Hard Ways to Learn Your Purpose

The resources are here. One year ago I began suffering from candida-induced eczema. Why is it that our bodies can scream “something is wrong!! Stop doing this!!’ but our brains don’t understand what ”this” is. Finding the root of any problem takes a lot of time..which requires patience…something I’ve tattooed my body with in order to remind me that God needs to be the leader and director-situations aren’t for me to control, but are an opportunity for His strength and power.

You can go back through my archives and see only a few posts in early 2013 that showcased my eczema. It is a hard topic to talk about, but as it has covered my body, it is getting easier to be translucent about it and use this vulnerability for good.

I question what my purpose is, aside from my ultimate purpose to worship my Creator, despite the hardships that invade. How does He want me to use my story and my passions…what are my passions anyways? And ya know what my husband said, “you should pray and ask God to show you what your passions are.”
I love being married.

So, I have been praying about it. The more I ponder it in my head, the more it makes sense that eventually I’ll be helping heal people in a different way than I am now. I can see how this spot that I’m in now, being in pharmacy, has helped me understand the side of medicine that is so bittersweet. But, I definitely don’t know enough.
Modern medicine has its pros and cons, just like herbals do.
I believe, from my pharmaceutical side, that too many people use herbs without knowing their toxicity and herb-to-herb interactions. Ignorant use of even herbs can be dangerous.
But, I also believe, from my earthy side, that too many people use drugs as their ‘answer’ when all they really are doing is treating the symptoms and not asking “WHY is my body reacting this way, WHY are these two things happening at the same time, WHY did this happen so soon?”…etc…

Maybe God is using my eczema to say, “Sarah, this is where I want you, and now that you’ve been through this horribly hard journey, you’re prepared even more…that’s right, I’m preparing you, preparing you for My glory.”


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