A side of distraction

Hot hazelnut-mocha coffee at Cherie Inn with White chocolate raspberry pancakes and a Tomato ricotta, pine nut, frittata.

Breakfast with Mi Amor is always a pleasant adventure.

This morning we also went to a few garage/estate sales after eating.

I got an old-style world atlas for $3 that was originally $12.

Yup–its a good day.

Good reminder for all you engaged couples: dating and not having to have a computer or wedding magazine in front of you is a must.


Cherie Inn


TA-DA! {it’s me!}

I surprised Mi Amor on Friday.

Rizo was going home, so I hopped in and road-tripped it with her!
My dad was able to show me what he’s been working on for the Panama pastoral training seminar…so much hard work, I adore him for his endurance.
We were able to have one heck of a fabulous pizza for supper
{yay for celebrating by food!}
Amongst all the other fun and delightful things that happened with my parents over the weekend, my mom helped me surprise Mi Amor.
Although EVERY. POSSIBLE. BACKUP. PLAN. was taken into a twister and rained on…my treasure hunt for him after his day of work on Friday was taking him to little memories and then finally, to me…but, so many obstacles became roadblocks.
It was still one of the most memorable faces I will have imprinted in my head of Mi Amor. The unbelief in his smile and behind his eyes, adoration…a combination I had never experienced before. I felt like a treasure, even though he didn’t have to hunt.

Getting back to Poppins was bittersweet.
I loved vacationing with my parents…Rizo was right, it really changes your world when you take care of yourself and then go home, to be taken care of for a weekend…I have the most amazing parents ever.
They do WAY TOO much for me, I take them for granted every day…there is no way I could be grateful enough…the bar is just set too high. Which, I love that they love me so much, they show it well.

After a spa night with Rizo and Sonrisa,
I was transitioned into being home, awaiting my calls from St. Mary’s.
I Really want to go to this concert over the weekend though…and if I don’t get a call, I can’t risk going away.
Rough. Stuff.

This morning, awoke to my tummy wanting muffins…
So I accommodated.

simple simple.


.I put a honey/cinnamon glaze over top and paired it up with my delish “Golden French Toast” Keurig coffee. Mmm!




Continuing on…

Looks like after breakfast we will be headed to Fosston to visit my grandma!
We, sadly, will only be able to visit with her for a little bit, cause we have to be back down to Minneapolis at 6-ish.
While there, we will see my aunt and uncle again, but my cousins and their daughter as well.
Family is a treat, one which competes with Tutti Frutti for sure!!!