Worth THAT Again…?

My stomach has been upset for the last few days…I don’t know what it is, but yesterday morning before work I did the spit test again to see what was going on and ya know what? My spit had tunnels again, not just clouding the glass…so somehow the candida is growing again—I don’t understand this…am I THAT sensitive?! When is this going to end??

This morning, after sleeping in till 8, I did a saline flush.
32 ounces of water with 2 teaspoons of pink earth salt.
Warm the water if its been through a filter in your fridge, swish it around till the salt is dissolved.
Get that whole thing down—it took me two minutes and I pretty much wanted to throw the whole thing up when I was done.
Colon cleanse here I come…
Try not to go to the bathroom for thirty minutes.
{If you attempt to do this, make sure you’re gonna be home for three hours…the bathroom is closely needed}

I’m taking yeast-away pills to help boost this out of my life.
I’m done, so done.
I had GOALS in a past post and I went back to look to see how far I’ve come…
In six weeks I’ve knocked out four and a half goals.

    • To be able to use my hands without worry of if my task will cause the pain in my hands to be worse.
    • To be able to flaunt myself to my husband without shame of my appearance.
    • To not be scared of taking showers. {cause of becoming too dry}
    • To be okay with people wanting to see my wedding ring.
    • No more consecutive restless nights of itching and pain.
    • To be able to give my husband a shoulder rub.
    • To not be afraid of what I eat and if I’ll have a reaction to it.
    • To help heal others because I am a testimony of healing.<————This one is in the works
    • To work out again; running and strength exercises

Okay, so I’m making progress through this long haul…its good to know that

  • starving all day——Is worth it
  • craving things that will harm me, but staying away from them——Is worth it
  • not smelling wonderful, but like a wanna-be-hippie——Is worth it
  • being tired and worn out——Is worth it
  • losing ten pounds and trying to gain it back——Is worth it
  • looking deeper into God’s will for my life——Is worth the whole thing again….

Yeah, honestly, I would probably throw things if I had to go through all of last year’s pain again, but if that side bar under my picture at the top of this page is true:

Come away with me as you enter the world of an adventurous soul whose purpose is to worship her Creator despite the hardships that invade.
This is a suitcase for my thoughts and plans and dreams.

Then my purpose is all I have to pursue—God is all I have to work towards, loving Him with all my heart and giving Him my thoughts and plans and dreams.

God, show me…show me where you want me…prepare me, continue preparing me.


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