Day 3: California gave us a beautiful day around Santa Rosa,
heading down to the markets and seeing some main shops around the area.
It was overcast and a bit cooler than we’d expected,
but with adrenaline and excitement, who needs a jacket? 

The rain poured as Aunt Sam and I took a trip to a little town west of here, 
where there was an herb talk. 
The beauty of the curving roads and the wet trees on the very green hillsides. With some good road trip folk music, we chatted and got to know each other in a great, and I mean, great way. Binding our spirits with God’s earth and the knowledge we’ve both learned. We are very alike in characteristics and the passions that explode in opportunity to find another purpose to put our hands to work. 

Maybe I’ll help change Grand Rapids… 
I will definitely spend some more time getting to know our earth closer though.

The rain poured last night. 

Off to the new house to pull carpet and celebrate with some ginger root beer. 
They’re HOME OWNERS!!! 


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