Obladi Oblada

I had an accomplishing day at work today,
one of my nine-hour days,
then drove straight to the big track meet where I helped at the finish line with my daddy.
Just like old times! 

I was a runner, fully involved in every practice, meet, and race I was allowed to be at.

My glory days have been over for many years now…

but those memories are so vivid.
The butterflies in my stomach when the starter would raise his gun,
the pressure as the scores added up,
the shouts from the crowd,
and that constant pounding of my heart in my ears as my long stride carried me across the terrain.
I loved Cross Country.

Track however, I never got involved with, only ran with them and helped coach middle school boys.  

Amazing how my life has changed…

Today at work there was mention of how I have a life that works around my job, and some of my other co-workers have their job as their life…
it got me thinking…

Things that consume my life over the chart of my days..
When I was younger {like 5} my days were made up of soccer, school, church, music.
{10} soccer, school, church, music, running

{15} school, traveling, friends, church

{17/18/19} job, traveling, working on my heart, pinterest, Mi Amor, Family, friends, running/exercise, blogging,  Positive Alternatives, Compassion, College/age bible studies, church, MOVING. 

When I add it all up over a ‘time span’, its amazing how sprinkling a little bit of this, that, and then some, creates a giant sundae that takes up your day!

Some of my cross country/track boys are graduating {SO CRAZY!} and I got the priviledge to see some of my ‘old running pals’ again tonight.

One of my guys, I had to run up and hug before his race and he welcomed me with open arms. I told him to “run hard”. He finished with his best time as I prayed the Lord would give him wings.
I flashed him a smile after the finish line and he said “That was for you, Sarah!”
ahhhh I miss my guys!
It’s great to be remembered and adored by people you feel the same way about; people who take a special place in your life because of shared memories, adventures, and hobbies.

I’m gonna miss these familiar face reunion events…

Well, to quote the Beatles…
Obladi Oblada, life goes on…


Life Is Better With Two Shirts

Basically the coolest bag I could ever dream up.

Friday after work, this bag was packed up and took its first trip to Indiana where I made some more memories with my cousins.
Playing Aerobie and eating Ice cream with Annie
Dancing the tango and setting up for the open house with Rachel,
only to name a few. 

The title is a quote from a little girl that I used to babysit, she says the craziest and quirkiest things!
It totally works out though, I mean, being prepared for life’s messes is great. If something happens to your original plan, just flow with it and change to your backup; throw on another shirt.

I plan on using this bag for many trips…
Although I’d love to do helpexchange like Rizo {my soon-to-be-roomie} I can’t be as free in my traveling as I have been in the past.
Little jaunts will be my getaways and everyday will be my adventure.

I’m slowly finding out more and more joy in each daily circumstance, but I will always have a bag handy.

30 more days of work.
then I’m off to a week-long concert in Illinois.
hopefully counseling at a camp.
taking another trip to Indiana.
preparing for the Grand Adventure.

I’m gonna miss dropping by mi amor’s work and causing his smile.
It’s gonna be hard to say goodbye to one of my best friends, as she gets married and packs up for North Dakota.
I’m so looking forward to utilizing my abilities to serve another community.
It’ll be a great experience to embrace the ‘culture’ of Grand Rapids. 

Two more months…
Time flies and plans change…
good thing I have a bag and two shirts… 

You’re Waiting For You

Don’t settle for mediocre. 

I tend to lean towards this ‘attitude’ every day of my life.

I hate not trying, learning, or being part of something new. 

Eating weird things…traveling to places…welcoming adventures in any circumstance.

I have realized that my personality is addicted to going and doing.

I do love my chill time–my lay in the sun time {but I’m always dreaming of things}

Ever look up to the sky while the stars are sprinkled across the dark air?
Overcoming Beauty 

Ever close your eyes while sailing over the wavy waters?
Empowering Freedom

Ever walked the foreign streets?
Pure Delight

Ever eaten quirky cuisine?

Tried to capture a firefly? Walked miles down a beach? Been to Times Square on a friday night?
Perfected a recipe? Surfed in the ocean while it rains? Ridden in a sports car on a frozen lake in Alaska?
Cliff jumped? Laughed till you cried? Went to a STOMP concert? 
Tasted the veggies of your garden? Used your imagination after high school?
Ridden bareback? 
Cried because of the beauty set before you?

