Snorkeling through Smoothies

Monday was the start of our typical farm week. We woke up and weeded, cut banana trees, made sure the animals had water, and communicated with the two other workers here from San Diego and New Mexico. We got to take a look at the nursery and how that works to put good plants in good soil and give them a chance against weeds. Because it’s organic farming you have to hand weed, so there’s care that goes into every plant, every day. 

Think about what the grocery store food goes through. Chemicals, and fake sunshine sometimes, then being picked and sprayed with preservative, then shipped to a store to be bought and sit for a few days at your house…it’s old food.

Organic: workers make their own soil, manually turn on the water daily, hand weed, and spend time protecting this life form that will eventually give back life to you. 

It’s a beautiful cycle that once the food has matured and is picked for a market or a table, it is treasured. So much effort went into it.

And it’s taste is irreplaceable.

Mi Amor and I were talking about how slaves would be forced to stay in the fields and yield a crop of great proportion and to work fast they would sing songs to keep on rhythm.

So Mi Amor and I decided to make our own slave song and remember the ones we were taught from childhood as well.

It’s good to laugh and joke…we try to make it all fun.

After our morning of work, we ate a late lunch and made it from the veggies of the land. Talking to the guy from New Mexico, he told us to hit Hanauma Bay.

And so we took our snorkel and mask, borrowed from Grandparents (thank you!!) and hiked over…what a gorgeous place. Research some pictures, it’s absolutely incredible.

The fish and the coral, the view and the salt water waves…all of it: perfect.

And if you come at 4, you can watch a movie of preservation of the reef at 4:15 and get in for free! So we did. And we put our name on a list so if we go back within 365 days, we don’t have to watch the movie and can go right to the beach.  

Oh And dinner was awesome. We made a DELICIOUS kale and squash soup, had chicken and veggie burgers, and while I was doing that our host mom made smoothies, one that was a piña colada green and a fall harvest with cinnamon and vanilla! 

We were stuffed and talked story the whole time around the outdoor kitchen. What a blessing to be here.

So, it’s Tuesday morning and I reflect on the previous day while I write all my blogs and I feel sunburned today. Weeding in the sun gives me an awkward sun tan for sure! 

Off to make a smoothie with coconut milk and begin another adventurous day lived on purpose.


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