Last Breaths

The worst part about our travels is saying goodbye and blogging about it.

Friday after work we went to Hanauma Bay again and I layed in the sunshine while Mi Amor snorkels in the warm wavy waters. We both had our versions of soaking in the island and relaxing. Our host family made us a traditional Hawaiian dinner, some good, some odd, but we definitely found our favorites and appreciated the history behind it all.

Our last day (Saturday) we spent being apart of our ohana, our family, after setting up the produce stand. Mi Amor had a scratch pad along so he was drawing in the Hawaiian breeze as I began the cleaning of our tent. We said goodbye to our Saturday volunteers that we learned from and made friendships with. We decided to take one last trip to the water, so the final destination was getting two scoops of CocoDamia ice cream (my favorite Bubbies Ice Cream) and heading to the first beach we went to. We walked along the shore and got in the water to soak up some last rays and waves. It was a meditative moment of thanking God for blessing us with this trip and for the simple fact of the people He placed in our path along the way. 

Sunset was coming so we walked back to the house for a last dinner and I showed our host family a treat from our home: banana ice cream.

We had a big bunch of bananas that was over ripe so I sliced them into discs and froze them for the day. Then blended them that evening with coconut milk and peanut butter. Pau! Sugar free, organic ice cream–made from the farm’s “Ice Cream Bananas” (did you know there are varieties of bananas which definitely have varying flavors!)

Off to the airport, from one to the next, it’ll be about 18 hr of travel with a 5 hour time difference making it 23 hours until we will have gotten from point A to point B. 

Our host family welcomed us back anytime and said they will make a spot for us whenever we want to visit. They will definitely be receiving snail mail from us, as I want them to know how important of a role they have in teaching and inspiring people from all over the world. If you ever get the opportunities: 

  • Work/volunteer/helpx on an organic farm–do it
  • Grow your own food–do it
  • Inspire people around you–do it

Mahalo, Oahu, and we shall see you again soon–Aloha! 


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