This isn’t vacation, this is an adventure!

I can’t even begin to type in the ten minutes I have what craziness has happened in the last two days. 

Debriefing: Wednesday in Honolulu

  • Took the bus system to the art museum (awesome)
  • Took the bus to Aloha Stadium for a giant market (overwhelming)
  • Walked to Pearl Harbor to see it from a distance (we didn’t want to spend money on it)
  • Walked to a park and rested our legs
  • Hit up cheap sushi with wasabi going around on a conveyer belt (weird)
  • Took the bus ALL the way past Chinatown, waited for the connection bus, got off at the last stop in the rain, walked to another connection, stood in the rain and rode the bus to the farm, decided we needed a drink and hit up Kona Brewing for some good talks.
  • Thursday adventures 
  • Worked till 3, hiked up Koko Crater, which is over a thousand railroad tie steps…the top of the world or so it seems.
  • Went all the way down, cut through a shooting range, crept along the coast, saw The Blow Hole from two feet away.
  • Hit up a cove and went swimming until we ran up the cliff to see a Sea Turtle! 
  • Walked the east coast to Sandy Beach and swam in the swells till sunset. 
  • Realized mi Amor forgot his wallet in the tent..couldn’t take the bus so we hopped a fence to a golf course, walked along the trees to not be seen by the night watchmen…hopped another fence to get to the other road–I don’t like 7 foot fences with pointy spikes…
  • Walked three miles or more to get back to the farm where I made portobello Sandwhiches with an egg baked right inside and the bread smeared with buttery avocado.

Who knows what today will entail.


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