Start an adventure fund.

Go Forth.

Do more than exist.


I’ve been reading polls on winning hearts.
Young women have posted various ways that men sincerely touch their hearts.
Young men share thoughts on what they wish women knew.

Here are some examples;
{in no particular order}
[[ladies in italics, men in bold]]

But before I start; I just want to say that every man and woman are different, so your view on some of this, based on your gender, might not be what you actually would think.
SO, when applying this to your relationships, they could have a different opinion on this stuff.
Don’t be afraid to ask them though!


I want him to get to know me, he doesn’t have to share in everything I love, but I want him to observe me to find out what I like to do. 
If I screw up, I don’t want to be told over and over.
 I want to be called beautiful, every day I see him. I don’t want it to be forced, but I want him to honestly comment on something he finds beautiful about me.
Don’t be afraid to ditch the make up. When she’s secure  with the face God gave her, there’s nothing more beautiful than confidence.
I want him to be jealous for me; I want him to be protective of me, not OVERprotective or OVERpossessive,  but to let me know that he wants only me.
Don’t tweeze the life out of your eyebrows. Fixed up is ok, but I still want you to have them.
I want him to work at becoming friends with my siblings and relaxed with my parents.
If we ask what’s wrong and you say “nothing” we won’t press it.
 If I say “nothing’s wrong” I sometimes want to hide what’s going on, but mostly I want him to show he cares and try to find out.
Bed time means “go to sleep” not “ask stupid questions”
I want him to be interested in my life as much as I am in his; involvement means a lot.
Crying is blackmail. Use it if you must, but don’t expect us to like it.
I want him to be adventurous with me; build forts, wrestle, get excited about silly things.
Ask much as I’d like to, I can’t read her mind, so she needs to tell me what she wants, little hints don’t work.
I want him to play with my hair, and hug me from behind, and especially kiss my forehead. It’s a VERY understated gesture.
Yes and No are perfectly acceptable answers
I want him to understand that sweetness is more attractive than sexiness. I like it when he opens doors and takes my plate, when he picks a wildflower and brushes his fingers along my cheek.
You can either ask us to do something OR tell us how you want it done… not both.
I want him to smell good and let me wear his sweater. Never underestimate the power of a great cologne; its a reminder when he’s not around.
Christopher Columbus didn’t need directions, and neither do we.
Accept my flaws.
I need her to need me.
I want him to try new things
She should have a separate life, I want her to care about me, but I don’t want to be involved in everything 24/7.
Can I please have a cute nickname that no other girl has? Babe, baby, sweetheart, and honey are too cliche. I want to be unique.
Tip: To attract a great man and build a wonderful relationship learn to ask without hesitation for what you want and need in every area of your life.
Brush your teeth, comb your hair, and don’t pick your nose, that’s what tissues are for. Seriously, how long does it take to look in the mirror?
Great men know how to build a wonderful relationship, and they know fidelity is the main ingredient. We want your faithfulness as much as you want ours.
If he can teach me new things, like dancing or how to play guitar, skateboard or stargaze, its time with him that makes the day special.
Tell me when you appreciate my workefforts
Be alone with me, focus on each other and laugh together
Don’t put me down about my job or how much I make
I want him to suggest the unexpected–get take out and eat on the beach, take a walk under the moon or watch the sunset
Trust me to make decisions in our marriage
I want him to say “Let’s talk” and shows interest in my emotions
Disagree with me only in private and honor me in public
I want him to be proud of me, to speak highly of me in front of others
She needs to realize how vulnerable she is to males and value my protection
I like it when he keeps commitments and is punctual, it shows he made it a priority to invest time in remembering.
Don’t denounce my shoulder-to-shoulder time with my friends to get me to spend more face-to-tace time with you. Respect my friendships and I’ll want to hang with you too.
I like it when he notices when something is different, like if I polished my nails or cut my hair.

