Papa’s Day








Mi Amor and I took them to Reeds Lake for dinner at Rose’s and as you can tell it was delish!!!
This week for our couples group I made pull apart bread stuffed with homemade apple pie filling ((hope it tastes good))


The Morning Mango


The morning sun illuminates my breakfast while I write letters today.
{{kefir (half almond milk kefir half cows milk kefir) mango with the healthy skins on and two gluten free homemade muffins gifted from a friend back home}}

We have had a WHIRLWIND of a week.
I know our life is crazy blessed when we have so many gatherings and fun times throughout the week that we can’t even give highlights..

Yesterday though, was marvelous and I’ll choose that as our highlight.

Mama & Papa, Mom & Dad & Brothers, Gram & Gramp K, Hoeve Fam, Gram & Gramp T, and Us… One big gathering, a whole lotta food.
Everybody brought marvelous, delicious treats and sides and wow were we ever blessed with the most gorgeous of days–75 and pure sun.
Grilled burgers from the happy cow of our friend back on the east side,
cooked ham,
there was pasta salad, roasted beet & quinoa salad (topped with oranges), cauliflower mash, buffalo cauliflower, fruit and veggies, kale pesto, jello delight (fruit and nuts mixed in), and for dessert: decadent brownies, cinnamon rolls, baget (dutch treat), and rum cake.
Drink up some pomegranate, pineapple punch and sit in the sun  with your family!

Counting my blessings this morning as I am faced with reality once again; the love that has been wrapped around Mi Amor and I is so unique and such an undeserved gift.

Ginger Much?

I’m sure being a ginger is awesome, but I love the plant.
Shakespear once wrote, “An I had but one penny in the world, thou should’st have it to buy gingerbread”

 Early references from the Vadstena Abbey show how the Swedish nuns were baking gingerbread to ease indigestion in 1444.

Ginger is one of my favorite spices.

Ginger is native to Asia although native to North America, ‘wild ginger’ known as asarum canadense is much stronger and can be toxic of used in large amounts. True ginger is ‘zingiber officinale’.
Ginger contains a proteolytic enzyme that reduces inflammation in joins and cartilage tissue, repairing all the while. It improves ciruclation in the pelvis and Rosemary Gladstar’s “Medicinal Herbs” says that numerous studies confirm that ginger lowers triglycerides linked to diabetes and heart disease. Several clinical studies find ginger MORE effective than OTC meds for nausea, motion sickness and seasickness. It is a GREAT alternative to antinausea drugs for chemotherapy, because it has no side effects.
Because it is antiseptic, its great for gastrointestinal infections. Because it has a ‘warming’ sensation its great for decongestion  and sore throats.

And its DELIGHTFUL to taste.

You ask, “Why is it that it can help heal so many different kinds of ailments?”
Its because our Good God created heterogenous plants. This means that they are diverse in their effects (Quick Reference Guide for Using Essential Oils 2012 edition, pg. 11)

It upsets me that western medicine studied these plants, extracted the part that they liked and chemically altered this living organism into a pill which has a commercial using thousands of dollars in seconds just to tell you the long list of side effects.

Ginger Syrup as from Rosemary Gladstar’s Medicinal Herbs

001 002 003 004

Equal parts gingerroot and local honey (I used 1/3 cup)
Cut gingerroot into tiny cubes and heat in pan for a few minutes until it smells lovely, then add your honey and spread out the gingerroot evenly in pan. Simmer for 15-20 minutes until honey tastes delightfully spiced. Refrigerate for several weeks.

Great in tea or straight for stomach issues, sore throat, or inflammation (as for arthritis)

Dreaming For Life

I had this dream, that for the biggest art competition in the world (ArtPrize) I entered a piece that compared herbs to the top ten most prescribed drugs and how much better it is for us to go to the earth for help. 

..i didin’t win.. but when Mi Amor and I biked to breakfast on Sunday I told him about it, he encouraged me to do the art piece anyway. 

So, I’ve begun my research. The top 10 most prescribed drugs are for: 
1. Hypothyroid
2. High cholesterol
3. Proton-pump inhibitors
4. Antidepressant
5. Asthma
6. Asthma again
7. Anti-hypertensive
8. Attention Deficit Disorder
9. Anti-epileptic
10. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease 

—-p.s…. this is gonna teach me a lot in life.. prepping me for my studies beginning in August through Trinity School of Natural Health. 
Enjoying another day of celebrating life together
{{wolfgangs breakfast,
bike riding around town,
tea and drawing on the patio,
farmers market to get mint and basil for the mini greenhouse,
an art show and a band concert to top the weekend off}}

What adventures will you create?




Natural Health.ImageImageImageImage

If you don’t, you know someone who does…

Eczema. Atopic Dermatitis. Psoriasis.
You pick—they all suck.
Help someone by letting them know they need to stop treating the outer symptoms and listen to them.
There’s something going wrong inside you.

I’ve been wondering what God has in mind with my continual struggle of skin issues; how is He gonna use this situation?
I’m putting the word out, for starts.

Steroid creams have terrible side effects if you stop suddenly from using them constantly. Comment on my post and I’ll help you know what to do.
Have you tried going gluten-free?
lactose-free? sugar-free?
seriously. You’ll be amazed at what treating your body internally does to your external beauty.

I’m going to do another post about an herb from the Bible:

Psalm 51:7
“Purge me with hyssop,
and I shall be clean:
wash me,
and I shall be whiter than snow.”

Hyssop has the chemical thujone which is antiseptic and also stimulates the central nervous system. But be careful, because in some people with more sensitive nervous systems, it can give seizures.. 

—Medicinal Action and Uses—Expectorant, diaphoretic, stimulant, pectoral, carminative. The healing virtues of the plant are due to a particular volatile oil, which is stimulative, carminative and sudorific. It admirably promotes expectoration, and in chronic catarrh its diaphoretic and stimulant properties combine to render it of especial value. It is usually given as a warm infusion, taken frequently and mixed with Horehound. Hyssop Tea is also a grateful drink, well adapted to improve the tone of a feeble stomach, being brewed with the green tops of the herb, which are sometimes boiled in soup to be given for asthma. In America, an infusion of the leaves is used externally for the relief of muscular rheumatism, and also for bruises and discoloured contusions, and the green herb, bruised and applied, will heal cuts promptly.

The infusion has an agreeable flavour and is used by herbalists in pulmonary diseases.

It was once much employed as a carminative in flatulence and hysterical complaints, but is now seldom employed.

A tea made with the fresh green tops, and drunk several times daily, is one of the oldfashioned country remedies for rheumatism that is still employed. Hyssop baths have also been recommended as part of the cure, but the quantity used would need to be considerable.

All in all, hyssop is seen a lot in the Bible.
In Exodus it is the ‘paintbrush’ for the lamb’s blood over the doorposts of the Isrealites during “Passover”.
In Leviticus it is used for cleansing the lepers.
another is
In John it is the last thing that Jesus’ tastes before He says, “it is finished.”I think its time to find some hyssop honey… apparently bees can really turn this stuff into some good yummies!