The HI life…(Hawaii)

So far up, so far down, so far wide, I could see all around…. 

Hiking the extinct volcanoes on Sunday was incredible. On my Instagram KLINGTOJOY you can find some views. 

We were unbelievably blessed by an angel, who volunteers on Saturdays at the farm. She allowed us to hop in the car along with our Japanese helpx-er, to go on an adventure. She is the sweetest person I’ve ever met. So much care and freedoms in her spirit. She has a passion for hiking and laughing, teaching and learning, emptying herself to give to the world, and she loves people.

She took us to the view of the south east coast, hiking to Puka mountain.

Then we took off for Manoa Falls and saw the part of the city in Honolulu where she lives. 

We ate Ahi and Tako bowls from a local hole in the wall whose flavor was built in to be amazing. Then we headed for a long scenic drive up the coast to see the north shore, Pipeline, the filming spots of Jurasic Park, Forgettig Sarah Smith (or something like that), and a few little towns…these all ended us in Waimea Bay-which let me tell you with all our research of knowing the directions of where we were, the highway we were on, the mountains nearby, the history of Hawaii, the influence of the surfers, the names of the surfers, and some knowledge of the plants, we had incredible conversations leading up to Waimea Bay. We watched body boarders, cliff jumpers, and definitely was invited by the ocean to release it’s power on us. Hug waves thy white capped at not even 10 feet from the shore. 

Respect for it all–learn from it all–admire and reflect, and most of all, honor the One who created it.


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