Saturday: day 1 Oahu

After 3 hours of driving, 12 hours of flying, 2 hours of layover, being forced to check a carry on, losing it, and having it be delivered today…we finally met our host family. 

I lay here in our tent listening to this symphony of birds–beauty is in the eye of the beholder. This noise could be annoying as I wake, but this is Hawaii…I’m here to have an open mind and take in this experience. 

Our hosts have 4 pigs, cats, 5 dogs, chickens, and three fields of organic land. 

What a time change though-6 hours earlier I believe..I lost count and haven’t looked it up. Last night we went to be at 11:30ish and now I have already adjusted and it’s 7:30. Praise God, I’ll be able to enjoy this trip more with a fast adjustment. 

My mind will not make for a “good read” if that’s what you’re here for. Just popcorn thoughts typed on a little screen, posted vulnerably for the world.

Time to go meet some workers, and gather some eggs for breakfast! 


2 thoughts on “Saturday: day 1 Oahu

  1. Sarah ..sounds like you’re on an “alternative” vacation! What site or what contacts did you go through to get where you’re at?? It actually sounds heavenly … and I wish you guys life-changing experience and beauty!!


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