Time Together

Cameron, Chris, Cathy and I are headed down to Grand Rapids for Art Prize for the entire weekend!!!
I’m hyped for sure, but am getting over my sickly feeling flu-ish cold.
SOOOOOOOOOO, in order to protect myself from getting worse, I’ve taken every precaution.
I’ll be sportin’ scarves every day 😉
I’ll make sure to take pictures!!!



Obviously I didn’t work till 4:30 the day I made this…cause it was the same day I made my blueberry jelly–yup, it was a greatly productive day 🙂

good ol' faithful antique masher






Artsy Date

Mi amor took me to an art museum, where we pondered the beauty and minds of local and historical artists. 
It was quite fun!
{I love artsy things}
We went to an authentic Mexican restaurant via a penny
{tails made us turn left, and a few more flips told us how far we went down the street, and we ended up at El Mexicano}
We also went to Barnes & Noble later, where I picked up a book about painting landscapes.
.It was quite the inspiring day.

I am fully intrigued by art, even more so that mi amor is majoring in it.
I’m currently working on my second oil painting–which started off as a planned “Desert Sunset” but is now going to be something else, because I am not fond of my cacti.
{that’s like too cool of a word for me to use}

Soon, we will be diving into more art, as Art Prize is our getaway destination!
Art and Music–the only thing better is to combine them with TRAVEL.


Running a few miles on a rainy day is one of the best ways to release my stress.
Yesterday was a hard learning experience at work; I am being stripped of everything: pride, speech, my real self.
I have to be considerate, and in the process, I’m putting on a mask of happiness. When I do something wrong, even if I catch it, I will be corrected and unable to state my case.
I feel as though being a cashier is all a show for me;
I act happy
I act like everything is alright
And I pretend I’m busy when I have no customers…
Let’s just say, the reason I ran, was because work motivated me to.
I am most definitely looking forward to finally being in the Pharmacy!!! 

After my run, I went to worship practice.
My spirits were immediately uplifted by our prayer and music.
Worshipping God with really awesome people just boosts the atmosphere!

I think that the crew that makes up the worship band is so amazing that yesterday, I hardly wanted to leave.
I love them all so much; these brothers and sisters in Christ have a big place in my heart–
a BIG BIG place.

We went out to eat after practice and talked about “Crazy Love”
.pure refreshment.
.my opportunity to shine at work will be through my attitude and actions.
.this stressful time is no exception.

I was very respectful at work and then broke down when I got to my car,
but thank God for Christian radio stations,
distance runs in the rain,
worship bands,
and friends.

Deeper Seas

  • First day of work—check
  • Re-learned how to knit—check
  • Bought new chapstick (cause my insane collection is running out)—check
  • Get my brain running to make a leather-cord watch—check
  • Learned how to change the oil in my car—check
  • Make my car smell good—check 

Yeah, I feel accomplished !
I have done a lot in the last few days.
Today, especially, was a good day; I learned a lot of new stuff:

  • It’s incredible how much brain power it takes to be a cashier//bagger
  • Never underestimate the power of coupons
  • It’s always a humbling experience being a newbie
  • All the jazzical things that come with learning a new job 
  • I forgot how amazing paper bags are–almost vintage 🙂


It’s all pretty much a learning process for the next five days of work.
I’m glad that I’ll get tomorrow off, so that I can go to Encounter to worship my Lord with college-kids though.

I was hit with the realization of how different this job will be from H&R Block because…

1. I have many more co-workers
2. I have  more scheduled and punctual need
3. I may be more of a light for Christ at this job…

and to tell you the truth, I’m sorta nervous about that point…
I know that I naturally am proud of my Saviour, but I don’t want to proclaim it so that people are turned off and ignore me.
I think that if I just keep living with an attitude of love, then I’ll be a light in my own way–but when it comes down to it, when people find out that I am a disciple of Christ, I pray that they won’t shut down.

My trainer is a wonderful young woman, whom I will fully enjoy getting to know.
She might be one of the first people to know that I’m a disciple, but then again, maybe people will only see the difference and ask me, and not just ‘hear the gossip’.

Well, either/or, I’m going to be under a lot of mind escapes these next few months, with being trained as a cashier and pharmacy technician.
I think I did great today, but my trainer is so great at being constructive in her advice. It’s really a great opportunity that I have, to learn another skill and be in even more of a spot to be a witness for Christ.  

I’m being swallowed even more into the sea of life…growing up has its pros and cons… 


I bought my first car today!!!
’99 Dodge Intrepid

I named it Lila (lee-lah) it's Swedish (my heritage) for purple


Well, it had a slight ‘smoker’s scent’, so I whipped up my creative side of my brain.
Homemade Air Fresheners

So, after taking some fabric and yarn, sewing and threading, I have three hand-made air freshener bags!
I will hang one each on the back of my driver and passenger seats, and have one on my steering wheel adjustment lever.
As you can see, one pouch has lavender, one essential oil, and one candles.
They all have great scents that blend wonderfully together!
This is a great way to save money and utilize whatever free time you have.