Childhood Pushing For Winter

Pumpkin, Apple, Chai, & Carmel slowly fade as Winter pushes Fall into the past. 

Pine, Cinnamon, Hot chocolate & cookies take center stage as November rolls in. 

Coffee shops, like the one I’m in, always make me feel so much more inspired.

Our new living room arrangement does look magnificent, if I do say so myself.

Rizo & I stayed up late last night, after I got back from work, dreaming of help exchanging.

She’s got this great plan for France.

I honestly, envy her. She has so much freedom. She’s able to just go & leave everything, being fully present while adventuring to other countries.

I have lived in Grand Rapids the same amount of time as I lived in Panama.
I can’t imagine doing that again for that long at this point in my life.

Being fully present…

Jim Elliot said “Wherever you are, be all there”

My heart is so much entwined with Mi Amor’s, that I can’t imagine being three thousand miles away, rather than 2 and 1/2 hours.

Rizo told me at one point, she’d just go and perpetually travel, help exchanging everywhere. And ya know what, its TOTALLY possible for her. 

I can’t express enough how much I envy that. 

Its not possible for me to be fully in Europe for three months. My heart would long for home. Oh, how funny our hearts are. 

I talked with a British pharmacy intern two days ago, I asked him about England and Bath-where he’s from. He made me want to just up and leave.
& last night with Rizo, she said, “You should come with me to France!” And I was all for it…but having my ‘big girl pants on’, I’d lose my job if I did that. 

growing up is hard to do

Fall had to leave itself behind for Winter to push its way forward though…just like I must continue to push my childhood back, continuously making room and striving for changes of adulthood.

~~~And I also feel like most of my blog posts are ALL-OVER-THE-PLACE…nothing really connects them~~~
So feel free to ignore my rantings


Little Escape

After a great day in the pharmacy, I came home and went for a bike ride with mi dulce Salvador.
It was sunset, so the lighting was kinda sad for pictures, but perfect for riding.
The air was brilliant.
And the colors of the trees, visually appetizing.
The sky was a comfort.
And the excercise, invigorating. 

Yeah…they turned out NOTHING like the reality of the adventure.

He’s Crazy

Fall is coming!
Do you know what that means!?!?
Apple pies, soups, crock pot meals, home-made bread, cinnamon, crisp grounds, and SCARVES!

I think that this fall, here in Michigan, I will enjoy unlike any other. I will appreciate this fall more because it’s been a while. I was in Panama a year ago, missed the color changes and the frost. Speaking of frost, I can attempt to make grape jam after we have some good frosts, soon–I’ll make sure to capture that adventure just like my last!

I had an interview Tuesday, the company is not a chain and it’s owned by brothers. I could not have asked for a better interview; it was fabulous. I just received my second call for my second interview! (going over specifics for the job) All-in-all, God’s got a plan.

I’m realizing, after reading “Crazy Love” by Francis Chan with my worship team that, basking in God’s greatness is one of the best ways to focus deeper on Him.
It is hard to capture at first though.
Just viewing His creation, making myself small,  allows Him to fill my sight; consuming me in a blanket of perfection.
He is perfect.
We are God’s idea.
He created us.
If my loving, just, compassionate, personal God created all that my eyes can see, then why worry or stress, when that’s losing sight of who He is?
The one who holds my life, my future, my purpose, in His hands. I will struggle, yes.
I will fall, yes.
I will say stupid things.
I will screw-up.
I may even cause someone else to falter…
And I shudder, because I’ve done these already…
But I smile, because He’s not left me.
He will never leave me nor forsake me.
God will use whatever circumstances I get myself into, for His glory, because I love Him; because He first loved me.
So, throw away your tomorrows, because today has enough worries for itself.
But, don’t worry, cause He’s got your heart,
He’s got your hand, He’s super-glued to you.
Face it. He’s crazy about you.