Splinters In My Shoes

I’ve now hit this crossroads where I need to continue my education and not wait for Mi Amor to finish his. I think God’s pushing me now. I am not satisfied with where I am, but I’m utilizing the skills and knowledge from there to apply to my future.

You see, I’m a Pharmacy Technician…

Mi Amor asked me last week, “What’s your ideal job?”
I just laid on the floor contemplating what my honest answer would be.
After a few moments, I answered, “I want to work from home, using foot detox, nutrition therapy, aromatherapy and empowering clients to heal others too.”

God can use that.

I took this strengths test online.
{{Click Here}}
And it was worth the $12 to take it, in my opinion. Anybody can do a job and feel unfulfilled with it, actually, some of you might be there right now. Why is this? Because you’re not using your passions and talents. Analyzing what your strengths are is crucial to realizing the potential you have, and what you can offer to a company.

I’ll share my results with you,
it breaks it down into three categories:
And then it tell you a simple explanation of that strength and then it gives you a specific detailed paragraph of how it analyzed you in this strength category.

  • My Dominant strength is:  Creative Thinker

    Your Talent: You are quick to try new things and learn about

    different ways to accomplish your business goals. Your natural

    curiosity leads you to ask the types of questions that uncover

    potential new products or services for your customers. Always

    ask questions and consider a full range of ideas and solutions

    to challenges.

  • My Contributing strength is: Relationship Builder

    Your Talent: You are at your best when your positive attitude

    shines outward. Meet people and convey your authentic

    enthusiasm to help you create mutually beneficial relationships.

    Creating and sustaining such partnerships is crucial to the

    success of your business

  • Then my Supporting strengths followed:

Knowledge Seeker
Risk Taker
Business Focus

So in this test, I have found my strengths and I go through the descriptive paragraphs and highlight the ones that make me say, “Yeah, that’s me!” and I focus on developing those strengths.
Just like a body builder, if I don’t work those daily, over the course of time, I’ll weaken my muscles.

I just desperately want to serve God and heal people… but honestly, I’m scared of not being smart enough for college, not making enough money to do my part in helping us out. I’m unsure if I’ll actually succeed in doing this…

So, today, on my day off, I’ve spent ALL OF IT researching schools and talking to the advisors. Finding an associates degree that is right for me. What’s something that will look good on a resume and better myself and fit with my passions and talents?

The in-between parts of my day when I took a break from calling was to research cars.. cause yeah.. we need a new one of those. Our trusted ((childhood friend’s father)) mechanic told us to milk this car and search hard for a new one…
I’m on the last day of a four day weekend and I feel exhausted…thank God for blogs, worship music, and blankets.

God’s definitely pushing me… I’ve never felt this before. It’s like some days I truly feel His hand scooting me along, while I’m like, “WOAH WHAT IS GOING ON!?!?!?!!” as my body tenses up and the hard, unfinished wood puts splinters in my feet…I don’t want to fight Him, but I am just blindfolded, unsure of what is really happening… but I guess that’s trust isn’t it?

My dad used to do trust falls with me… you know, those things that you do at Bible camp where someone stands behind you and you just willingly turn your back to them and fall back into their arms. My dad used to hold his hands a foot from the floor so I’d just keep falling… I trusted him, so I think it’s time to just let go and trust my Heavenly Father.

I know what pocket I’m going into.. but I don’t know my specialization…

Pray for me to hear His voice?

—sincerely that young woman, who feels like an old lady ready for a nap, but a little girl confused at the future…

One thought on “Splinters In My Shoes

  1. This is just what I needed. I’ve been praying about my current job placement as well, and not knowing whether getting more education was in my near future, too. I’ve begun to pray and search for programs, knowing my heart is not in my current job. I know I have a passion, and have been so confused as to why God wouldn’t let me use it. It sometimes hurts when I think about who I want to be working with and the fact that I can’t see the end of the current tunnel I’m going through. As I begin my journey of trusting God with my future education, I will be praying for you as well! Lots of Love!


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