The Best of Days are Shared

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Autumn Presents Itself Beautiful

I’m Moving Away

Some of you may know my pursuit of Grand Rapids,
and now, it’s finally worked out.
{{Well, this part at least}}

I am officially going to the west side of the state the first of August!!!

A wonderful living situation was established and pursued by my lovely childhood bestie–whom I will from now on call Rizo.
God truly set up a beautiful preface to this Grand Story.

I’m as overwhelmed as a new pup when it discovers the fun of dry food. Ya know when they just lay on the floor, paws sprawled out, tongue lapping up in an A.D.D. fashion…yup, that’s me…figuratively nonetheless.

I’m like flipping out in the realization that I’m gonna be seriously leaving. Of course visiting is important and I will miss many things of home, but the adventure and experience of it all is what I’m looking forward to most.

My dad has taught me so many wonderful traits from character and cars to finances and theology.
My mom has been faithful in raising me to enjoy the kitchen duties and sewing as well as basics such as laundry and gift creativity.
I know how to can jellies and applesauce as well as grape juice.
I continually seek wisdom as I know my luxury days of having their examples everyday of my life is slowly fading away.

Observance is key.

OH! And I got a summer hair cut; nice and short.
Hopefully Mi Amor will love it.

Well, I believe I’ve ranted enough for the night…excuse me for I need to go on Pinterest now and religiously look over the home decor pages.

Traveling Farther Along The Way

Bizarre, wild, unbelievable;
I’m back in Grand Rapids.

I had my interview with The Heart of the City this morning,
I felt comfortable and confident.
Truly, honestly, undoubtedly;
God is working.

The same computer system that this pharmacy uses, is the same one that I currently use at my job.
{(and it’s not that common)}
I have many qualities that would fit this pharmacy and their ministry.
I feel great with this pharmacist, he seems like a really neat guy with goals that are exceptional.
But, also, the lining up of living arrangements seems to be improving or at least changing in an unexpected direction.

The coolest thing about this is that whatever I have learned from Panama, Alaska, summer trips, high school, home, trips, and various experiences, will play into this job. 
Amazing how our “Berry Blend” of exposures and situations in the life past helps others and ourselves in the future.


A hiker was on a trail, carrying two packs-one which was empty, the other full of an extra pair of boots and clothes, a towel, water bottle, and sleeper roll.
In exhaustion, she stopped at a clearing to rest, after a tense and horrendous trial.