That’s quite a lot.
Love has been abused, hardly anymore do I see true love.
An abundance of these gender positions are selfish, but realizing what the other sex needs, will open your eyes to what true love really is–unselfish; self-sacrificing.
If he needs your praise, give it to him without expecting anything in return.
If she respects him, he’ll love her.
Unconditional Love
Unconditional Respect

I appreciate feed-back. Comment anonymously too!

{{So Many Thoughts}}

Today, my dad spoke an amazing message at church about the role of women, in singleness and marriage. 

Here’s my heart;
like always, I’m going to be translucent…

The saying “Behind every great man, there’s a great woman” is actually quite inspiring to me.

My mom has always been a great role model for showing respect. My parents have taught me a lot about what marriage should look like, according to the Biblical standard. 

I understand that being a wife, a Biblical wife, is hard work.
To serve

To uplift
To be faithful to
To strengthen
To be a helpmeet
To compliment
To encourage
To love
To respect  

Need I go on? 

I truly desire to be in this challenge. But more than that…I want to make Mi Amor’s life easier and better.
My dad spoke today on Genesis 2:18
“The Lord God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him.” 

{Helper} to put into perspective, means to make the job easier.
I want to make life better for him.

I want to be his ‘Ein Gedi’
{Song of Solomon reference}
his oasis.
I want him to tell me even the little events of his day.
I want to comfort him and laugh with him.

I’m looking forward to him teasing me about the way I say words.
Making cheesecakes for our friends.
Decorating our house.
Seeing the process of every art project he works on.
There’s so much more I am anticipating.

I’m gonna be moving away to Grand Rapids and I’ll be living there 5 months without him. I know it’ll be fine, we’ll just have to adjust to the circumstances…

There’s a lot to learn in my ‘singleness’ {unmarried} life.
I’ll have the adventure of a lifetime learning how to be the best I can be for Mi Amor.
Working on my inner self is where it all starts.
Patience with this is the hardest thing I’ve ever done.

My prayer life needs work, so I’ve been praying for patience for both Mi Amor and I.

I’ve been hearing God deeply speak;

“Come away with Me,
with all your heart”

It’s pretty powerful, and ‘with all my heart’ is a bigggggg request.
my heart needs work,
but as I wait and try moving forward,
I’ve found I have a lot more self-consciousness to overcome.

More and more roadblocks arise as I realize my need for change;
to line myself up with God’s desires is a huge feat.

…this path is hard,
but I continue on daily.

50 days later

Fifty days from now I will have my last day of work.

Excitement, yes.
Sadness, as well.
Freedom, returns.

In the immersion of my ‘growing up’ process, I have realized how much I truly respect, admire, and love my parents. They do so much for me.

Appreciation overcomes my soul as I realize how much I love to be taken care of.

After riding 3/4 of a mile on two flat bike tires, then walking another 3/4 on foot, my bike handles were loose and sliding because of a bolt. I finally reached my destination and told my parents why I was late.
[[without telling anybody, my intention was to throw my bike in the back of my mom’s car and drive home with her…locking my bike in the shed until I felt the energy to fix it]]
My dad…ahhh my dad!
He aired up both my tires, tightened my handlebars and received a bigggg hug from me afterwards.
My mom, re-fluffed my laundry that I forgot about, and then folded it.

My dad added oil to my car, even though I told him I would that night…but of course I forgot..and he somehow knew I did!
Mom and Dad are always serving serving giving giving
completely aware of what others’ needs are.

Rizo and I got to make Crepes today before she left for her help-exchange France escape.
We got to talking about how we both have sets of parents who are, beyond a shadow of a doubt, amazing.  

Moving out will be unforgettable and will really give me some of the ‘college’ experience that I missed out on, having completed a concentrated course over a 5 month period.
Rizo and I talked about what I’m excited about and what I’m possibly going to miss/get scared about, moving out to the west side.
One of the cons is that my parents won’t be ‘taking care’ of me anymore. Even though they will be there at my every call, it won’t be the same.
Rizo said that after living off campus since last August, she comes back home and says, “It feels like a vacation, you treasure your time of being taken care of.”

I totally love my parents.
And in August, I am sure my love for them will only grow more, as well as my overwhelming appreciation for all they will and have already done for me.