More Than You

This world is way more interesting than our problems. When you start to get all ‘negative Nancy’ about your life and the issues…stop to realize how much IS going right. The beauty of nature and the way the body works, we should be amazed by how little DOES go wrong…truly. 

Just look at some of your favorite trips, remember the little things that you loved, like the way the water just gently glided over the rocks, yet permanently carved them.


God who brings the cleansing rain
saturate our thirsty bones
with the milk of mercy sweet
with the blood that brings us home

God who rules the fiery sun
kindle now our brittle hearts
set ablaze our tender lives
forge our ways till sin departs

God who rides the winds of change
anchor us against its wrath
set our face toward holy ends
fix our walk upon your path

God who sends the silent snows
quiet us against your breast
cover us with hope-filled wings
whisper soft your word of rest

God who steps into our time
Take away this needless fear
Turn our lives to songs of praise
Play us for your world to hear


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