While she was sleeping, a young man, with a jaw-wrenching cut on his arm bitterly sat down on the opposite side of the clearing.
When the woman awoke, she felt exhilarated.
Seeing the man she walked over with her packs.
He ignored the coming footsteps and clenched his mouth tightly in pain.
“Hello, my name is Pim,” she introduced.
Avoiding her, he complained about the hike and how leaving his comfort zone was the worst thing he could’ve done.
Pim chimed in, “I know its hard, I just went through thorns and trenches, crevices and wall-climbing, roots and snakes. I can’t stop now though, I’ve already started and can’t go back, I have to make it to the bridge, then I can cross and go over to Paradise.”
“But its the hike gets harder and harder as you continue on the path”
She nodded and simultaneously gasped as she noticed his arm, “You’re hurt!!!”
Grabbing her pack she pulled out a first aid kit and began to clean the wound.
“Why are you helping me? Go away.”
“I’m here to be your sister, I’m all you have right now.”
In bitterness and ignorance of her he ranted, “I don’t understand why they don’t have guides on these trails, so that if you get hurt, you can be taken care of properly. I don’t have anybody, what if I die because of this? I can’t go through that again, and if the Way gets harder and harder, what chance do I have?”
attaching the last piece of tape, Pim asked, “Does that feel better?”
“Yes, it hurt like a drop of Hell to get cleaned though.”
She took the towel from her bag and set it down with the water bottle. She unlaced his shoes and took off his worn, hole-filled socks.
“Stop it! I don’t need you! I can do this myself.”
“Let me help you,” she said sweetly, while pouring some water on the towel and wiping the dust from his bloody blistered feet.
He tried to shrug away, but he hurt so badly and the water was so refreshing.
He kept muttering and grumbling about how hard the Way to the clearing was as Pim continued to put on her extra pair of socks and boots on his feet.
She wrapped her head scarf around his neck to use as a sling for his hurt arm.
“Why do you have all this stuff?”
“For you.”
“Well, you obviously don’t know me and are most definitely not my sister.”
“You can’t un-label me something that I already have labeled myself. No matter what you call it, the point is I’m your sister and I can do nothing but be that. Whether I am a good one or not, that can differ.”
He thought and hugged his stomach.
“OH! You must be starved…” she pulled out her only protein bar for the day and unwrapped it for him.
“I don’t want your food,” he retorted bitterly.
“Leave your pride in the dust down the Way you’ve already traveled. You are pale and need nutrition. If you can make it down that way, there’s a church that will tend to your needs. But, first you must eat to regain your strength.”
He grabbed the bar and wolfed it down.
Shoving the extra pair of clothes and sleeping pack in with the water bottle, she attached the other hiking pack onto his back as he stood up.
“I still don’t understand, why did you do this for me? Why do you have this stuff with you? Who are you?”
Pim smiled and put her hand on his unhurt shoulder, “I am your sister, climbing the same mountain you are, just on a different path. I have extras because my Guide provided me with them, telling me to share them with you. Even though hiking the Way is the hardest thing I’ve ever done, I feel fulfilled when I make it over a mountain like that one, even if I know another is coming. I can take all that I’ve learned from Mount Lugang and apply it to Mount Pagpapayo. Its the continuous cycle of learning and improving. Most importantly, walking the Way goes hand in hand with listening and having connection; knowing the Guide.”

Insanity Opportunities

I’m having a hard time believing what has happened in the last week.
First, I find out that I’m spending a few days in Grand Rapids exploring the chance of me living there.
THEN: I’m offered a full-time pharmacy job in my town–after a five minute interview, I can’t breath, cause I blinked and had an on-the-spot hiring.
After talking to my current boss, I let him know of my possible move to Grand Rapids by September and then tell him about the other job…but still wanting to stay at my current job, the next day (yesterday) I went back to the new job and asked for part-time, after he complied, I figured I would try to work two jobs.
Well, to my surprise, Mi Amor’s grandpa {Mr. T} told me he gave my resume to a clinic in downtown GR, he heard back from them and they wanted an interview with me! So, last night, Mr. T told me he would see if he could set up an interview Monday, because my work schedule would work PERFECTLY for another trip out to GR. 
So, this morning, I went to work overwhelmed with the three job opportunities ahead of me…unsure of what I should do with them all…So, I told my head Pharmacist {Debbie} what was going on, and she (whom I trust and  respect deeply) told me I shouldn’t accept the job in my town, because she knew of some backstory behind it…and it wasn’t good.
 I went to talk to my boss {today} and let him know that he could disregard my double–job offer and I would solely work for him, unless this GR job interview went extremely well.
after I got back tonight, I received a message from Mr. T, saying he got me an interview…

I’m off to Grand Rapids after church on Sunday–once again! HOORAY!!!!! haha
What a whirlwind, right!? But, hey, you know what…I’m quite impressed with how much God’s helped me grow up in the last couple years…heck, even the last year!
I truly don’t think that I would have handled this situation the same as I would have a year ago…
God’s really worked in my life, big-time.
I really feel as though He’s moving mountains… 
and He’s definitely not stopping now



Sunshine & Nicknames

 “You may think that in life,
a lot of things happen to you along the way.
The truth is, in life,
YOU happen to a lot of things along the way.”

After a three-day trip to Grand Rapids, I sit here, wondering how many things have changed in my life within the last six months…
And now, the time has come for another big decision.

