulip Time

Tulip Time

DSCN7007 DSCN7011

Mi Amor's cousin and the doggie!

Mi Amor’s cousin and the doggie!

Always lots of dancers

Always lots of dancers

The ending bow

The ending bow


WhiteCaps! My first baseball game!

WhiteCaps! My first baseball game!

DSCN7029 DSCN7030

Off to Grand Haven

Off to Grand Haven

DSCN7035 DSCN7037

I told Cameron to go under (p.s. water was ICE CUBE TEMP)  he said, "What would you give me?" I said, "I'll buy you Frozen Yogurt"  He said, "Okay" Walked out about ten yards, dove under, came back with a smile on his face.

I told Cameron to go under (p.s. water was ICE CUBE TEMP)
he said, “What would you give me?” I said, “I’ll buy you Frozen Yogurt”
He said, “Okay”
Walked out about ten yards, dove under, came back with a smile on his face.

His victory of the frozen yogurt bet.

His victory of the frozen yogurt bet.

An Engagement Trek

The Day It All Changed

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

His Enchantment

He gave me spring before it was even here. 

Cameron got out of work early and had picked me up for a surpise date–which turned out to be the Frederick Meijer Gardens.
We updated each other on our lives, because he had gone back to his parent’s house for the weekend. {which was when he went to ask my dad’s permission and blessing}
At this point, the sky was overcast and gloomy.
We walked the butterfly gardens, spotted our favorites, laughed and turned into big kids. I really needed the refreshment of this ‘indoor spring’ to brighten my spirits. It rejuvinated me and I was having a great time. I was enchanted by the butterflies and flowers, and of course, being with my best friend completed it all. 

Cameron suggested we take a walk outside to the children’s sculpture park.
At this point, the clouds were still heavy with gray.
We climbed on the tree house and read the plaques, listening for birds and reading about the trees…he made me laugh and smile so much…

Cameron lead me down the boardwalk where we paused to overlook the frozen water, suddenly the sun shone brightly for a window of about ten minutes.
He, of course, took the opportunity to say, “Sarah, I have a question for you.”
I was in a day dreaming moment with my eyes closed, face to the sun, “Mmmhmm” I responded.
{We always play the question game, so I didn’t think anything of it}
“It’s a big one…”
He dropped to one knee and I was tearing up and smiling so much I couldn’t see.
“Sarah, Will you marry me?”

I was already having a perfect day because he practically handed me spring and now this?!
I took his face in my hands and responded, “Every day of my life; yes”

I then spent the next five minutes laughing and saying, “Really!?” “No Way…” “Are you serious?!”

The sky then returned to gloom, it snowed huge flakes, and began hailing by the time we got to the car. God’s surely got His hand in this.
I am convinced that ten minutes of sunshine was for our moment.

Even as I type this, it seems like I’m just that little girl, planning her dream wedding.
In all reality, I can’t believe he chose me. 

Flowers Fix Everything

It’s another day to yet again, be a bum. Winter–you pain me. 

What a difference it makes when there’s not people around. Growing up, my parents or brother were always around. It makes me depressed to be alone. I’m energized by people and to have my mornings to myself to just goof off can be nice, but after a while, it gets lonely.
Summer will fix that.
My hands have  seen improvement since I’ve been able to put my oil and beeswax cream on at night, then put socks over my hands to keep the moisture in. I know that its definitely dry-induced because of dry Poppins, dry pharmacy, and Mi Amor’s house is heated by a wood fireplace {dry}.
Summer will fix that.
Annoyance: getting up EARLIER than 6a.m. to scrape off my car and get to my newly assigned parking spot that’s even FARTHER down the block from the pharmacy. 
Summer will fix the time consumption of that.
I’m getting bored of workout videos
Summer will fix that–running here I come!
I miss painting outside in the sunshine
Summer will fix that.
I’ve planned a garden at Mi Amor’s with a ‘buddy-system’ planting, so that it flourishes and the veggies help each other keep away pests. We’ll be planting cucumber, zucchini, tomato, various peppers, broccoli, garlic, lettuce, carrots, and more!
In Summer I’ll be eating that.

As soon as the flowers come, I know it’ll be okay and I’ll get outta this depression slump. For now, blogging & crafting will have to suffice.

Come fast my little flowers, I’m waiting on you.

I think that nature has always helped heal my soul. I see God so much clearer in summer. He speaks clearer, or my ears are more open when I’m on walks, laying on the beach, running, biking, gardening, painting on my porch, or working on projects in the heat of the day.

Cooking {as you know} is one of my favorite ways to ‘get away’. I love to be in the kitchen. Its gonna be so great to have all those fresh veggies from the garden to shape my recipes.

Yup–spring can be here soon!!!


Blooming Art


Porch before my gardening hands went wild

some plants from home and some I bought at Romence Gardens one mile away


A couple of tins and a bucket for planting…


Corner of my cement patio outside my bedroom. Aloe plant and two orchids


Bucket arrangement, couple o’ vines and a yellow begonia!


2 hanging pots, wind chime, basil, oregano, thyme, moss rose, two ‘step on me’ succulents, and a vine.. I later added a mosaic to incorporate some of Mi Amor’s art!


Sonrisa came home and LOVED it.
{I always enjoy her encouraging words}
I’m looking forward to the friendship that will bloom side-by-side with these flowers.

Matisyahu & Flor

See my beautiful flowers from the farmer’s market??
I woke up early this morning to hit the street and see what adventure I could have.
I am having Mi amor, both sets of his grandparents, and possibly four friends come over, but for certain the first five.

I saw GREAT deals on buying fresh, home-grown, local, fruit & veg. There were even people who sold pizza crusts, bread, cheese, meat, and crafts.

I had way too much fun just walking.

I was amazed by the age range too.
Some 13 year old boy was running a cherry stand, “Good morning, how are ya?”

…yes, I was fully impressed…but didn’t buy cherries.

I gotta budget my money while I have the ability to start good habits.

Anyways, I was so excited about my flowers!!

I set up the kitchen yesterday!

I can’t wait until Rizo gets back and we start baking bread and put our flours in my strawberry pots (on the right side of the counter)
{my sweet buy from four years ago or so}

Living room!

Gladioli bouquet from Sonrisa’s man, when she was having a sad day.
{how precious!}

And my new addition to my room
{my antique bargain}
the one on the right is of Northern Europe (Norway, Sweden, Finland, Poland, a bit of Russia and Germany)
The one on the left, the Atlantic Ocean, touching North, Central, South Americas, Africa, and Europe, up to Greenland & Iceland.

Another sweet thing that happened to me yesterday was my landlord came and made a custom screen for my window and to thank him, I later walked over and gave him a dish of blueberries that my mom and I picked back home.
He invited me in and I sat and talked with him and his grandson a bit,
he’s all for my ideas about sprucing up the place with some flowers.
I tried going to a greenhouse today, but sadly, they were closed ://
I received a BEAUTIFUL tomato as our talk of gardening progressed.

Another hot day is in toll,
but with the Matisyahu concert tonight bringing friends and Mi Amor, I’m gonna have a fabulous time.