Social Media Doesnt Even Know

Some people post absolutely everything they are doing, whether through twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and whatever other crazy sites there are out there.
I feel if you document everything you won’t treasure anything for what it really is. There are moments for pictures and for documenting, but don’t always give a play-by-play…
Sometimes, I think how inspiring some people are with their posts, but when it’s overkill you can’t even avoid it, because posts are everywhere.
For the last week and a half Mi Amor and I have been going goin going, bed at 11 or midnight and waking up at 6. Honestly, I’ve never been so scattered with my brain before. Both of us being overworked and not having a stopping moment to even wash our dishes has been hazardous to our wellness.
In these past two weeks, all the stuff that happened that social media didn’t know about, are some really treasured times.
When they are personal little moments that no one else understands but you and those who were there…those are the best times…the ones that social media can’t touch.
Stop trying to bring everyone into your moments–they aren’t meant for others.
Go on a walk and leave your phone at home.
Relax your mind and invite people over for an art and wine night with a dish at the front of your home for people to place their phones in.
The world is yours to capture, choose wisely when it should be with your heart and eyes versus a lense and a Facebook post.
Encourage others to view their world and not only keep up with yours.


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