China Walls…in Hawaii?

As usual I lay here in the morning looking out over the Hawaiian land with mountains in the distance.

Yesterday we had the blessing and pleasure of meeting a volunteer who is in remission from stage 4 cancer, who after radiation, decided to choose life and heal with vitamin C infusions and living on live food. That’s how he found our farm. We were talking about so much as we were working. It was a huge blessing for him to say, “if you were staying longer I would totally take you out for a surf” so instead after work yesterday he took us to his favorite place in the world…China Walls. It’s a cliff off the neighborhood Portlock, which is pretty ritzy. 

I stood there after jumping in once, whale watching and catching some surfers ride the waves. Our friend swam out to his surfing buddies and Cameron was jumping off the cliff. 

I, just like plants, want to work with them before I make things with them; so the Ocean, I need to get to know before I continue in it. 

The special thing about China Walls is that the waves ride perpendicular to the cliff; they don’t crash up to the cliff they come sweeping past and can rip you off while you’re climbing up. I lost sight of Mi Amor after a white cap and he got sliced a bit by the rocks. I’m glad he is learning about the ocean, but I know with his stubbornness, like mine, sometimes you just gotta learn the hard way. 

All of our days here have reminded me so heavily of Panama when I was there for three months in 2010. I surfed small waves to train and I’ll never forget the feeling of the ocean’s power roaring…I have so much respect for it, that as the ocean changes at every beach I need to read the water.

We had Acai bowls afterwards. It’s a Hawaiian traditional food of blended frozen acai (ah-sigh-ee) strawberries and bananas with soy milk or apple juice, topped with more bananas, granola and some yogurt. 

Then we walked back to the farm, took showers and headed out with our host parents for some food. We talked story so much and it was completed by walking down to Bubbies ice cream (homemade ice cream-best on the island) and in my opinion, best in the world. Moomers from Traverse City, MI comes second. 

I got coco damia….aka coconuts and macadamia nuts swirled into perfection, chilled and scooped for my mouth. 

 Definitely gonna have that our last day…I have to, or I’ll cry. 

What a blessing it was to ride separately with my host mom while the guys caught a ride in host papas truck bed. (Cause it’s not illegal here to ride in the back!)

She asked me “are you guys Christians?”

And it was such a blessing to know they see a different kid of love in us…

It was a good conversation and she said they’ve recently found Christ too. She was mostly happy for us to be working in the soil together, as a connection to our Creator and how He cares for us. 

I told her, “I love the quote, ‘life is lived forward, but understood backwards.’ And that’s how I’ve seen God caring for us, trusting everything is going to bring glory to Him, and looking back on the reality of that.”


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