Saturdays of Sunshine

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A beautiful Saturday in the life of our marriage.
Ending the night with wine and art—two very lovely things.


Picasso and Pancakes

DSCN7844 An autumn date, last Saturday, with Mi Amor. We started off with Wolfgang’s for brunch—Tirmisu Pancakes were eaten after we indulged in an fabulous mexican-style omelet.
DSCN7845 As you can see, it was delicious.

Rye bread on the side, which we did eat all of—no boxes for us!! We headed off to Naked Plates for a pottery afternoon. We painted contemporary-style mugs with Picasso inspired art work, in honor of his birthday!

The food held us over until we went to grandma and grandpa’s for munchies and cider. I met a bunch of grandma’s side of the family (relatives who hadn’t seen Cameron since he was a little lad) I was glad to meet them as a part of their family.



So very much has happened since I last blogged, since we’ve been so incredibly filled with work and school. I have treasured my time away from the computer very much, I must say. heeehee!

Hopefully this will get me back into the blogging mode! After all, it is autumn!

An Art of Virtue


This word is so powerful to me; it is reminiscent of trials and joy.

Patience is something that is cultivated, worked for, sought after–a capacity, ability, art, and choice.

Patience for healing, patience for marriage, patience for a job, enrollment in classes, bread rising, a painting to dry… So many things require us to choose:
Patience or Frustration

 A representation of how I view patience is a scene of peaceful streams, sunlight, gentle wavered flowers, and the smell of lilacs in the air. Patience is to calm yourself in a storm. Patience is to inhale….and exhale……

This is why it is an art.
To be a thinker of the situation rather than a doer at first. To react in your mind, in a sense of calm, to the frustrations of the life instead of participating in the mindless cries of a victim.

For the last four years I have sought after patience, asked God for it, and had it tattooed on myself. My life has changed by that ‘pause’ that I take {not all the time of course, because I do have times where I flip out}, it has transformed me based on the thought process: “I can’t change the circumstances, so what do I do to use this time wisely?”

Its as if I’m a hiker, who makes it to the top, huffing and puffing, but then lifts up my face to see the magnificent view. After enjoying for a bit, I take a slight glance to my left and see another steep cliff. *Deep Inhale* “Alright, let’s do this.”
It’s the continuous movement of strength. Without the training from the smaller hill, I wouldn’t have the lessons learned and abilities to climb those bigger ones.

One rain drop raises the sea.

Shake it Up!

shakin it up

shakin it up

beginning the evening

watercolor and Mi Amor’s homemade canvas


What a wonderful St. Patty’s day yesterday! It was encompassed with sunshine, Mi Amor, and visiting.

We made breakfast together, then headed out to church, talked with some friends and then off to his grandparents we went. Lunch was delicious and we chatted, catching up with each other. Mi Amor’s cousin came over, I bought some chocolate from her, to help get her to Alaska, then all five of us played “Extreme Uno”. In my opinion, it was an awesome game, one in which we played so many rounds and it was already 4 o’clock! After cherry cheesecake we lost our chocolate seller to her youth group. The two of us stayed to look at a few scrapbook calendar years, which I fully enjoyed.
Off into the sunshine we drove, coming back to an evening of art and irish music!

When Rizo came back from work, I had just won our game of Egyptian Ratscrew. [whoop whoop!]
As planned, homemade shakes and Lord of The Rings topped off the night.

Yeah, its always a good day to be alive.














Voyage de l’esprit

Rizo is back from France!!!

There’s always something so refreshing about hearing a great international journey.

After making brunch and talking over the past month of events with her, Rizo and I began teaching each other our languages.
Although, my Spanish is absolutely TERRIBLE and I’m basically worse than a two year old, I’m excited to try to bring back all the communication skills I had while in Panama {almost 2 years ago}

I love to hear Rizo speak french. There’s something utterly INTERESTING about it.

At the realization that we are both on the same page, where we both don’t have a lot of baggage, we are just ready to move forward, we were talking about service.
When we’re out in G.R. together, we both want to motivate each other to get involved in service with “the least of these”{the church, community, homeless, etc..}

I’ve had this thought in the back of my head so intensely recently; I want to get another reminder tattoo. I want it to be my own; unique; reflective of myself.
When I’m out in G.R. I know I’ll need reminders to keep my focus on serving Christ. It really means a lot to me to reflect on Jesus’ teaching of
{‘not coming to BE served, but TO serve’}

Mulling over ideas and getting a good solid one that I truly am passionate about is very important.
This is the one that I have now,
{paciencia; patience in Spanish-the first word I REALLY had to learn in Panama}
{αγαπη; Greek for unconditional love-reminding me that it is my choice to love, not based on anything they do, or can do}
{the vines; a spin on an African tribal symbol reflecting trusting God to provide the harvest}
{the compass; utilizing my love for travel and presenting God as the leader and director of my life}
{Treble Cleff (also the ‘south’); my love for music}

\\I love art//

Time Together

Cameron, Chris, Cathy and I are headed down to Grand Rapids for Art Prize for the entire weekend!!!
I’m hyped for sure, but am getting over my sickly feeling flu-ish cold.
SOOOOOOOOOO, in order to protect myself from getting worse, I’ve taken every precaution.
I’ll be sportin’ scarves every day 😉
I’ll make sure to take pictures!!!

Artsy Date

Mi amor took me to an art museum, where we pondered the beauty and minds of local and historical artists. 
It was quite fun!
{I love artsy things}
We went to an authentic Mexican restaurant via a penny
{tails made us turn left, and a few more flips told us how far we went down the street, and we ended up at El Mexicano}
We also went to Barnes & Noble later, where I picked up a book about painting landscapes.
.It was quite the inspiring day.

I am fully intrigued by art, even more so that mi amor is majoring in it.
I’m currently working on my second oil painting–which started off as a planned “Desert Sunset” but is now going to be something else, because I am not fond of my cacti.
{that’s like too cool of a word for me to use}

Soon, we will be diving into more art, as Art Prize is our getaway destination!
Art and Music–the only thing better is to combine them with TRAVEL.