And then there were critters…

The first day we experienced the Saturday roadside stands, waking up to a double rainbow in the sky, the tour of the farm, and some skills; we cut leaves from banana trees that were dead, finding out about the creatures that live in those too…giant cane spiders, centipedes longer than my fingers, slugs as big as my big toe, and cute little geckos. We weeded beds with baby daikon in them. Got to take a shower outdoors and experience some skills of how to cook the food they grow on the farm. 

We took off in the evening for a walk to the ocean, experiencing sunset and coral. I had looked up Kona Brewery and we headed there for a treat. 

Everyone here has been so nice. We pass people on the street and they make eye contact and say hello–not the creepy kind that makes you uncomfortable..the hospitable kind that makes you say, “Aloha”.

This is the view from our tent in the morning, atop the farm with all the ornamental banana trees

Today is Sunday, we are up early to work the land and then go hiking!


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