Wake Up And Smell The Pineapple

Day 4, Sunday, started with French toast for breakfast, relaxation with books, and family games. We then headed to a small church in Haleiwa {ha-lay-ee-vah} where they ended the church service singing Praise and Doxology in English and then Hawaiian. An experience to remember for sure!

We then headed to Honolulu and Waikiki for a city day, where we saw the only palace in the United States, Iolani {ee-oh-lahn-ee} Palace.

As well, we spent some good time at the USS Arizona on Pearl Harbor.

After eating at a hole in the wall food truck {which was awesome} we walked down to Waikiki Beach and saw the sunset. We celebrated life with two cartons of different ice cream (key like pie frozen yogurt and chocolate fudge brownie) back at the townhouse.

Day 5, monday, our last full day. A morning of touring the cacao process and coffee production as well as soap making and the Dole pineapple factory, we learned a lot.

We spent hours snorkeling at Sharks Cove and Sunset beach where we saw 7 sea turtles and a ton of tropical fish!!!  I felt like I was on a movie!

We ended the day with chocolate Haupia {coconut Hawaiian specialty} and macadamia nut pies! We played games and us women wore pearl necklaces that my mom gave us that were her mom’s.

What full and fun days we had. Our time management was pretty on par, but relaxation and restoration were apart of each day. Whether we swam in the pool at the end of the long day or watching a movie, we ended the nights in peace. 

At the airport now, I look back and see that as I write the last couple of days, it HAD to be packed because I haven’t blogged every day. I think that’s a good sign. 

All these blogs are very cut and dry with hardly any thought, but it’ll be nice to look back at the play by play and remember moments along with the pictures. 

Aloha, Hawaii—you’ve given our family a new starting point, a refresher on marriage, and a washing of our souls. 


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