Winding Roads To Heal

Day 2 in California was a drive to a more northern Redwood park where the senses were completely transformed. The forest was so enchanting and magical with the clovers around and moss covering everything. The sound of water bubbling and the trees talking to each other paired up with the instinct to whisper as so not to disturb this home.

Red-bellied nutes and an owl (IN THE DAYTIME!!!) joined us with banana slugs and plants growing off of plants.

We continued our drive up to Mendicino coast where we saw whales and the magnificent Pacific waters crashing violently against black, sharp rocks. The bright blues of the ocean were so surprising on an overcast day and the pools of anemone and muscles held on tight as the waves danced with them.

The whole day was incredible, getting to know our hosts better and absorb the knowledge they’ve acquired of their land.

My heart was overjoyed as we listened to local folk artists while driving the winding mountain roads. The scenes of lamb and cows alongside the hills that were layered into the distance. Creepy live oaks and pine, vineyards and daffodils welcomed us on our traversing adventure.

Wherever You Are, Be All There

{so thankful to have my phone completely off all this trip and only type a short blog while not missing conversation every day}

p.s. two words:

steam shower


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