Garage Jitters

Here I sit, on this sunny Monday morning, in my garage, surrounded by shelves, a dresser, and my bed.
Weird place for a bed…

Well, this is my last full day of being ‘home’ before the Grand Adventure truly begins.
Rizo is coming over soon with her dad’s truck so we can load up the big stuff.
Tomorrow we will leave at 7a.m. and drive for three hours pushing the limits of time as we unpack and drive to her old house to pack up again, before my help is gone to an interview with a pharmacy.  

I’m getting the adrenaline jitters. I’m so ready to be out there and decorate ‘my house’ ‘my room’ ‘my garden’
It’d be a blast to have everything go smooth, but that’ll be a joke, I’m sure.
I’m prepared for some “oops” and “ugh”s as fitting things through doors and not cluttering up rooms begins.

I have a couple of plants I’m taking and some herbs.
I plan on uploading some pictures at some point, after the house is pretty much put together–so that’ll be another week.

I’m excited for
*grocery shopping* *farmers markets* *biking* *walking* *exploring* *antique stores* *goodwill* *my meals* *dehydrating fruit & veg* *new job(nervous)* *new friendships* *coupons!* *learning*
and so much more

“WOAH! How much stuff do I have!?!?”
…somehow over my 19 1/2 years I’ve acquired three car loads worth of stuff.

my word

I’m really not gonna need much but organizers

I hope


Excursion Surreality

Wowzah, do I have great friends, or what!?

Yesterday, Mi Amor & Rizo drove with me to be support for my interview {Which went FABULOUS} and to help move along the Grand Adventure. 

We got a car-load of my stuff into Rizo & my new house, then throughout the day we were able to hang out with friends, visit yummy, unique places, and enjoy the excursions of the day. 

My other roomie is ADORABLE. I cannot wait to be living in this house and get to know her better. It will be so fabulous to be able to style up the place in our way, but also see how she likes our style. Rizo & I already have perfectly blended styles. 

I arrived home, late last night and told my mom, “Its so weird being in the state. With this job opportunity with benefits and how great it’ll be, I feel old, but stuck in this little girl’s body who’s so nervous about ‘entering the real world’. Even though I’ve already had a job for nine months, it just feels like I’m starting with a clean slate…”

I’m really gonna have to work on my math skills–here come the flash cards!!! 
Compounding pharmacies are going to be a WHOLE different ball game, but I’m up for the challenge & learning experience. 
He wants me long term,
which is what I’m looking for too, 
not something I can just ‘fill in’ the cracks. 
I want to have a solid team.

Yesterday just went so well with everything, that its so surreal. 

I don’t think I’m really ever gonna catch up with myself…
Time is just flying by, 
but I’m TOTALLY in for the excursions of the Grand Adventure. 

Overwhelming Readiness

A reflection of herself,
exposed and yet buried within decor,
the home, a window to her soul.

Gifts showered upon her in form of love,
with potential to explode,
she decides its purpose. 

Her new walls will behold her,
in pottery form, picture form, book form…
she rises to the challenge to create herself on the canvas of the house.

Each piece will be of her,
a reflection of her, inspired by her; a gift from friends.
The decor will be her warmth.
Desire to create entangles her curls as they tangle themselves. 

Great minds explode with art opportunity.
Tuesday she will sigh, with the glimpse of her canvas.


\\I’m ready to be in Grand Rapids, decorating my house with my roommates//

I have been given gifts beyond comprehension.
My church family, my friends, my parents!
Everybody has shown me so much love in their giving,
Their way of preparing me for another life.

…blessed with love, I am.

I’m Moving Away

Some of you may know my pursuit of Grand Rapids,
and now, it’s finally worked out.
{{Well, this part at least}}

I am officially going to the west side of the state the first of August!!!

A wonderful living situation was established and pursued by my lovely childhood bestie–whom I will from now on call Rizo.
God truly set up a beautiful preface to this Grand Story.

I’m as overwhelmed as a new pup when it discovers the fun of dry food. Ya know when they just lay on the floor, paws sprawled out, tongue lapping up in an A.D.D. fashion…yup, that’s me…figuratively nonetheless.

I’m like flipping out in the realization that I’m gonna be seriously leaving. Of course visiting is important and I will miss many things of home, but the adventure and experience of it all is what I’m looking forward to most.

My dad has taught me so many wonderful traits from character and cars to finances and theology.
My mom has been faithful in raising me to enjoy the kitchen duties and sewing as well as basics such as laundry and gift creativity.
I know how to can jellies and applesauce as well as grape juice.
I continually seek wisdom as I know my luxury days of having their examples everyday of my life is slowly fading away.

Observance is key.

OH! And I got a summer hair cut; nice and short.
Hopefully Mi Amor will love it.

Well, I believe I’ve ranted enough for the night…excuse me for I need to go on Pinterest now and religiously look over the home decor pages.