Sunday; church, drove 2 1/2 hours to meet up with Sarah and began our silliness together.
Met friends of hers, went to a wonderful student-led worship hour at Cornerstone University.
Got to know more about her life as we took a joyous walk
Monday; breakfast (Sarah’s treat–<3 her!)
Sat in her Creative Lit. class, randomly met up with a friend from high school (awesome sauce!)
Went to coffee and the Meyer Gardens with Mi Amor’s grandpa
Chilled with Sarah and her roomies.
FABBBUUULOUS coconut Ice Cream at Jersey Junction
Had a beautiful movie night, after a chat-it-up, officially ending at 3 a.m.
{special thanks to The Notebook}
 Tuesday; sundresses and flip flops–Sparrow’s coffee/chai latte
checked out the apartment that was seriously being looked into
more chattings with a roomie and lunch at The Soup Shop
Glorious God-stories and travelings
Leave for home:
2 1/2 hours later;
surprise Mi Amor after he worked, had THEE quickest “hello/goodbye”
Fueled up at $3.63 before I had to pay $4.00
Hugged an old friend
Went to a Positive Alternatives Board Meeting
{crisis pregnancy center}
came home, updated the dear parents 


whatttttttttt, three days have already gone by!?
choices, choices, choices.
First of all: got a new nickname (I hope it sticks…i like it)
Westie =]
‘Cause of two Sarah’s, one of us had to be called something else…and I’ve got no history with any body, so Westie was introduced and I like it.

I love my Sarah dearly;  God is seriously moving me to G.R. I can feel it.
And He’s using Sarah as His choice instrument :]
She is so special and dear to my heart,
I cannot wait to dive into this life.

Hard choices to make though, moving and all…
Prayers are definitely appreciated through this bizarre maze.

No matter what, I will effect people around me, I will happen to a lot of things. Me entering a different circle of life will change me, my surroundings, and people I’m with.
Uncertainty comes with a lack of confidence…I have such a passion for what God is going to do in the next six months, but am also very confused at what I need to be doing, to be His instrument.
I know God will let me know what I need to do, in His time…

…meanwhile, life back home goes on, and I continue to grow up….


{taken after the realization that it’s been YEARS since our last picture  together}

Blowing Dandelions

I have had a great couple of days off of work.

Starting Thursday, I went to the Detroit Institute of Art with Mi Amor and his grandparents.

After a full Thursday of traveling through time, my Friday was spent with some friends at Great Lakes Crossing, where we walked, laughed, and sought out great deals.

Saturday was a catch-up day with my soon-to-be-sister-in-law. Dancing on a bridge and going back through old photos had smiles on our faces. The day ended with a game night, lasting till 3a.m. with our college-age ministry group (Encounter). 
Sunday was a morning of acoustic guitars, violin, and upright bass anda great message on the faith of the centurion was spoken by the Pastor.  
Catching up with other friends after church was marvelous as well, talking guitars and travel and life. 
After an introduction to Pier1, I was gone in lala land. I absolutely LOVE that store, officially finding my connection to the perfect combination of home decor style/fashion/comfort and most importantly, SALES.

Eating chinese with my parents, Lizzie and her mom, swirled together with so much laughter I was able to see the rarity of my dad almost crying with hilarity. 

I came home to a perfect package from my cousin, equipped with memories lighting up my face, along with a postcard from Paris, written by my lovely and indescribably amazing friend who has been over in Europe since last Summer. 
And of course, I went running.

Mi Amor exposed me to even more Star Wars to lessen my hate towards it, while we ate frozen yogurt and popcorn. 

This morning ranted and dreamed and laughed with a beautifully passionate soul–my childhood bestie.
Talking to her is the perfect blend of character from the early double digits with the intelligence of the early second decade…at least I like to think so.  

And after all this…I might be moving to Grand Rapids. (about 99.9% assured)




Ever feel like your blowing the dandelion, making the wish, while its actually happening?