Palms to the wind

Waking up at 6a.m. In Hawaii was perfectly natural and relaxing. The sunrise is then and the island comes alive with birds and palms in the wind. 

I love to be here, surrounded by everything so great it humbles one’s self. I feel put in my place–eyes looking beyond me and hands lifted–a reflection of all creation to it’s Creator: palms to the wind..

We have had so much family time I haven’t even blogged about our days!!

Day 1: 

We woke up at 6a.m. and ate breakfast and headed out to see our walking distance beach just north of us. We walked out onto the lava stones, saw a seal, and enjoyed the morning sunshine. 

We then headed out for a day of beach hopping going west! We hit up two different beaches (sunset and pipeline) before getting to our lunch place and visiting some shops. After going to another beach (Waimea Bay) we made it back to the townhouse for dinner, mom and I headed the kithen, my sister in law got the dishes washed, Mi Amor set the table and my brother and dad conversed with us. Being a family on an island like this is just so enchantingly peaceful. This is the first trip we have had as just the six of us. What a HUGE blessing this is.

Mom, my sister/in/law, and I ended the day by watching the sunset.

Day 2: I wake up at 5a.m. And wake Mi Amor up, we fill the water bottle and grab two apple-bananas (our favorite type of banana) an head to watch the sunrise. 

The morning light brings such awe as the darkness is overcome. 

We walked back and found our family eating breakfast. We all put on our swimsuits for a day of adventuring and snorkeling!! We headed east. Going to several beaches, (I can’t even name them all we went to so many!!!) stopping at lookouts, the Byodo In Temple, and walking up to Makapu’u Lighthouse. We ended the southern route with Hanauma Bay for the last free hour and a half, then we hit up china mans hat island, across from the Jurtasic Park filming location.  A very enjoyable day where we all laughed and joked, swam and snorkeled, and are authentic Hawaiian cuisine from a very hole in the wall place Mi Amor found with GREAT reviews. It was a fantastic experience for us all to share a meal and talk story. 

“Talk story” is an expression often used in Hawaii which basically means sharing experiences and listening to other lives; learning from each other. 

My family is more blessed than I ever realized. I praise The Lord for how He has been faithful to my family. 

I can learn a lot from these people, when’s the last time you talked story with your family?


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