Work’s Reward

The olallieberry (pronounced oh-la-leh) is a cross between 

the loganberry and the youngberry
each of which is itself a cross between blackberry and another berry (raspberry and dewberry, respectively).

Olallieberry Gluten-Free French Toast… nough’ said.

Tuesday and Wednesday were both spent in Nevada City helping move into the new house near the Yuba River. 

Doing some good bicep work was refreshing, especially because the days were perfect weather to be outside working.

Great talks, 
learning more about each other, 
a beautiful hike along the Yuba knitted together the hard work of the two days. 
Amazing dinner Tuesday night and an obviously delicious brunch filled our tummies.

I wouldn’t trade this nature for the city at all. I’m glad our week-long trip has been so diverse in terrain…we truly have amazing family here.

Take time to talk to your family…you never know the amazing stories they have to share and the experiences that can impact your life. 


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